Mumbai’s car density 5 times that of Delhi



MUMBAI: The density of private cars in Mumbai soared by 18% in just two years, making it the most car-congested city in the country. The city has 510 cars for every km of road, almost five times higher than the corresponding number in Delhi, 108.


Pune is the next most-dense city with 359 cars per km, ahead of 319 per km in Kolkata, 297 in Chennai and 149 in Bangalore, show statistics from the respective state transport departments.


Mumbai’s high car density is mainly because of lack of road space. While Mumbai’s private car population is less than a third of Delhi’s, the city has just 2,000km of roads as compared with 28,000km in the national capital.


Burgeoning vehicle population and low road space in Mumbai contributes to enormous traffic jams, pollution and unauthorised parking on roads, as per statistics from Maharashtra transport department.


“Mumbai has been bursting at the seams past few years, and if there is no control over the purchase or mobility of private cars across the city, commuting by road will be a nightmare,” warned transport expert Ashok Datar, who has been advocating the use of buses for transportation in suburbs and island city.


In mid-2016, car density in Mumbai was 430 cars per km, which has now gone up to 510, according to Maharashtra transport ministry data. This has taken the total number of registered private cars to 10.2 lakh on city roads, roughly 28% of the total vehicular population in the city, which stands at 36 lakh, offi als said.


A recent study by Mumbai Environmental Social Network, a think tank, showed that among private vehicles, 49% of road space is occupied by private cars of all types, including SUVs. This is one of the key reasons for increasing traffic congestion, with average speed on the Western Express highway drop to 10kmph during peak hours, and on LBS Marg to less than 8kmph.

孟买环境社会网络最近的一项研究表明,在私家车中,包括SUV在内的各类私家车占据了49%的道路空间。这是造成交通拥堵加剧的主要原因之一,在高峰时段,西部高速公路的平均速度降至每小时10公里,而在LBS Marg,平均速度低于每小时8公里。

Transport experts are rmed by the rise in private cars, which they feel are an “impediment” for the growth of public transport in the city. They also fear that the rise in vehicles could lead to parking woes. “There is an urgent need to set up a parking authority to implement the new parking policy, and also impose congestion tax in the business hubs,” said A V Shenoy of Mumbai Transport Forum. “The arterial road should be kept free of any parking (on both sides of the road) during peak hours. It will free up road space and allow movement of 50% more vehicles, especially buses,” he said.

交通专家对私家车的增多感到担忧,他们认为私家车是城市公共交通发展的“障碍”。他们还担心,车辆数量的增加可能会导致停车难问题。孟买交通论坛的V Shenoy称:“迫切需要建立一个停车管理机构来实施新的停车政策,同时在商业中心征收拥堵税。在繁忙时段,主干道(两边)不应停车,这将腾出道路空间,允许50%以上的车辆通行,特别是公交车。”

Transport commissioners, in the past, have been suggesting ways to control the growth of car population in Mumbai and dissuade citizens from driving in their personal vehicles. An offi al said the go nment was now focussed on setting up several Metro rail corridors which will ensure a smooth commute in near future and encourage mass public transport.



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nikibaba17 - Location - 13 hours ago -Follow

India desperately needs population control. Most developed nations have limited people.



Narendra - HINDUstan - 10 hours ago -Follow

I am working at Bangalore for past 5 years and not buying car and relying on Public Transport just to contribute my 2 cents to prect Bangalore.



Fossil By Then - 10 hours ago -Follow

90% OF THE PROBLEM IN iNDIA is the indisciplined, raanti public. Third class mentality even amongst the educated, mera raaj pahela, duniya gaya khadde mein, sab kuch chalta hai attitude.



Syma Zw Khan - Kolkata - 12 hours ago -Follow

And still Delhi road rage cases are 5 times more than Mumbai



Vaibhav - 7 hours ago -Follow

The problem is we're a 3rd world piece of sh*t trying to be what western society is but we're so sh*t even countries like srilanka thailand etc have better infrastructure & road than us!



Pankaj Bhatnagar - Mumbai - 9 hours ago -Follow

The car density is more because there is no proper public transport. The metros what they are making now, should have been built at least 20 years back. To control traffic, the authorities should think for 10-20 years ahead not for present date. Traffic is slow because the roads are very bad and there are no proper rules for driving. I have not seen any consolidated book for driving rules. The driving test is done on the basis if person can reverse car or not. What ever rules are there, most of people do not follow.



nanksn - Planet earth - 10 hours ago -Follow

Mumbai is much better organised in public transport sy em compared to Delhi and the only way to reduce traffic jams and bottlenecks is to shift offices outside Mumbai..



Dreet - 9 hours ago -Follow

And you cm that Congress did nothing for India in Seventy years.People are definitely richer now



Himya Kumar - Peaceful Earth for Humans - 5 hours ago -Follow

Conclusion : Mumbai public Transport sy em is pathetic..



Mallika Mallika - Muscat - 5 hours ago -Follow

Mumbai is full if garbage, so much congusted and no place to breathe, full of dirt and pollution.



Fossil By Then - 10 hours ago -Follow

Mumbai is for stray dogs only.



Sunil - 7 hours ago -Follow

Almost everyone in metro cities has car now. Achche Din aa gaye.



Jayaram - 7 hours ago -Follow

Mumbai's car density 5 times that if Delhi but Delhi is more polluted than Mumbai as in Delhi there is scarcer attention towatds environment.



Sanjoy Pandey - 9 hours ago -Follow

India must drastically reduce use of fossil fuel to improve the environment.



virendra Chavan - 10 hours ago -Follow

Out of 30 most polluted cities in the world 22 are from India. Govt. urgently need to bring stricter laws to reduce the pollution in all the cities also need to push for ric vehicles by providing incentives.



Srinivas Injeti - Hyderabad - 10 hours ago -Follow

You have given stats of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai. Do you not count Hyderabad as an important enough city?



Abhishek - Gurugram - 3 hours ago -Follow

Every city should have restrictions on number of cars per house according to the parking space available. Those who don't have parking space should not be allowed to own car or any vehicle.



Ajay - Mumbai - 4 hours ago -Follow

I think mumbai needs more flyovers and not metro train bridges..City should be well plan otherwise in future city like mumbai will col pse and only people of mumbai will suffer.



Karan Parwani - 5 hours ago -Follow

we need some serious regulation to control the cars on the road



Mohit - 5 hours ago -Follow

Traffic congestion is common in metropolis. When more and more private cars will be there it will automatically lead to parking in road. Go nment and transport department needs to fix the matter urgently with increasing cess/ pollution tax on vehicles.



Salman - 5 hours ago -Follow

Not more than 2 vehicles should be allowed to be registered under a person. Many persons in the field of business and film have more than 2 vehicles registered in their name



raji195020 - Secunderabad - 7 hours ago -Follow

Interesting. Let them drive the car once in a week



MAHADEV Kumar - 9 hours ago -Follow

that is the problem in india . go nment does not do anything other than increase tax and take what ever the money comes from the people but no development


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