New bullet train model 'Supreme' hits record speed in test run



TOKYO: A new model of bullet train set to enter service ahead of the Tokyo Olympics hit a record speed of 360 kilometers (224 miles) per hour in a test run, operator JR Central said.


The N700s -- the suffix stands for ‘supreme’ -- is the first new model of bullet train on Japan’s busiest line for almost a decade. The train is lighter and uses less energy than current designs, as well as boasting additional safety features in case of earthquakes.

N700s (后缀S代表Supreme)是近十年来日本最繁忙新干线上的首款新型子弹头列车。与目前的设计相比,这款列车更轻,能耗更低,而且在地震发生时具有额外的安全功能。

The record was achieved late on Friday on tracks linking Maibara and Kyoto, said Central Japan Railway Co., better known as JR Central. It’s the fastest speed a commercial model of shinkansen bullet train has ever achieved, although the train is expected to run at the line’s current top speed of 285 kph when it enters service.



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ashok chhabra • 1 day ago

Next five years India too will achieve same superiority thanks to Indian public & Narendra Modi


super Indian • ashok chhabra • JP • 22 hours ago

By Indian mouth



Cn Rsubrnian • New Delhi • 1 day ago

I thought it is India. But India had started work and in Modiji''s this term will bring one from Bombay to Ahmedahad with the same speed. Let us hope it will be possible for the joint scientists of Japan and India.



Cn Rsubrnian • 1 day ago

Our train will work by the end of Modis term and its for rich people only



AROP • 1 day ago

Well done. In India we have lots of scientific and technological departments but no technology reaches to common men. Our research is on the paper as a result today we are importing many things, no export on technology, though we have very large number of scientist working, without producing any thing.



AROP • 1 day ago

These are useless things. We will do research on cowpiss and cowdung only. Japanese are beef eater .we will Lynch them.



truth hurts • chennai • 1 day ago

Well treating cow and bovine animals auspicious is Indian culture not Japanese....



Owl • Tristan da Cunha • 1 day ago

Does it allow ticketless travel for locals? Does it allow carrying the milk cans, chickens and goats on board?



Natarajan D • 1 day ago

I thought it is in India. India will take another 50 years to reach that level



Natarajan D • Bangalore • 1 day ago

why be sarcastic about everything? reduce population by culling all congress and UDF trolls and you will achieve it in 20 years



Dhatt Tere Ki • 1 day ago

You mean in 2039 Modi will be inaugurating this train ? Of course by importing from .

莫迪将在2039年为高铁举行通车典礼? 当然肯定是从进口的。


Saurabh Agrawal • GREATER NOIDA • 1 day ago

Japans has best technology in the world.



Abhishek Nirm Pandey • 1 day ago

Even modi wins next 2 ions this will not happen


Abhishek Nirm Pandey • 1 day ago

Can one be so negative???



TSR The Urbanist • Namma Bengaluru • 1 day ago

Germany has already tested for 568 Kmph speed and India at 180 kmph...We need more such fast trains in India connecting all the Major Metros, with connectivity within 1 hour of travel



TSR The Urbanist • 1 day ago

Modi is back he will make it possible in 30 min lol



Devendra Kulkarni • 1 day ago

Japan is well-known for its Bullet Trains.No other country can defeat Japan in technology.Japan works on its products and makes it better.



Devendra Kulkarni • 1 day ago

India is going backward. Eating beef is bigger concern



Devendra Kulkarni • 1 day ago

I think already had surpassed the speed as concern compare to Japanese Maglev



Anis Shaikh • 1 day ago

Next five years Indian economy will be next to zero, courtesy feku go nment


kh • 6 hours ago

How it will be zero , please expn ? Dont always talk negative and shiiiiiiit .

And if you are not from this country than shut up dont comment on our internal matters

为什么是零增长,请解释一下? 别老是那么消极



L u Indi• 4111 • Anis Shaikh • 1 day ago

Don’t worry about the Indian economy just worry about you having a food eat

Moron scum talk shit

@Anis Shaikh不要你操心印度经济,担心你自己有没有饭吃吧。白痴渣滓,说的都是废话


Suresh Kth • 1 day ago

Great Progress this in Japan about the Bullet Train and TRULY this Record Speed surely NEED the Tracks free of all encroachment which WOULD be next to IMPOSSIBLE in Indian Scenario and that would be an TALE for the PEOPLE of India



Suresh Kth • Location • 14 hours ago

On its initial run, the much-talked about Vande Bharat Express (which is constructed to run at 160 Kmph but is scheduled to run only at 130 kmph because of limitation of a weak Track) became immobile on its return run to Delhi due to Brake-binding. The Brake-binding occurred because the Train hit a Cow.



Muthuswami • Amritsar • 1 day ago

Excellent Congrats



smart Modi • smart Modi • cow country • 21 hours ago

Stupid Japanese, spending so much in R&D to improve speed from 285 to 360 kpl. India can simply buy the fastest trains with full technology transfer. Not only in trains, in fighter jets, submarines, carriers, t ks, big guns, automobiles, smart phones. Hail Modi


smart Modi • Location • 14 hours ago

If no stupid person or company has developed a Technology, how will there be a Technology which smart Modi can buy?



smart Modi • 17 hours ago

Only 1% of required land is acquired in 5 years for Ahmedabad to Mumbai bullet train so far.



Indian • 23 ours ago

And in India we are still playing caste and re gion po itics.



Santosh Sharma • 1 day ago

India shall soon have such sy ems.... excellent.



Shubham Dey • 19 hours ago

Japan''s technology has a huge market demand..India''s T 18 surely got its inspiration from the japanese bullet trains..

日本技术有庞大的市场需求。印度的Train 18特快列车肯定从日本的子弹头列车上得到了灵感。


super modi • super modi • modi temple • 22 hours ago

So what? India already has its K80 super trains, totally indigenous at 160 kmpl and derailed twice.



Vladimir • NYC • 22 hours ago

Come to India, cows run faster than this .


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