China's third home-made passenger plane C919 completes first flight as part of Beijing's trillion-dollar plan to take on western aircraft firms



China's third home-made passenger plane completed its maiden flight today as the country moves one step closer to its trillion-dollar aviation dreams.


The Chinese authorities are planning to replace all 6,000 to 6,800 of its western aircraft at a cost of around $1 trillion (£788 billion), and most of the replacements are expected to be the single-aisle made-in-China jet.


Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (COMAC), a Chinese state-owned aviation manufacturer based in Shanghai, spent 11 years and $6.5 billion (£5 billion) developing C919, which has been lauded as China's answer to the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.


COMAC is currently assembling three other C919 planes and all of them are expected to complete their first flights next year. It is also developing a wide-body plane, the C929, in cooperation with Russia's United Aircraft Corp.

中国商飞目前正在组装另外三架C919飞机,预计它们都将在明年完成首飞。该公司还在与俄罗斯联合航空制造集团(United Aircraft Corp.)合作开发一款宽体飞机C929。

The third narrow-body, twin-engine C919 successfully landed at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 12:45pm today after flying for 98 minutes, according to a social media statement from COMAC.   


The first two C919s took to the skies for the first time on May 5 and December 17 last year respectively. Both of them are undergoing further flight tests in order to obtain flying certification.


Sporting white, blue and green livery, the third C919 was manned by pilots Xu Yuanzheng and Zhang Jianwei.


12-zhang jianwei.jpg

It took off at 11:07am from the fourth runway of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It also carried one observer and two engineers on board.


COMAC said the plane completed 21 test points during the flight. It is expected to undergo further tests in Xi'an after today's flight.


COMAC is yet to reveal more details of the maiden flight, such as the plane's height or speed. In May last year, the first C919 reached 10,000 feet with a maximum speed of 170 knots (196 miles per hour or 315 kph) during its maiden flight.


The C919 flight is Beijing's first step toward independence from Boeing and Airbus.


China is a massive battleground for Boeing and Airbus, with the country's air travel market expected to surpass the United States by 2024, according to the International Air Transport Association.


The aircraft has a flight range of up to 3,451 miles (5,555 kilometres), which means it can fly non-stop from Shanghai to Jakarta or from Paris to Montreal.


It can fit 158 to 168 seats. In comparison, different models of Boeing 737 can seat 85 to 215 passengers; while an A320 can accommodate 100 to 240 people.


COMAC is yet to release the price tag of the jet, but a report by China National Radio predicted that C919 was likely to be sold at £33 million ($43 million), much cheaper than a Boeing 737 or an Airbus 320 which each cost around £62 million ($80 million) and £77 million ($100 million) respectively.  

中国商飞尚未公布该飞机的售价,但中国国家广播电台的一份报告预测,C919售价可能达到3300万英镑(4300万美元),比波音737或空客320便宜, 波音737售价约为6200万英镑(合 8000万美元), 空客320售价约为7700万英镑(合1亿美元)。

International Air Transport Association estimated that 927 million people would travel to or from China by air in 2025 - compared to the 904 million passengers to and from the United States.




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Unreasonable Kant, scismsville, Svalbard And Jan Mayen, 2 days ago

If you had the money and motivation to build a car. Wouldn't you take one apart first and see how everything worked before starting? Of course they innovated and borrowed ideas.



SAMY Stone, greenock, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Just as well that Germany and Japan are still restricted by wartime agreements limiting the type of aircraft they are allowed to build. Poor Old Britania can no longer compete with anyone.



ll, ipswich, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

End of my flights with air China, eastern China and southern China airlines



The Captain, South Shields, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

A Chinese airliner ? I'd rather travel on the Hindenburg.



nick, bristol, 2 days ago

More counterfeit goods coming out way!



LERENARD, Love n Light, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

No need for expensive R&D when you can just hack and steal the technology.



Frankly, Sydney, Australia, 2 days ago

a decade and research to build ? - guessing mostly stolen from hacked US companies trade designs.



Donald, Toronto, Canada, 2 days ago

In the six-abreast cabin category.....China has joined USA (Boeing 737), Russia (Tupolev Tu-204 amd Irkut MC-21) and EU (Airbus A320) in producing a comparable aircraft.....there is competition from only 4 other companies, so it will do well I think by grabbing a share of the market.

中国已经加入美国(波音737)、俄罗斯(图波列夫Tu-204 Irkut MC-21)和欧盟(空客A320)的行列……这是只有4家公司竞争,我认为通过抢占市场份额,中国的表现会不错的


fcg, Riverland, Australia, 2 days ago

I wonder where they got the designs from. I don't suppose Huawei had anything to do with it.



Toxic0199, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

But its first flight was in may 2017?



toxents, Shanghai, 2 days ago

If it is govt company, they will ensure quality. And if they will replace everything with it, you have no choice but fly with it if you travel in China, or you can just take the speed train (which is amazing btw) if u dont trust the plane quality.

如果是国企,会质量保证。如果在中国旅行,别无选择,只能坐; 如果你不敢坐飞机,你也可以坐高铁(顺便说一句,高铁棒极了)。


zoltan, melbourne, Australia, 2 days ago

How's the UK aviation industry looking post Brexit?



Happening now in, Pyongyang, North Korea, 2 days ago

It's an Embraer-bus.



Mr_Anderson, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

It looks like a mini Airbus A350. I wonder if Airbus use Huawei network infrastructure?



Kol, Here - or there, Heard Island And McDonald Islands, 2 days ago

reverse engineered, guaranteed... commie countries do that all the time..



Chris P Duck, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Any information on the engines that power this aircraft?



Mzungu, Sodden-on-the-Water, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

I for one will not be flying in any airplane 'made in China' and it looks like many others think the same. Who makes the engines?



Laliem, Anytown, United States, 2 days ago

Hardly a Chinese design. Western engines, avionics, etc. some structural components made there and assembled there. Without the critical components from the west that there is one massive paper weight.



Rhonda Shorrock, Mildura, Australia, 2 days ago

Hope it works better than some of the cars it makes.



Here_we_go_again, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

And? If China wants to develop its own aircraft industry why shouldn't it? Let's see how well the C919 sells outside China against the Boeing 737 family, the Airbus A320 family and the Embraer E170 - E195 family........

为什么中国不能发展自己的飞机工业呢?让我们看看C919在中国以外的市场,波音737系列、空客A320系列和巴西航空工业公司(Embraer) E170 - E195系列相比,表现如何…


dai2000, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

And every single part is copied from either a Boeing or an Airbus.



Tompolhaus, Hunstville, 2 days ago

I got to admit they have come far in 30 years when their first home built aircraft was a large kite with a coolie strapped under it.



ndhillon79, Harrisonburg, United States, 2 days ago

not sure how I would feel about seeing Made In China on an commercial aircraft



eeyaw, sydney, Australia, 2 days ago

Yeah right they stole the shape of the planes from the west, sour grapes.



Allan K Preston, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Hand back your iPhone then, thats made in china too.



Catweazle, North Yorkshire, 2 days ago

If it ain't Boeing I ain't going!



southwest17, Lincoln, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

In theory, it ought to be reliable and safe, being as it`s built using knock off Western technology. However, being made in China, to their usual corner cutting standards, and using inferior electronic components



Flyboy, Anywhere, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Available in a Pound Shop, or Dollar Store near you!



LisaLAd, London, Morocco, 3 days ago

No airline of note will buy these planes.



mr cactus, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Technology stolen from Boeing !



UK2RIR1918, Belast, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Wow a Walmart airplane!



yalapmitanga, watanka, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

So much on research? Who would have thought that copying other peoples designs would be so expensive?



Its cold in here, Newcastle, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Cheap Chinese copy



CaptainKirk, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Maybe after a decade or so they may have the quality problems solved.



singh, Great Dunmow, 3 days ago

Though the air frame is Chinese made, most systems and engines are western, so really the plane is international though it is assembled in China.



Roberts666, Chester, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Wont be able to land in western airports without certification.



Lychee2u, Sepang, Malaysia, 3 days ago

Airbus and Boeing will go bankrupt soon...



Yussif, Accra, Ghana, 3 days ago

Some people can be such an idiots, Chinese invented paper money, spoon,gunpowder and other things and you westerners never felt how fake they're........now you think everything made in your country is better but Chinese made is fake. foolish thought.



Pienso, Atlanta, United States, 3 days ago

Wonder which company they stole the plans from?



ryanrye, Reality, United States, 3 days ago

I don't trust in Chinese engineering or quality, they don't even have elevators mastered yet.



spanner30, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

has Donald threatened to shoot it down yet?



paevo, USA, United States, 3 days ago

Do you board the plane using an escalator made in China?....



Assis, Landskrona, Sweden, 3 days ago

It sounds good, add more to the competition. In the past years China improved the quality and is doing very well in overall. For those negative people with bad comments against China, check inside your homes and see how many goods are made in China, Also I'm sure you are using smart phones or computers, check inside to find out how many components are made in China lol.



madmark111, Paris, France, 3 days ago

all the peopl saying they wont fly in any china made plane, go and take a look at every item in your house, nearly all Chinese and all very reliable, the fact is Chinese goods are better than British goods and 100 times better than any crap from the US, look at Airbus which has outsold Boeing in the last 12 years, Boeing has also hasd twice as many crashes as Airbus, Chinese competition is good for all

那些说不任何中国飞机, 去看看自己家里东西,几乎所有都是中国制造的而且非常可靠事实上,中国商品比英国商品强,比美国的垃圾产品强100倍,在过去12年空客销量已超过波音波音的坠机事故是空客的两倍,中国加入竞争对所有人都有利


c5then, philadelphia, United States, 3 days ago

Looks like an Airbus.


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