Chandrayaan-3: Second bid to land on Moon by November 2020



BENGALURU: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), which failed to land a probe on Moon in its first attempt in September 2019 (Chandrayaan-2), has begun work on Chandrayaan-3 with a deadline of November 2020, sources said.


Isro has formed multiple committees — an overall panel and three sub-committees — and held at least four high-level meetings since October. The new mission will include only a lander and rover, as the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter is functioning well. On Tuesday, the overview committee met with the agenda of reviewing the configuration of Chandrayaan-3. It also looked into the recommendations of various sub-committees on propulsion, sensors, overall engineering, navigation and guidance.



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Babu Gupta • 11 hours ago

Courageous step by ISRO. Failuer is the mother of success. Modi was instrumental in encouraging ISRO staff. Good luck.



Whadafa • Here • 11 hours ago

Best wishes ISRO and all my country sisters and brothers.



sureshachar• Bangalore • 7 hours ago

this time modi should not visit during launch


Asish Atmakuri• 36 mins ago

Why he shouldn''t visit? He also visited when mangalyaan entered mars orbit. But I must say that isro shouldn''t live telecast landing this time. It should be kept a low affair until it becomes successful.




Florence Khape • 11 hours ago

Thats some good news



som khanna • 10 hours ago

True scientist accept the challenges and do not get disheartened some failures. Go ahead ISRO . We Indians are with you.



Dev • australia • 6 hours ago

what about the challenges of making cities and towns beautiful ? it is also a mission. making the cities beautiful will also have wide economic benefit. At the moment , many tourists do not touch down in india for transit or otherwise, just because it is not an attractive destination ..and that means $$$$ lost




Ramu Shukla • 11 hours ago

ISRO Scientists and Engineers.... we are proud of you... go for it.... we have full faith in you.... Jai Hind....



Db Huf • 9 hours ago

Best of luck, ISRO. The country will pray for its sucess. Failures are just beginnings to sucess.



Ashish Banerjee • 7 hours ago

Do it ISRO, all the best.



Mkb • 6 hours ago

Its very earlier than expected, which indicates how committed and serious ISRO is for another milestone, last one was not a failure


Terry Willson • Mackay • 5 hours ago

It was hardly a success either. Successful people have more failures than anyone else because they go the extra mile.



Choni • 8 hours ago

This time we shall achieve it !



Maharashtrian • Mumbai • 8 hours ago

Why wasting our countrymen Tax Money like this Modiji?


Aditya Bhatia• 4 hours ago

what an idiot u r bro


Rohan Samal• 5 hours ago

It''s not wasting. ISRO is nearly one of the best performing agencies and is commercially feasible in the long run.

Landing on the moon showcases India''s arrival on the world stage. It''s not in vain, things like this are often inspite, not despite




modi cow • moon • 7 hours ago

ISRO would have a better chance of success by sending an Indian cow up there. If cows can jump over the fence, they sure can jump and land on the Moon. MODI



Quhesobi • 8 hours ago

We should think big. Let''s send Feku to the moon and leave him there



Rajendra Malik • Delhi, India • 6 hours ago

First of all find solution of air pollution in Delhi ncr where million of children are living in dangerous state.



Tara • New Delhi • 6 hours ago

Man learn from mistakes and ultimately success prevail. ISRO can do better than this.

Only Modi ji should avoid reaching there at the time of launch.




Jainti Patel• 7 hours ago

This should not be a priority. Feeding the hungry and pollution should be priority Number 1.



PAK SOLID • 8 hours ago

Good luck India, I mean it. from Pakistan your lovely neighbor :)


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