India announces it will land on the moon in SEPTEMBER to become the fourth nation to successfully land on the lunar surface


India has announced that its Chandrayaan-2 mission to the moon will launch between July 9-16 this year, after earlier plans for an April lift-off were scrapped.


The mission will make the nation the fourth country to accomplish the feat after China, the US and Russia.


Israel made an attempt earlier this year but failed.


It will be India's first mission to the moon's surface and will aim to land near its south pole, a currently unexplored territory.



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Lineking37, Brisbane, Australia, 4 days ago

And why they keep asking us to donate to India and put go nments give so much aid



d2mode2, harlow, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Yet here in the UK we have to pay out extra towards our pensions and the NHS. Good to see our go nment is spending our tax money carefully.....



G_Frank, Mumbai, India, 5 days ago

That aid from UK was really helpful, thank you, do come over to see the Taj Mahal you will love it



Ianfromdroy, Manchester, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Is the uk still sending them foreign aid?



EvansAbove, Treharris, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

it's comforting to know that our overseas aid is being put to such good!



Granny Annie, Leeds, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

So why are we still sending aid?



drayton mac, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Good job our hard earned aid is going to a good cause.



Entangled, Deepest Kent, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

I hope we will be stopping overseas any aid we pay to this country - as that would be a scandal of epic proportions!!



getitoffyourmind, washington, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Good to see that international aid money is being used to good effect .



Proudemmet, Wonkaland, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

India doing what the USA couldn't. Are they using the same studio?



Creoda of Mercia, Tamworth, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

We must make sure we continue to send them Foreign Aid,to help them do that



Appalled at Politics, Basingstoke, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Good luck to India. A great achievement. Now then, you really really don't need our billions in foreign aid do you? Plus you have bigger Army, Navy and Air Force and more nuclear weapons than the UK. Could we then have it back please because we really need it. Thanks.


你们的陆军、海军和空军规模比英国更大,拥有的核武器比印度更多。我们能把这些援助收回来吗?  我们真的需要这些钱。谢谢。


ImeanwhatIsay, Shangri-la, United States, 5 days ago

India's top priority should be to protect its girls from being raped.



Welsh1da, cardiff, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Well done to them, best of luck.



Vronnieanne, Dundas, Canada, 5 days ago

And still thousands of people live in dire poverty .



roderik77, East Essex, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

How much foreign aid are we sending them?



British-arise, Worcestershire, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

The go nment should care more about the extreme pollution and poverty their country suffers before sending billions of pounds worth of equipment to the moon.



BTL80, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

All paid for with are FOREIGN AID.



Jules8334, where i live, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

That's good news, glad to see our Foreign Aid is spent where it's needed .....................



Trigger, Way up north, Isle Of Man, 5 days ago

How much UK aid do they get? Any?


In_the_middle, Around, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Plenty form us.



Sherry, Canterbury, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Time to drastically cut the Foreign Aid. They have existing mass poverty and ignorance and then waste resources on going to a barren satellite they can`t do anything with.



Alan Bell, wakefield, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Happy to see that they are using the £150.4 million that the uk send them on important things



Olderbutnonethewiser, Halifax, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

UK Foreign Aid to India 2018-2020 is £98 million. I rest my case.



top notch rebel, Portland , United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Quick send some aid money.



D-H-G, Singapore, Singapore, 5 days ago

Could it be called a joint venture between the UK and India given the amount of cash pumped into India each year????



compsognathos, norwich, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Stop foreign aid to India.



piorette, Manchester, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

So why are we sending aid?



Truthful-Londoner, London, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Stop all UK aid to India immediately! Stop all UK aid anywhere and spend it on the people, we are the impoverished ones living in a country going down the gutters

立即停止英国对印度的援助! 停止所有援助,把钱花在自己的人民身上,我们是生活在贫民窟里的穷人


Theresnohope, Torbaydos, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

On the side of the craft will it say "paid for by the people of the UK "?



sodit, France, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

And we are still sending them monetary aid!!



Wellington, The Right Place, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Incredible. Despite NHS and police shortages, the UK gave India £52 million in foreign aid for 18/19 and will give £46 million in the next financial year. Madness.



Laowantong, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

And how much aid is the UK sending their way ?



Femidim, Brighton, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Why do we give India foreign aid?..



Fwd chiefs mess, Grommit, Wallis And Futuna, 5 days ago

We'd best increase our aid to them so they can afford it



xoldhamer, swansea, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

So this is what they have done with the £50 million foreign aid from UK. Maybe we could have made a space craft to land on the moon with £50 million?


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