Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express set to be first train to be run by pvt operators



NEW DELHI: The Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express is set to be the first train to be operated by private players, sources said on Monday, indicating that the Railways is going ahead with its 100-day agenda of handing over operations of two of its trains to the private sector, despite prests from its unions.


The Railway Board is deliberating on a second such route, which too would be within the 500-km distance range.



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Global Indian • 1 day ago

Good move, privatization will improve the infrastructure for everyone.



Kumar gadamchetty • 1 day ago

Good move. Merit will be the method of sion. There r lot of undeserving staff working, based on gt rules.



CHOWKIDAR SWAMI • • 1 day ago

A GREAT MOVE! The actual operation of some trains by private operators is a welcome move, and once started, it will go a long way in revitalizing the age-old Indian rail network!



Mallikarjun • 1 day ago

Do whatever you want to do but don't put tax payer money in drain.

like banks run both gt and private parellally. Let gt depth run like private on their own as a profit center.

Don't pay a single penny from tax payer pocket




Aditya Sharma • Singapore, Singapore • 1 day ago

Good move, cant expect better result by doing things in the same way.



Deepak Singh • 1 day ago

Very very good move. I hope this goes successful.



First Name Last Name • 1 day ago

Privatisation will kill Indian railways, just like it killed Education, Healthcare, agriculture and banking. We already saw that when railway food was given up to private players. All available food is unhealthy, stale, unhygienic, poorly made and inedible, yet extremely costly. The private vendors charge 120-130 for one STALE Veg-Biryani in pantry without any quality control.



Dr anup k wahal• 1 day ago

Most probably the trains used most by middle and lower classwill still be run by the go nment employees!



Sambhu Bhunia• 1 day ago

Rail fare is not low. Kolkata to Delhi Rajdhani exp fare RS 4800. Time 18 hours. Late 2 hours. But Flight fare RS 2500. Time taken 1 hour 45 minutes. As a speed with Flight , Rajdhani exp fare should be RS 220 as. Flight is 12 times faster than Rajdhani Exp. Besides 99 % Common people support privatization of Indian Rail as Indian Rail officers are corrupt ghushkhor.



Javed Badshah • uae • 1 day ago

This would be the turning point for railways. Hand over all trains to private players, sit back and take the profits.



Rohit Mohan • 1 day ago

BJP was ag inst FDI or privatisation of railways during Congress tendure.



Janardhan • 1 day ago

Hand over all loss making PSUs to expert private players to revive them



Ashim Ghosh• 1 day ago

Govnment rules, regulations and policies are the main cause of most loss making PSUs .



Amrit Bindra • Cleveland • 1 day ago

In PSUs employees, especially unionised employees have sweet deals i.e. little work, good sry with excellent benefits and life time job security. Why won’t they prest?



Devendra Sood • USA • 1 day ago

We know how corrupt all Go nment Institutions and the Businesses run by it are. Can any one deny that? Privatisation is the only cure for the malignancy of co ption. Ofcourse, the Unions will cry and bitterly oppose、




ramesh• 1 day ago

it runs on taxpayers money



Farook Shariff • 1 day ago

For more efficency ,hand over more train services to private sector operators.



Antariksh Tyagi• Lucknow • 1 day ago

But in 2014 modi said he will revive public sector and make it effecient. So he failed.

So before privatizing any gt entity he should hang his head in shame on the red fort and apologize to the people that he failed



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