In a first, landless tribal tillers may get payout for bullet train project



NEW DELHI: In a first, tribal people who have been tilling land for 20-30 years without possessing ownership papers will be compensated during land acquisition for the ambitious Ahmedabad-Mumbai high-speed rail project.


The National High Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) and Maharashtra go nment are working out the compensation amount for such tillers in Palghar district in the state which has seen considerable opposition to the project. The Corporation now cms that patient engagement has helped and land surveys - to be conducted with owners - are pending in only 17 villages.


"In principle, we have decided that though these people are non-title holders, their livelihood is affected when the land they cultivate in is acquired and should be somewhat compensated. But how much, that's something I need to work out with the state go nment so that it's acceptable," NHRSCL managing director Achal Khare told TOI.




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Dinesh • Nashik • 12 days ago

Bullet train should be for long distances which were taking 2 to 3 days to travel, like from Kanyakumari to jammu or from mumbai to delhi or kolkata. Then the success rate will be better and returns appreciable. Mumbai ahmedabad will not be successful in long run as flights will be very competitive.



Javed Badshah•• uae • 12 days ago

India''s mountainous terrain not feasible for such high speed trains. Mumbai to Gujrat has flat land through out hence possible.



Iindian • 12 days ago

waste of money not for common man



Goath Krishna• 12 days ago

Once planes become extremely costly due to very high fuel rates then you will feel the need of this...



Youtube • 12 days ago

Why Mumbai-Ahmedabad? Why not Mumbai-Delhi or Mumbai-Bangalore?

为什么这条高铁是从孟买修到艾哈迈达巴德 ?为什么不是从孟买-德里或者孟买-班加罗尔?

Rahnandan Reddy C• 8 days ago

Look at the map, this line can be extended upto delhi.



Sambappa Kalv • 12 days ago

Can bullet train improve our economy


Raghunandan Reddy C• 8 days ago

Yes. It can. Fast and effective transportation is key to economic growth.



Partha Banerjee • 12 days ago

bullet train project should be implemented at an earliest all over India as all the developed countries are already using the bullet trains and our country is lacking behind that.



Anirban Das • 12 days ago

Nice bullet project



Nutz Nutz• 12 days ago

this was supposed to have its first run in 2021. just around 15 months remain and the land is not acquired yet.


Raghunandan Reddy C• 8 days ago

No, 2021 was never proposed. 2023 was the deadline.



Ashwani Kumar • 12 days ago

God decision. Landless tillers deserve these payouts.



Paramjit Singh • 12 days ago

It will be better in case these farmers alled some alternate land free so that they get their livelyhood.



priyanka maurya • 12 days ago

It will b helpfull for the growth of the country



Arun Choudhary • 12 days ago

Good approach by gt ,,,must. reconstruct their home ,,,give compensation for their family ,,,,,



Very good decision if it gets implemented. Even though they may have no s over the land their livelihood is sure to be impacted due to the project


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