DefExpo 2018: Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter planes to be made in India


CHENNAI: Boeing, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and Mahindra Defence Sy ems have come together to manufacture Boeing's F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter planes in India. An agreement for the project was signed at the defence expo -- DefExpo 2018 -- here on Thursday.



Pratyush Kumar, presi nt of Boeing India said, "A new state-of-the-art facility will be set up at HAL in Bengaluru to manufacture the planes and also the next generation Hornet's as per the agreement." The production facility can also be used for other programmes like India's Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft programme.


He said, "The partnership with HAL and Mahindra will enable us to optimise the full pential of public and private sector to deliver next generation fighter planes. Together we can deliver an affordable, combat proven fighter platform for India, while adding growth to the Indian aerospace ecosy em."


Through the agreement, Boeing has teamed up with HAL which is the only company in India that makes fighter planes and Mahindra is the country's only company that makes commercial planes.


Detailing about the partnership, he said, "We talked to more than 400 suppliers and realised that it has to have the best offering from India. Suggestions were taken from the ministry of defence and think tanks. So public private partnership was considered a reliable avenue …."


S P Shukla, group presi nt, Aerospace and Defence, Mahindra Group and chairman of Mahindra Defence Sy ems, said: "As one of the largest private sector defence companies, we look forward to support the modernisation of our armed forces and achieving economics of scale in the aerospace and defence sector. The relationship with HAL goes back several years and we have tested our first seven-seater plane at the facility." Small passenger planes made by Mahindra is being used in 31 countries.


T Suvarna Raju, chairman and managing director, HAL, said the partnership with Boeing and Mahindra Defence Sy ems would create an opportunity to develop capabilities of the aerospace industry and strengthen indigenous platforms in India and contribute to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The future production would also involve indigenisation content and producing the fighter plane for India.


Raju said the agreement for making F/A18 planes would not infringe into the availability of space for HAL in Bengaluru which was planning to step up its Light Combat Aircraft project.


As the most advanced and least expensive aircraft per flight hour, the F/A-18 Super Hornet will deliver on India’s need for a carrier and land based multi-role fighter. The Super Hornet not only have a low acquisition cost, but it also costs less per flight hour to operate than any other tactical aircraft in US forces inventory. And with a plan for constant innovation, the F/A-18 Super Hornet will outpace threats and bolster defence capabilities of India.

F/ a -18超级大黄蜂作为每飞行小时最先进、最便宜的飞机,将满足印度对航空母舰和陆地多功能战斗机的需求。超级大黄蜂不仅购买成本较低,每飞行小时的成本也比美国部队的其他任何战术飞机都要低。通过不断创新,F/ a -18超级大黄蜂将超越竞争对手,增强印度的防御能力。

The Super Hornet has a long life ahead, with the US Navy making significant investments in the latest evo tion, the Block III. Key features of the US Navy Block III.

超级大黄蜂的服役寿命很长,美国海军近期斥巨资将超级大黄蜂升级至Block III。

Super Hornet include enhanced network capability, longer range and low-drag with additional fuel tanks, long-range detection with infrared search and track and enhanced situational awareness with a new advanced cockpit sy em.


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Anonymous Anonymous-bangalore-11 hours ago

Make in India for defense is the biggest move from Modi go nment which will save billions of dollars in the future for India .It should have been done a long time back but I am happy that at last its been done.



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