Chennai techie lures 600 girls with job for nudes, held



HYDERABAD: Six-hundred women from 16 states allegedly send their nude photos and videos in return for a front-office job in a five-star hel to a software engineer in Chennai masquerading as an HR manager and ended up being blackmailed for money by him.

海德拉巴: 据称,来自16个邦的600名女性将她们的裸照和视频发送给金奈的一名软件工程师,以换取一份五星级酒店的前台工作,并被勒索钱财。这名软件工程师冒充是一名人事经理。

The techie, Clement Raj Chezhiyan alias Pradeep, was arrested by Cyberabad police from his Chennai home and brought to Hyderabad after a local woman lodged a compnt.


The victims hail from AP, Karnataka, Maharashtra, TN and Delhi among several other states. Investigations have so far revealed that Pradeep, who is an employee of a well-known IT firm, used to run a fake HR office from his home and has confessed to du 600 women.


The 33-year-old software engineer who was arrested from Chennai for blackmailing 600 women across 16 states began collecting mobile numbers of women because he was frustrated.


“The accused was usually on the night shift, and he cmed that since he used to feel lonely and get frustrated throughout the day with his wife working, he began collecting mobile phone numbers of women through a popular e-classified portal just for fun. But soon, it gave way to blackmailing,” said a senior cop, probing the case.


Clement Raj Chezhiyan alias Pradeep first contacted several women pretending to be an HR manager of a prominent five-star hel, looking for attractive women for front office jobs.


Expning his modus operandi, police said, Pradeep, after initially speaking to the victims over phone, would clear them for a second-round interview purportedly with a woman colleague, identified as Archana Jagdish.


“Later, the accused himself would contact the victim through a different phone number on WhatsApp and ask them to share their nude pictures from several angles, saying the company was very particular about the candidate’s figure as it was a front office job,” Miyapur police said. Pradeep’s next step was to make a video call and ask the women to strip down and show their whole body, which he would allegedly record using a software.


“According to Pradeep’s confession, he has so far collected photos and videos of 600 women from 16 states. We are sending the seized gadgets to forensic labs for analysis,” assistant commissioner of police (Miyapur division) S Ravi Kumar told TOI.


The photos were saved in a separate gallery with a password used to access them.


“He has earned lakhs and we are planning to dig out everything once we get more time to question him,” Kumar added.



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Indian•2 hours ago

unbelievable how stupid can these women be



Unni Krishnan•2 hours ago

Every reader of this story is jealous that they didnt get this opportunity to see 600 women nude. Anyone disagree?



rkrishna gorty•2 hours ago

Just a tip of the iceberg. There are many fake HR firms which are being run by the so called HR people whose only job is to decide e people in the name of placement. This guy made the women pose so got caught. Others don''t do such things, they simply ask you to pay money as registration and then bolt. The authorities should clamp down on this scam.



Be Bee•2 hours ago

No decent Woman would send her bare photo.



Kartic Krishnan•Kolkata•2 hours ago

Ha ha ha. Gt should open some five star hels



Nesfield Sangma•Tura•2 hours ago

Ridiculous story. The journo filing such stupid story and the media publishing it should be pulled up and prosecuted. Are we that dumb ??



Kamginvaiphei•2 hours ago

His name suggests he is fake follower of Jesus



Kumar•CHENNAI•2 hours ago

Sick people......with a sick mindset....



Vk•2 hours ago

How stupid can those 600 be?



Lalit•2 hours ago

Sorry, but shame on go nment that can't give Employment after high education and cost of education.,Go nment must look very seriously not the nude pics but the employment for so many sisters and brothers of our country.



Evans Sumitra•New York, USA.•2 hours ago

All these idiot women were stupid to fall prey to this techie. They should have thought first as to why he wanted nude pictures to get a office front job. The women deserve what he did. At the same time that man should be severely punished to the mamum.



Hari Sankar Sharma•Chennai•2 hours ago

A section of the society in that business would not mind / hesitate to send such photos and videos and the is person exploited that, it seems.... For fake purpose even they would not do that... this person should never ever get fre m and must be under thorough surveillance if we must avoid another such dirty attempt.



Ra ngnayu•2 hours ago

how foolish this 600 girls? simply because of greedynes about money only they stripe their clothes and send nudes pictures to him.




shivprakash gupta•3 hours ago

This is shear madness..SInce the so called job offer is for front desk..the girls would be educated enough to speak fluent english (*5 star hel)...even the educated ones are falling for such trap..my god cant say how shocked i am after reading this..



Long•3 hours ago

the most e gible man to start an ashram



Veeraraghavan Bkrishnan•3 hours ago

Fake story.



Scl•3 hours ago

Never thought we have so many foolish and desperate-for-job girls willing to pose nude for pic and video.



vee srinivas•3 hours ago

If true, they deserve it.



trrswami•Mumbai•3 hours ago

There are women foolish enough to send nude photos and strip live on camera for a job?



Aussie•3 hours ago

how can some one convince 600 women's.. this is insane.. he has good convincing skills

一个人怎么能骗到600个女人…太疯狂了. .他的说服力很强


Balraj Mittal•3 hours ago

He should at least get life sentence without parole



Fact•3 hours ago

Why cover his face,. show us who he is


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