Chandrayaan-2 mission launch called off today due to technical snag


SRIHARIKOTA: Just a few minutes before 2.51 am launch of the Chandrayaan-2 mission from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR) in Sriharikota, Indian Space Research Organisation early Monday morning made an announcement from the mission control room that the launch of the country's second moon mission has been called off.


The news created commotion in the media gallery of the SHAR where journalists from not only different parts of the country but abroad came to cover the most high-profile launch.


A few minutes later, an official spokesperson of Isro made the announcement, "A technical snag was observed in the launch vehicle system at T - 56 minutes (the countdown). As a measure of precaution, the launch has been called off today. The revised launch date will be announced later."


Had the GSLV MKIII lifted off with Chandrayaan-2 and the lunar craft landed on the moon on its scheduled date of September 6-7, India would have become the fourth country in the world after USSR, US and China to land on the moon.

如果GSLV MKIII火箭搭载“月船2号”发射升空,并在预定的9月6日至7日登陆月球,印度将成为继su联、美国和中国之后全球第四个登上月球的国家。

The postponement of the launch is a setback for Isro as President Ram Nath Kovind came to Sriharikota to witness the launch. However, Isro does not want to take any chance as it has spent nearly Rs 1,000 crore on the mission and put years of hard work on the second moon programme. Till now, it is not sure whether the launch will be resumed in coming days till Isro finds out the exact reason for the technical snag in the vehicle system, which will certainly take time.


In April this year, Israel's Beresheet lunar craft had crashlanded on the moon. Soon after the failure of Israel's Beresheet mission, Isro had postponed its launch of Chandrayaan-2 from April till July. Now with the technical snag stalling the launch, the country has to wait for India's date with the moon.




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Don’t worry. We will be successful next time. ISRO, we are proud of you.




OK, better late than never.




Great that ISRO discovered this glitch few minutes before the launch. Better late than failure.



Deepak Soni•Unknown•2 hours ago

I knew it. I had posted my apprehension before two days and my comment can be viewed. Our country has best lot of politicians and bureaucrats who are corrupt arrogant and ignorant.



Peeush Trikha•India•2 hours ago

A bit sad to know. Yet it is better to be safe in such critical missions.



Jackal Delhi•Delhi•2 hours ago

Chaddidharis will blame it on ''foreign'' hand!



Mushtaq•2 hours ago

A major tragedy has been averted.....a stitch in time saves nine. Let it be next time

避免了一场重大悲剧……小洞不补,大洞吃苦。及时胜过日后的 。等下次吧


Aarvee•2 hours ago

Too much of hype from media. Glad the situation is mellowed down. Best wishes to scientists if ISRO for successful launch of Chandrayaan at the earliest.



Ram Swaroop•2 hours ago

It is misused of poors Taxed money and opens windows for Corruption.



Vikramaditya Verma•2 hours ago

"Girte Hain Shah-Swaar Hi Maidaan-Jung Mein, Voh Kufar Kya Girenge Jo Ghutnon- Ke-Bal Chalen" (i.e. It is the brave warriors who can fall from the horse-back in a battle-field. The shirkers who still crawl on their knees, can not dare so).



Vj•2 hours ago

Prevention is better than failure...



Vivek Gaur•2 hours ago

Its better to be late than never !! All the best




Mango•2 hours ago

Better to delay launch than blowing up in mid flight! Kudos ISRO




Fossil By Then•2 hours ago

Thank you Modiji! ISRO found a snag..

感谢莫迪 !



Vj• Fossil By Then•2 hours ago

Prevention is better than a failure



Nucleolash•2 hours ago

This is what happens when some incompetent bunch of WOMEN lead a project. Kitchen and lavatory dwellers aren't compatible to Science and Technology. It ain't a fact. It's the Law of Nature.



Ritchie•NYC•2 hours ago

In the last moment- “oh darn ..we forgot install the toilet seat”



Feku•Jumla Nagar•3 hours ago

Feku is bad luck everywhere.



Parapuram Joseph• Feku•2 hours ago

Wow, Hilarious



Ashok•3 hours ago

Identifying technical snags in time leads to better expertise. Good, but no need to tell everything to media. So no need to declare each and every aspect of new developments in scientific efforts.



Rohan•india•3 hours ago

In response to Modi''s "Pay Cut"



Ritchie•NYC•3 hours ago

ISRO has accomplished many missions in the past. Failures and hurdles are part of life.



Kamil Tisekar•3 hours ago

No worries. This is not the last mission.



Pradeep•Unknown•3 hours ago

A good decision to abort the mission launch today. due to technical snag. Better to be flawless and safe.



Gulab•2 hours ago

country faced yet another embarassment ... and guess who will be blamed ... Nehru


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