'Need to resolve those issues if ... ': Jaishankar on border row with China



NEW DELHI: External affairs minister S Jaishankar on Sunday expressed India's hope for resolving the remaining issues with China amid border standoff in eastern Ladakh.

As the military standoff in eastern Ladakh entered its fifth year, the external affairs minister emphasized that the normalization of bilateral relations depends on maintaining peace and tranquillity at the border.



In an exclusive interview with PTI, Jaishankar clarified that the outstanding issues primarily revolve around "patrolling rights" and "patrolling abilities."

When asked about the timeline for resolving the dispute, particularly in light of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent remarks to Newsweek magazine, Jaishankar stated that the Prime Minister provided a "big picture" perspective on the matter.





Boston Wrangler • Boston • 21 hours ago

It's high time India needs a tough speaking and walking EAM. Jaishankar is the typical soft spoken South Indian gentleman who is the typical diplomatic kind, his speeches wherever they are spoken are the same without any warnings or deadlines....




Rajaramjaiho • 23 hours ago

India truly needs to revamp its outlook and approach towards politics, especially when dealing with a world class political system with world class politicians in every department of politics, be it defence, foreign, Ambassadors, finance, sports, you name it....




Pranav • 23 hours ago

Indian ministers must have a criteria of being elected via certified process....no thugs, criminals, and goons to be given the tickets for election campaign




Dwivedi • 23 hours ago

India needs real, learned, genuine, and dedicated campaigners to carry forward their and party's agenda in true spirit only with one condition or thought, come what may, Mother India first, second, and third, nothing before, and nothing after!!




Gouranga Santosh • 21 hours ago

I think after election if Modi retains in power, China will get a lesson tightly!




Rajneesh • Gouranga Santosh • Delhi • 13 hours ago

Keep wishing. Just like one day we will take back POK




• 22 hours ago

Keep lying. Kerp befooling. By the way, how many times has this powerful bhakt has visited the troubled/controversial/disputed border regions?




Blindbhakt • Unknown • 22 hours ago

Bla Bla Bla from Jaishankar. Of course he has no idea what to say when our land is occupied by the Chinese. Blaming the increase in import from China, to the previous government is childish. If 10 years were not enough for his government to establish production capacity, the government is incompetent.




• 22 hours ago





• 23 hours ago

Govt must incentive Indian companies to good mobile phones in India




• 23 hours ago

Only a beggar beg, and a bully bullies. Jaishankar is a weak external affairs minister under a even weaker PM Modi. Therefore they have made India beggar in front of China. China is 50 folds stronger than India.




Dwivedi • 23 hours ago

In the first place BJP gave in to China and allowed them to occupy. And now they are begging China for a peaceful retreat. How foolish. Why will a bully retreat after he had occupied. Now what's the use of relenting in front of this big bully.




• BHUSHAN KARNIK • 23 hours ago

You seem to be completely unaware of ground realities. Don't be the mouthpiece of opposition. As citizens we should trust our armed forces, who have given befitting reply to China and their bullying.




• BHUSHAN KARNIK • 22 hours ago

China economy is 19 trillion dollars whereas Indian economy is between 4-5 trillion it will take 20 more years to catch up with china so how do you expect manufacturing sector to match china level in past 10 years , your expectations are too much. So keep calm and stop spreading false propoganda




• BHUSHAN KARNIK • 23 hours ago

when is the next Give me galwan back tea talks .




• 23 hours ago

China wants India to keep on importing hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese goods while also surrendering it's rights on the border. India should impose import duty on excess Chinese goods like America to address the trade imbalance which is about 100 billion dollars.




• 23 hours ago

discussion with china will be waste of money,time, energy.china no way can be trusted and is very egoist country.




• 23 hours ago

Let diplomacy take centre stage, that is the only way forward




Raj • Mumbai • 23 hours ago

People are fed up with the services rendered to the country by RSS gangs last 10 years. Now they want change at the centre.




• Raj • 22 hours ago

speak for yourself. don't include everyone. electorate will decide.




• 23 hours ago

"Need to resolve issues!" ..... Gaishankar is meowing suddenly.




Raj • Mumbai • 23 hours ago

He has to be honoured with Nobel award for his invention ‘the normalization of bilateral relations depends on maintaining peace and tranquility at the border’ after his 5 years tenure as External affairs minister. He praises Modi as every RSS cadre does to reserve one more term for him as an unelected minister by pleading the mercies of his boss.




• 1 day ago

did he say remaining!!! exactly what issues have been resolved so far?!




• 1 day ago

these weaklings can't stand up to China..v need someone like an Indira..




• Huzefa Bagasrawala • 1 day ago

U really feel Rahul can do? India has not found china alternative as we have bilateral trades of more than 150bs.




Recognize Taiwan • Mumbai • 22 hours ago

You are a weakling. It’s take nerves of steel to have our army stare directly in the eyes of the enemies. I request you to not call our Jawans indirectly as weaklings. Taking back from China the list territory is not a walk in the park and snatching it away. Be aware of the consequences.




Huzefa Bagasrawala

You must be blind to not see what is going in other parts of the world viz Gaza or Ukraine. To start a war is easy, once it starts it’s no longer in any one’s hands to end it




Narayana Pai • 1 day ago

BJP government keep saying that China is not occupying even an inch of our land. Yet they keep asking for patrolling right. So when China killed about 20 of our soldiers a few years ago did they go into Chinese territory or did Chinese come into our land?




• 1 day ago

Finally, agrees that you need to have good relation with neighbors




• Pranav Dwivedi • 1 day ago

Too many words and no actions by MEA


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