Who discovered India?



Vicky Singh

Vasco Da G as we all have learned in our schools in India.Vasco Da G arrived on the port of Calicut in 1499.He is now considered as the founder of India.But it must be better to consider him as an Invader our plunderer since India was not lost before 1499. Nearly 800 years before Alexander invaded India and conquered Sind . It is obvious that he knew India and how he could reach here. Even the Mughals knew about India . Then how can we say that Vasco Da G discovered India. So you may have understood my objective that no one discovered India but they knew this place only because of its gold and glory. Invaders have invaded India from time to time and therefore no one can be considered as the founder of India since it was visited by numerous tribes and was known as the “golden bird”.



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Vasco da G discovered India.

Portugal and other European empires had been trading with communities in India and throughout Southeast Asia for centuries. The legendary Silk Road was an overland trade route that linked the fabled spice markets of the east with the bustling commerce of the west. However, traveling through disputed territories in the Mediterranean Sea and Arabian Peninsula was dangerous and time-consuming.

Da G and his fleet used well-traveled routes to navigate down the western coast of Africa. After re-supplying in the Canary Islands, da G took a chance and sailed west into the Atlantic Ocean—the opposite direction of where he wanted to go. He took advantage of the strong, reliable winds called Westerlies to quickly steer him to the southern coast of Africa. Da G and his fleet rounded the Cape of Good Hope in December 1497, and named the nearby coast Natal, after the Portuguese word for Christmas. (The South African province of KwaZulu-Natal retains this name today.) Da G established poor relations with leaders in what are now the coasts of Mozambique and southern Kenya—the Europeans became pirates of Arab trading ships in the region.




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In what is now the port of Malindi, Kenya, da G met and interacted with Indian merchants and sailors. They advised him on the favorable monsoonwinds of the western Indian Ocean. In fact, da G actually hired an experienced Indian navigator to guide his fleet to the trade center of Calicut (now known as Kozhikode).

Da G’s sea route to India allowed Portugal to establish a rich trade with India and southeast Asia. Portugal was also able to expand its empire to include provinces from India (centered around the state of Goa, whose largest city is Vasco da G) to (the island of Macau).





Nobody discovered India, it was there from long back and will be there forever.

Our ancestors don't know how to portray themselves for future generations, because of that western country people came here and wre history as they want, like



1.They taught us to wear clothes

2.They taught us to brush our teeth

3.They gave a purpose to live here

4.They have shown us some land called India to live

5.They invented zero for mathmatics

6.They educated us that Earth is round in shape(my God this is utter bullshit, our puranas called Earth as bhoogol, which means round ball)

7.They taught us trading diamonds

C'mon guys give some respect to our country, please do some background verification before even asking question.










Kumud Raj, former Retired School Principal

Who discovered India? That's a strange question. No one discovered it.... it's always been there. Since ancient times people have come here and made their home here. Some of them found it in their wanderings, some of them heard of her wealth and plundered her, some of them hearing of her wealth came here to share in it and stayed on, some of them heard of her silks and textiles, of her pepper and spices and other commodities and came to trade. Some came by sea, others by land. Some sought refuge here as they were persecuted in their own lands.

Those who came here found a strange and mysterious land, strange customs and stranger traditions, different re gions, holy rivers and mountains and a warm people who were welcoming and accommodating.




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Well no one did. Atleast if some one did, it was done by the people of Indus Valley.

I totally disagree with the term that “Columbus” discovered America as well.

India being an oldest civilization was already known to Greeks, Persians, Turks, Africans etc. Gujarati’s were known for their trades with South Africans of those times before Britishers could ever reach India & It was a Marwari who took one of the Britisher to India showing him the exact sea route.

People call it “Vasco Da G” who discovered India. Really? He just managed to find out a sea route at times we were trading all over asia over sea. Its not fair to call it a discovery. Or maybe it could be just a discovery for themselves but not for the world already trading with India.






Khushbu Sah, worked at ECGC - Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited

Q: Who discovered India?

Ans: This is the biggest distorted question on the planet. The actual question is “Who discovered sea route from Europe to India?” The Europeans were having trade with India since way before through Red Sea. However after the fall of Roman Empire in 7th century, the trade between Europe and India got disturbed since Arabs established their domination in Egypt and Persia. Moreover, the trade with India channelized through Mus m middlemen were 10 times costly which was discovered when in quest to find direct sea route to India, Vasco da G a Portuguese explorer and merchant finally found India and reached Calicut (Present Kozhikode) in 1498 AD. After staying in India for three month, he returned to Portugal with a rich cargo and sold the merchandise in European market with huge profit.





who discovered India ? You must have heard this question in many places. And many people may have also heard saying that India was discovered by Vasco da G , and you must have seen it in many books. Nowadays this question is very much discussed. But it would not be to say that India was discovered by Vasco da G. Nobody had discovered India. Because the people of India and India already ested and the world knew about it. And India was already present in the world map . But he was qued in many books and it says many historians would be that India discovered Vasco da G had.





Nivas Jayaseelan, lives in India

No one "discovered" India.

India was first inhabitted by early humans who migrated from east africa. 

They crossed India and south east Asia to reach Australia. The tribals of Andn are some of the people who first crossed India. 

Many people arrived in diffenet waves during different times. Then the first planned cities were built, which is the Indus Valley Civilization. More people arriving led to fall of the civilization and people occupied the whole of India.






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To have insight view of India's History, start following Bji Viswanathan. He's a perfectionist in this domain and all his answers are master class. Start following all his blogs and posts.

As far as the discovery of the name "India" is concerned, The name India is derived from Indus which is a Greek word derived from the Old Persian word Hindu, from Sanskrit, Sindhu, the historic local name for the Indus River.

Aryans called the Indian areas adjoining their country as Hapta Hindhu - land of seven rivers; Greeks  borrowed it; hence the name.





Abhishek Kumar Tripathi, Director (2014-present)

No one discovered India and no one discovered America as well. i.e. for Asian continent there was always trading with India while before many times there was no quick way of reaching there in reme countries.

So as for Portuguese Vasco da G discovered India in 1498. By the way this discovery was for many countries.




Divaker V Vittal, Expert In Tradition, Culture, Folklore, History, Hinduism

I think you want to know, who called our country India for the first time.

Herodotus, the Greek historian in 5th Century BC mentions our country men as ‘Indos’ and lists part of our land governed by the persian emperor Darius I.

Again Lucian, a historian from France who would write in Latin mentions the term ‘Ynde’ or ‘India’ in his texts when he writes about Syria, this happens at 120 AD.

From 17th Century onwards, the English the present ‘India’ with the same spellings are being used.






Kirti Neotia, Home Maker

Who discovered India first?

Now that depends on what you mean by 'discovered’..

The dictionary definition is too see, find or become aware of something for the first time.

So going by this definition, nobody discovered it!

People have been living on this land for God knows how long. So, we don't know who saw it for the first time. Who found it for the first time.

We have had trade relations and other kind of cultural and knowledge exchange with so many countries (read Arabia, , Iran, other south Asian countries) that we can't be sure who outside of this land saw or became aware of India for the first time.








Prabal Sharma, Bcil Trainee

Vasco dig discovered India in 1498.



Vandana Anand, lives in India

Portuguese explorer Vasco da G discovered a sea route to India in 1497-1498.



Surya Aggarwal, Student at Fountainhead School Surat (2007-present)

Well,according to me,till I have learnt till now,the first person to discover India was famous traveller Vasco-da-g ,thinking that there would be a good amount of spices here….well he was perfectly ,did you know,40% of the spices in the whole world are generated at India!And well,if my answer sounds incomplete,there is always Google you can look up to! Good luck!



Uday Vaiyata

India never needed to be "discovered." A land route known as the the Incense Road was used in ancient times by the Egyptians and Romans, connecting the Mediterranean to India.

India has been a well known country among many other countries for many thousand years. How and when people in each of these countries discovered India is not known to historians. All that is known is that India started trading with other countries many thousand years back. Indications of India's trading links are available in its ancient books. For example Mahabharata the biggest epic in the world written many thousand of years back, has mentions of many countries and the goods that India imported from them.

In 1497 Vasco da G set off on the first ocean journey directly from Europe to India. Other explorers had made it around the Cape of Good Hope, but G was the first to successfully cross the Indian Ocean and make port in Calicut. In that sense, Vasco da G was the first to discover a sea route to India.





Sneh Chakraburtty, Lifetime Student of Vedanta & Practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga

Merchants from Arab and European Countries were trading with India long before the Colonialists arrived.



Aarul Jain, studied at St. Xavier's Senior Secondary School, Jaipur

No one discovered India , Vasco Da G discovered the route to India on from Europe on 20 May 1498.



Duvvuri Venkatarkrishna, studied at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

The word ‘India’ I think is coined by the British much later to the geological formation of the country. What is the point in discovering something which is already there. It is just a matter of naming.



rSk Singh, former Lecturer at National Medical College & Teaching Hospital, Birgunj, Nepal (2002-2014)

Portuguese explorer VASCO DA GAMA is credited with discovering the country INDIA. The explorer sailed from Lisbon (Portugal) in 1497, arriving in Calicut (India) in May 1498.



Adesh Patel, PhD computer science Computer s & India, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (2010)

It was the Aryans. Indians are aryans that moved to India and built the greatest civilization. We had the largest GDP for 90% of the civil history



Beatrix George, studied Science & Language at Singapore

Portuguese explorer, Vasco da G.

He arrived in Calicut by sea and came to India a total of three times. He passed away in Kochi, Ker and was buried in a church there before his remains were sent to Portugal.




Anand Prakash

People have been living in India since like 5000 b.c. or probably even way before that.  There is not a single person that discovered it.  When it was discovered it wasn't even called India, so a better question would be.. When was India called "India".



Akshay 'Apogee' Das, History nerd

Those who says that Vasco Da G had discovered India are completly wrong,India ested for a long time even before his arrival. He actually discovered the direct sea route to India.



Robert Spencer, Indian.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru discovered India. He wre a book called “Discovery of India”. Since he has discovered the India, his decedents have the to enjoy it as they deem fit. Till today it is like that.



Hemant Rangan

The question is who is asking this question. Would an Indian ask this question? And if an Indian did, why? Cultures bred in different geographies and developed over time. The question of ‘discovery’ would be relative to those that did not know that specific culture.



Rahul Sinha, Research and Development at Ministry of Defence, India

No body discoverd India. Indian culture us very old and its main land was connected with eurasian plate.

So there is nothing like discovery of India..

Yes..The sea route was discoverd be vasco da g in 1498



是的. .这条海上航线是瓦斯科·达·伽马于1498年发现的。

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