Netanyahu vows Israel will fight alone even without US help


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck a defiant tone against President Joe Biden after the US withheld a shipment of bombs as a warning to its top Middle East ally not to invade the southern Gaza city of Rafah.


In a first, punchy clip on the social media site X, Netanyahu said: “If we have to stand alone, we will stand alone” and “fight tooth and nail.” He then pivoted to a more conciliatory approach when chatting with Phil McGraw, the American talk show host known as Dr.Phil.

在社交媒体网站推特上发布的第一段铿锵有力的视频中,内塔尼亚胡表示:“如果必须单独作战,我们将单独作战”,并“全力以赴”。随后,在与美国脱口秀主持人菲尔·麦格劳(Phil dr . McGraw)聊天时,他转向了一种更为和解的方式。

“I’ve known Joe Biden for many years, 40 years and more,” Netanyahu said in the interview Thursday on “Dr. Phil Primetime” broadcast on Merit Street Media. “We often had agreements, but we’ve had our disagreements and we’ve been able to overcome them. I hope we can overcome them now.”

内塔尼亚胡周四在Merit Street Media电视台播出的《菲尔博士黄金时间》(Dr. Phil Primetime)节目中接受采访时说:“我认识乔·拜登很多年了,有40多年了。我们经常达成一致,也会有分歧,但我们能够克服。我希望现也能克服。”


Netanyahu said Israel must go into Rafah to finish off the remaining battalions of Hamas, the US-designated terrorist group that killed 1,200 Israelis and kidnapped about 250 last Oct. 7. He said Hamas will “murder again and again” if allowed to survive in Rafah.


“We have to achieve victory,” he said. “That means we have to destroy all these battalions, which we will. We face very strong opposition to that, but we’re going to overcome it.”


Netanyahu said Israel would do its utmost to make sure civilians leave Rafah, where more than a million people are sheltering, before any attack. He also criticized the “madness” of pro-Palestinian rallies on US college campuses, saying protesters are “supporting genocide,” adding that this reflected “the sorry state of American higher education.”




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Now thats what i call guts courage as muslims are cleverly brainwashing foolish americans againt isreal



Master Yoda

Trump is needed. I like Joe Biden, but when Trump was around he scared a lot of bad actors who have recently become emboldened.,Now Trump is wng in the all the swing states. People have come to realize that his 3 am rants on Twitter weren't that bad after all.,This serves as a cautionary tale for India. Any of these left wing people, especially the pseudo intellectuals. They always start nit picking about Modi.,Oh he didn't give a press conference.,We see the chaos in the world, Modi is delivering solid results, but these malcontents always come up with some minor bone of contention to nit pick on.,Solidarity is the need of the hour. We don't know what's going to happen in the next 5 years, but these are uncertain times.,Pappu is weak. INDI alliance has nothing to add.,Modi just like Trump is needed.








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If US can do it to its all time friend like Israel, India has every reason to doubt the sincerity of US administration when it professed friendship with India.



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Israel has caused significant damage to Hamas militants. It can totally damage all their hideouts and end the war on the humanitarian grounds to stop further trouble for Gaza civilians.



Shivani M

Brainless idiot, always har about war. Just wants to win elections and power hungry. he can do war clamoring coz he doesnt have to fight it. He is safe in his office.



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actually he's not. Israel is a tiny country.




Bringing back Trump will be the soluition.



Master Yoda

I like Joe Biden on a personal level. But Joe is sometimes impractical. He wants to constantly play defense. If there a weed and it's growing a thousand stalks from one root, Joe will insist on plucking off the stalks but not the root itself., In order to rebuild Gaza, they have to get the Hamas thugs out of there. Otherwise these gangsters will be setting up their despotic regime all over again in short order.,Once Hamas is gone, then Gaza has a much better future, especially once they adopt birth control and secular education.



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Nathu ram is very strong ..



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Without the bombs and rocket missiles it woll be a more level playing firld between IDF and Hamas .,This war will drag on for yesrs and Netanyahu will hang on to power and stay out of jail on corruption and bribery charges !!!

没有炸 弹和火箭导弹,以色列国防军和哈马斯之间的竞争将更加公平,这场战争将持续数年,内塔尼亚胡将继续掌权,不会因腐败和贿赂指控而入狱



Israel should ignore this President Biden. Old age has affected his normal thinking. US has become world's most un-reliable partner. Modiji, beware of this US nation.




USA is deep down into financial and student protest troubles. The economist newspaper writes: "The liberal international order is slowly coming apart,Its collapse could be sudden and irreversible"




Having taken a step to fight for the release of hostages, there is no way Israel can and will go back on it. Any breather to Hamas, is only a matter of time before they will regroup and perpetrate another crime on even a bigger scale.



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Israel should not rest until Hamas is finished to Zero.



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If the US and G7 stop supplying Israel , Netannyahu will have no choice but to sit down and have peace talks and adopt a two state policy .,However Shatanyahu will resist this as he wants to carry on the war so he does not step down and end up in jail for corruption and bribery .



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Israel should Finish off the Job it has started . Look at India : Suffering for 70 Years and Now China has also started Supporting the Jiihaadis. They Gain Entry into India from Nepal , Bangladesh, SriLanka and Indian SUCKulars boost their Morale . It's a Question of Survival : And Israel should of its Future and Current Generations.



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Without bombs and rocket missiles the IDF will have a tough time defeating Hamas !!!,They haven’t achieved that in seven months abd have ended up killing thousands of innocent civilians , women , children and babies abd a few Hamas fighters !!!



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Just some more time, Trump will be back soon and you can go full throttle. After June 4th Modi will help you. India and Isreal have the same problem. What happens in India will happen to Isreal and what happens to Isreal will happen to India. Move ahead with iron hand.



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Trimph will end up in jail !!!



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The mad war criminal is talking too much. Can't free one hostage.. Failed to finish the resistance.. He needs another 20 years time to finish them or get finished



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Hopefully Biden will lose elections this year and Trump will come back and handle the situation better.,The world has lost faith in the USA administration under Biden.



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Trump is against any kind of war. He will not waste American tax payers money for killing babies and women



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Trump will end up in jail .


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