Why is China much larger and more-developed than India economically but there are far more Indian CEOs in the US and the technology industry than Chinese CEOs?



First Of All … QUALITY Matters Not QUANTITY
This statement is correct upto starting of Civilization to mid 19th century
But as time change revolution changes and needs changes …
Any concept is not fixed for life time. It changes from time to time. As economists say, in olden days, when there was no much technology, and agriculture being main occupation, people needed more children. Where as food, resources are surplus. Also due to some epidemic like cholera, etc they used to loose children. Much change now in our ppl, limited to one or two. But some never change as they still believe fools for wicked reasons. But now more ppl means more needs, their future and survival. Today many things are available, what our forefathers dreamed, like good medical services, living conditions, good communication, employment, housing. But not easy for many. Competition. Resources went down. Our stomachs don't know what is technology, it needs only food.
“As technology grows and devoloped by humans itself. Now 1000 Humans work can done by single computer or Industries are runed by machines robotic arms “
Now More hand , more People ≠ MORE Money , MORE resource
Now More hand more people= less resources , no More money to feed
People below Poverty brings MORE children to starvation..








Nikhil Bhaskaran, 7 years of China and its closed culture taught me a lot
Having lived in both countries and as part of the technology industry here is my take :
India and China both produce some high quality talent in technology like any other country but even a small % from these countries translate to a huge number because of sheer population size.
Now what are the opportunities for these smarties ?
Indians :
1)Take a job in USA or Europe the best of all options , because it is merit based , well paid and comfortable life .Try to compete,go up the corporate ladder and feel first class citizen of different country.
2)Try to do something in India and there is a small chance u may succeed but it way way too hard compared to option 1 and the quality of life is nowhere near to west.
1)Start something of their own in China, growing domestic market , great infrastructure , talent pool availability , ease of doing business , easy capital availability , feel like first class citizen since it is their own country where westerners find it hard to compete with them.
2) Move to corporate America , work crazy hard always feel like a second class citizen .Miss their country and culture .









Summary : So for Indians corporate America/Europe is the only good option available so most try for it and give it their best and get to top CEO posts while for Chinese there are Chinese companies , their own startups and many other options within China so many of them give it a pass and try to compete with American corporations instead of working for them.



Alyasa Gan, Chief Operating Officer
China are more developed because they attract their brains back to China by paying them huge money and making them millionaires. Chinese happily return to China because they are more comfortable in China than the west.
Indians bring their family out of India and stayed in the west after they succeed in their study and make their home there.
Brainy Indian people are more comfortable in the west and thrive in those area. Indian people therefore thrive the west and brainy Chinese people return to their root more.
Chinese people litsen to the call of the motherland and thats the Chinese culture though not all generally speaking.
There are a lot of scientist that return to China from the west that combined Chinese technology with the west which they call copy bùt of cause is learned not copy. These explosion of knowledge pemeated rapidly in China and widely too.
India is having the effect of brain drain while China is having brain growth. The effect of brain drain is a divider and and brain growth exponential. The different is for example 2×2×2=8 and on the other side 2÷2÷2 =1/2…one the fusion and one of the opposite.
When 2 tech combine the effect is exponential and when technology is lost in one area the other stagnant. Remeber NASA have lost the technology to go to the moon. True or false but the news is intriguing.





印度的人才正在流失,而中国人才不断增长。人才流失的影响是除数,人才增长是指数。差距就在于,例如2×2×2=8,而相对的2÷2÷2 =1/2…。



Sanchit Agnihotri, lives in India

You can get the answer by looking at the above picture.
China is producing billion dollars companies which are producing jobs to their country, which are providing development to their country.
But India is producing millions of engineers out of which only few are extraordinary and those extraordinary go to USA and work for American companies and earn for themselves and somehow they manage to get citizenship of USA.
Indian CEOs are producing jobs in USA whereas Chinese students after completing their studies go back to their country and start business and help their nation. I don't blame Indians I will blame the go nment as go nment is unable to provide good infrastructure and better funding Indians go and stay abroad with a sustainable future.
In simple terms we have brain drain whereas China doesn't.








Sashank Reddy, Systems Software Engineer at Neato Robotics. Bay area CA
This question is a myth. Indians do hold high positions in US corporations mainly due to the immigration system.
The green card and naturalization process is so long that one ends up stuck in a high paying corporate ladder which is the only way to grow independently.
The chinese pretty much start a small business and grow their own business. China's economic success means there are more educated millionaire in China than in India. So many of them come for higher education to US and others come as investors. Most are not keen on the corporate ladder. The Chinese consume more investor visas and green cards than Indians. You will find a lot more Chinese small and medium business in US than Indians. Also, a lot of Chinese move back to China to start an Enterprise there than Indians moving back. So they are more likely to be the CEO of a Chinese company than a US one.

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Prashant Chandravanshi, Lives in Bihar, India
Indians have a sl ve mentality. Since time immemorial we have been ensl ved, first by the Islamic rulers, and then by the Britishers, now it is the American tech giants. They love being sl ves. They love working for American companies, because they don’t want to risk it, they play it safe, so instead of innovating, instead of creating anything new, they get settled for foreign companies, they start toiling for their American masters.
This sl ve mentality permeates our culture, it is inherent to every Indian. Everyone here wants to play it safe, to traverse the most traveled road.
Chinese, on the other hand, are innovative and ingenious. They create their own FB, Google, YouTube and become CEOs of these.
Which of these is better for one’s country?, I ask you.




M.V.S. Murty
I may be wrong but it is my feeling that Asians in general are more intelligent than people of rest of the world, and among Asians, Indians are cut above the rest. Add to that India has good educational institutes, some indigenous, some others set up and groomed in initial years by Advanced nations such as Germany (IITM), UK (IITD) etc. It is, therefore, not very surprising that NRIs occupy top positions in foreign companies as they have good grinding in India and they go on to acquire higher qualifications in foreign universities. But Indians lack in innovation and Industrial growth depends vastly on this. Without Industrial growth, there can’t be great development.



Jiangjun Ling, lives in China

The world's 20 largest Internet technology companies, 11 in the United States and 9 in China, that's the answer!
Excellent Indian talents for American technology enterprises, excellent Chinese talents for Chinese technology enterprises!





Ishwor Gurung
I think it has to do with fluency in english. Most of the Chinese students tend to have very poor fluency in english while Indian students have much better english.
The racial profiling and bigotry towards ethnic chinese surely isn’t helping them either. This has increased exponentially during the Trump administration . Ethnic chinese working in the high tech sector is always suspected to be a spy or a thief. The american go nment also have prohibited Chinese students to work in certain high tech sector after graduation while there is no such restriction for indians.
Also The chinese domestic market is also very promising ,many chinese students opt to go back while the opposite is true for Indian counterparts. so much so that more than 80% of the chinese students go back after their graduation.
when you have so much odds against you , it will be very difficult to get Job in the first place leave alone being the CEO of that company in the future.
So many of the Chinese students decide to go back home and succeed there and the result is there for you to see. The rise of the Chinese companies second only to the mighty american companies.







Salman Iqbal
Ellie, your question makes very good logic, but the answer has to be at best conjectural.
One of the reasons seems to me to connect with the fact that China is not fully trusted by the financial influencers and the security establishment of the West. On the contrary, it is perceived as a competitor to the West.




Dev Gupta, lives in The United States of America (1975-present)
The short answer is Language & Cultural Adaptability rather than raw technical talent.
English is just one of the Indo European languages and is therefore no sweat for most Indians to pick up ( though accent is quite another matter ). Chinese is as different as Swahili and therefore could be a handicap when it comes to communication in English and picking up cultural nuances, a skill critical to a CEO in a US Corp.
But you need to also understand why there are now so many more large Corp.s in China compared to India.
outsourcing of US manufacturing to China and along with it the creation of about 100 million new jobs and trickle up wealth in China, a huge Trade Surplus of $350 billion per year for the last 15 years even as it crippled the US Middle Class. With so much free technology and the new wealth to invest in tech start ups like Alibaba, Baidu etc. ( which cloned Silicon Valley majors like Google etc. while protected by both the Chinese language as well their Govt. ), China now has many successful large businesses headed by the Chinese themselves. Easy availability of capital due to above reasons has allowed China to establish itself also in capital intensive Manufacturing in a big way. The world now knows about China's very modern and extensive High Speed Railway network. But how many know that the technology was strong armed out of the original developers in Japan, France & Germany by first promising them large orders if only they could first train Chinese engineers. NOTE : historically the Chinese have been far ahead of India in mass production, even for quality products e,g. Silk and Ceramics, but they were clueless when it came to modern manufacturing methods ( e,g. Six Sigma, Computer vision based automatic Inspection, Robotics, , etc. ) many of which had been developed in the US, often by Indian American Engineers.





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