Chandrayaan-2 enters lunar trajectory for straight journey to Moon's orbit


NEW DELHI: At 2.21am on Wednesday, Chandrayaan-2 said goodbye to Earth and left the planet's orbit to enter a straight path towards Moon. The Indian space research organisation (Isro) successfully conducted the 'trans lunar injection (TLI) manoeuvre. During the TLI manoeuvre, the spacecraft's liquid engine was fired for about 1,203 seconds to make it enter the lunar trajectory after it had spent 22 days in Earth's elliptical orbit.


Expning the lunar trajectory journey, Isro chairman K Sivan told TOI, "Chandrayaan-2 will take six days to travel in the lunar trajectory to reach Moon (lunar orbit) on August 20." The total distance from Earth to Moon is 3.84 lakh kilometre.

Isro主席K Sivan告诉印度时报:“月船2号将在月球转移轨道上运行6天,于8月20日到达月球(月球轨道)。”从地球到月球的总距离是384000公里。


To put Chandrayaan-2 in the lunar trajectory from perigee (the point in the orbit when the craft is nearest to Earth), Isro had first raised the elliptical orbit of the lunarcraft around Earth by conducting five manoeuvres. The fifth manoeuvre was conducted successfully on August 6 when the propulsion sy em was fired for a duration of 1,041 seconds, following which Isro had said all the lunarcraft's parameters were normal. Out of 3,850kg (launch) mass of Chandrayaan-2, 2.542kg is just the weight of fuel.


On entering Moon's sphere of influence, the onboard propulsion sy em of Chandrayaan-2 will be fired again to slow down the craft, which will enable it to be captured into a preliminary orbit around Moon.


Through a set of manoeuvres, the orbit of Chandrayaan-2 around Moon will be circularised at a height of 100 km from the lunar surface. Sivan said, "Like we had raised the Earth orbit of Chandrayaan-2 with the help of the propulsion sy em to take the craft away from Earth, we will use the propulsion sy em to lower the lunar orbit of Chandrayaan-2. We will do five to six manoeuvres to reduce its orbit." Thereafter, Lander 'Vikram', named after the father of Indian space programme Vikram Sarabhai, will separate from the orbiter and enter into a 100kmx30km orbit around Moon. Once the lander reaches 30km altitude on September 6, the final descent to the lunar surface will begin.


If the Chandrayaan-2 team, led by project director M Vanitha and mission director Ritu Karidhal, is able to land the lunarcraft successfully in the wee hours of September 7, India will become the fourth country in the world to land its spacecraft on Moon.



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Nsivayam Thiruvengadam•4 hours ago •Follow

My thanks to all the people at ISRO who made this success and also my thanks to our past heroes.,Jai hind bharat mata king jai.



dhaldawnekar•Unknown•4 hours ago

We pray for the success of the mission! Well done ISRO!

为“月船2号”任务的成功祈祷!做得好,ISRO !


Jamshed Bijly•4 hours ago

Is it bcoz of bjp ?



Rod•5 hours ago

Edison said - 99 failures lead me to 100th success. Those 99 failures are as imp as the 100th success.



TRUTH BE TOLD•You can't handle the Truth!!!•5 hours ago

The Landing is going to be the hardest task of all. If I am feeling nervous, I can''t imagine how the ISRO scientists will feel. Wish them the very best!!



Dilip•5 hours ago

Great News, all the Best and Congrats. would be a pleasure if we can see the landing live on 7th September it would be a great feeling



Arun Choudhary•Unknown•5 hours ago

Congratulation for Such a. Big. Achievement. For nation by ISRO TEAM



Tushar Amrule•Pune•5 hours ago

That''s very great achievement for all of the team and feel very much proud. Entire nation looking for your tremendous progress and wish you all best of Luck.



Iraban Banerjee•5 hours ago




K K Nair•Kuwait•5 hours ago

Feeling elated... Thanks to everyone connected with the Moon mission at ISRO. Keep going and continue to hold the Indian flag high....



Ranjan Thimpu•Unknown•5 hours ago

Congratulation ISRO :O Phase 2 correct maneuver On Moon Path Now We need to wait for Phase 3 that is Rover Landing :O



Dominic•5 hours ago

sotti khube good news.. etea... eta ee der INDIA''s ProuD. sottie amr kichuee blar ni,, ami khub ee HAPPY



Rajesh Singhal•5 hours ago

Indians are proud of the ISRO team and after reading the detailed programme of the Mission we just stand spellbound. It is all so interesting and we cannot imagine what a tense moment it will be for the ISRO team when the liquid engine will be fired to slow down the aircraft.



Bibin Thilak•5 hours ago

Congratulations to the entire ISRO team



Sanmesh p•vadodara•5 hours ago

All orbit raising maneuvers completed. Chandrayaan-2 is now straight headed on its 6 day journey to the Moon.,Success is not an accident.. It is hard work, which our indian scientists are doing.. All the best to our indian scientists



Sainath Kalpathy•Vijayawada•5 hours ago

we shall live to see those feats too ! GOD BLESS INDIA n GOD BLESS ISRO !


天佑印度,天佑ISRO !


Sainath Kalpathy•Vijayawada•5 hours ago

It needed a visionary like NEHRU to SEE a need for SPACE RESEARCH way back in 50s and initiate a PLAN in this regard ! KUDOs to visionary leaders we had those days ! Today also OUR leaders are carrying on the same VISION ...




Sainath Kalpathy•Vijayawada•6 hours ago

BRILLIANT is the word ~ ISRO is a GEM indeed and its Scientists are NATIONAL ASSETS ~



Swati Khanna•6 hours ago

ISRO all the way.



K.•6 hours ago




Ajit Leo•India•6 hours ago

Heartiest congratulations to ISRO.



Shiv C K Vaid•Unknown•6 hours ago

Fantastic job underway by our scientists. Salute to them and pray success.



Sanjeeb•6 hours ago


太棒了! ! ! !

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