What will India be like in 2030?




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Updated Dec 5
By 2030, India should be getting ready for a decade of slog that can get us developed by 2040.
Metro trains
Currently, India is going through a massive connectivity exercise. How metro rail networks are spreading across India We are building metro rails at a massive pace. A decade ago we had just two metro rail sy ems - the old and small Kolkata metro and the new and small Delhi metro. Delhi metro has grown over 10 times and now metros run in nearly 10 cities. By 2022, we will have metro trains in nearly 30 cities - second only to that time in number of metro lines. The growing length of the list below and cluster of years should show you the hurry.
By 2030, we might use the experience from the early metro trains and build new ones at a rapid rate and I expect to see 100 such metro lines. And the ridership in some of the new metro lines that are a mere novelty [such as in Lucknow/Mumbai] will turn to be lifelines once more critical areas are covered.

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Realigning population
With nearly 100 such metropolitan transit sy ems we are looking at realigning India’s population. When railways was introduced in 1853 it realigned India’s population especially in west and south. And now we will see bigger than ever with these 100 metropolises taking more than half of nation’s population and becoming the new drivers of growth. Instead of 5 elephants [Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad] pulling India - we would have 100 elephants.
We are building railway tracks at a record rate of 13km of new tracks every day [Indian Railways to decongest by laying new tracks, constructing 3 new corridors] and record breaking 22km of new road every day [Bitumen?imports jump as highway expansion drive picks up pace]. The first of bullet trains should be ready by 2022 and we might use it to build 10 other connections by 2030. The effect of these new roads and railways will slowly start emerging soon.




Energy, environment and Internet
To support these sy ems are the solar power generation that is happening at a record pace[India’s solar capacity expands by record 5,525.98 MW, doubling growth] and we have built massive plants including the world’s largest: India built the world’s largest solar plant in record time. At this rate by 2030, India would be producing majority of its power from solar, wind and nuclear cleaning up the environment and reducing energy dependence. By 2022, this would help achieve the Power for all vision [PM Modi launches Saubhagya scheme: 10 points].
Electrification of railway tracks are also proceeding at a record pace of 2000–4000km/year [48 per cent rail tracks rified, aim to double it in 5 years: Gt] and by 2030 we are sure to have gone past Diesel locomotives - both reducing the cost of transportation as well as having lower pollution.




Then there is massive push on internet connectivity. [1,50,000 villages in India to have internet connectivity: Are Rural Start-ups soon to become a reality?] As 5G rolls out [5G in India: Mobile internet will make Digital India vision come true] and more Indians see the use of WhatsApp and Youtube, Internet connectivity is to become universal by 2023 and by 2030, our level of connectivity and data is likely to be on par with the developed world.
By 2030, our cities will be running viable metro transits, our power will be predominantly solar and we will all be networked with broadband.



As our connectivity improves drtically and we produce power at a record rate, we should look to push full on manufacturing. The new cities would reduce pressure off our main 5 metropolises and would have ch and convenient alternatives just like what happened in US and after they built a variety of new cities. As the real estate costs go low and same with transportation and power, we can truly use India’s ch labor costs and better legal sy em[compared to much of develo world] and multilingual comfort to produce a real industrial revo tion.




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