Why is China being the second largest world economy a develo country?  When will China achieve the developed country status?





The most important criteria for becoming a developed country are medical care, education and working hours.

In terms of advanced medical care, China may be worse than the UK, France and the US, but the average level of doctors is no worse than those countries.

Especially in terms of convenience, you can make an appointment on the first day and get the results the next day.




If you are seriously ill, you can usually have an operation within a month.

However, there is a huge gap between China and developed countries in terms of insurance reimbursement rates and the cost of treatment.

Cancer, for example, is fully covered by insurance in the UK.

Chinese state insurance can only cover half.

As for private medical insurance companies, they are the equivalent of fraudsters.






The second is education.

Only half of junior high school students in China can get into a good high school.

Only 20 per cent of high school students have a chance of getting a bachelor's degree.

Currently, less than 4 per cent of China's population has a bachelor's degree.





The third is working hours.

If a Chinese worker wants to earn $1,000 a month, he or she must work at least eight hours.



Currently, the chinese provides the cheapest and most convenient public transport in the world.

If u want to save even more money.

You can buy an e-bike.

They cost only $200 USD, have a top speed of 50 kilometres per hour and usually cost no more than $1 USD per month for electricity.

You can see these e-bikes in almost every part of China.






China also has the cheapest manufactured goods in the world.

No other country can compare with China in this respect.

Even the poorest groups of Chinese farmers have the latest models of televisions, mobile phones, washing machines, cooker hoods and air conditioners.

Air conditioning coverage in the poorest areas of China also exceeds that of most developed countries.

Even the poorest 80-year-old woman has a smartphone and makes and watches douyin videos every day.









Tony Tan

A country is either a develo or a dying country.

China is a develo country.

The US is a dying country.







James Moy

Whether or not I agree with the criteria does not matter. There are specific criteria that determines developed as opposed to develo countries. It is not just the size of the economy. One example, people in China generally work hard their entire lives and save money and/or their children take care of them when they are older because they do not have anything like America's social security system to fall back on when they can no longer work. Americans did something similar before the Great Depression and FDR's New Deal. In regard to China, I believe China will have programs for their elderly population in the near future and they will also meet all the other criteria of a developed country, so will India. China and India, especially China has improved the lives of their people significantly in the last few decades!








iaoda iao

The has a secret policy in dealing with foreign affairs, whether the subject is WTO, UN, or the US, EU, or even Taiwan. It would invite the decision makers of the above mentioned organizations or countries to visit Beiing, where they would openly give you $ and to sleep with in exchange of getting what they want from The UN, WTO and other nations. Being a develo country, China can keep many benefits that a developed country cannot have. According to an insider, the former secretary of the state, who had visited China for over forty times since Chins opened its door to the West






On Hiatus

China has 1.4 billion people, so when they surpass the US economy in size, they will still lag by more than a factor of four on a per capita basis.





Andrew Smith

Well, because when calling China rich, one takes the entire GDP into account, while calling it develo one takes per capita GDP into account.

However when we consider GDP per capita, 69 countries have higher GDP per capita than China. At 69th position, is Mexco, which is considered so poor by some Americans. So it is a matter of perspective and which numbers people choose and pick to consider China a rich or develo.







Hank Terrebrood

It will take a major reform and overhaul.

Being developed is not dirctly tied to an economy's size or market turnover.






William Lambert

Good question: I would make the assumption once their poverty line has increase would be an indication of developed status. What I read the poverty line is currently $400.00 US dollars. Developed countries the poverty line is 20 to 50 times higher.

Can't predict the future: Has there ever been a co unist country reached developed status?






Eric Youle

Wikipedia gives this for a Developed Country

"Developed countries have post-industrial economies, meaning the service sector provides more wealth than the industrial sector. They are contrasted with develo countries, which are in the process of industrialization, or undeveloped countries, which are pre-industrial and almost entirely agrarian."

I suspect that China has a long way to go before it puts agriculture and industry behind it.




I guess the rational behind the qualification is in reality the point at which the population, on the whole, has moved from the low paid agricultural and production line jobs, to a higher median wage - hence the increased GDP per capita.

Thus agriculture and industrialisation are OK but must not be labour intensive- large scale agriculture and automated industrial production - would in fact be fine, which leaves the better paid service sector to be the main employer.

This could be an issue for the more populous countries.







Zijian Yang

A very simple answer to this question, which I will quote and translated from a former Chinese governor, "A huge achievement divide by 1.3 billion is tiny, a small concern times 1.3 billion is catastrophic. "

这个问题的答案很简单,我想要引用一位中国前领导人的话:“ 再大的成就除以13亿人,都会变得很小;再小的问题乘以13亿人,都会变得很大。”




Alfred W Croucher

Developed status is indicated by GDP per capita around $25,000-45,000. China's is much lower than that at around $10,000 on a PPP basis. So it has a long way to go.

发达国家的标准可以用人均GDP 25,000-45,000美元来表示。按购买力平价计算,中国的人均GDP要低得多,仅有约1万美元。因此,中国还有很长的路要走。




Zhu Yixao

China is always a develo country! The average is so low that we cannot shoulder any responsibility, such as hel other undeveloped nations and giving them interest-free loans.





Alexs Eggermont

The "developed" status is not subject to a clear definition. However it is generally agreed that it depends on per capita variables, such as GDP per capita, and not a country-wide aggregate, such as GDP.

That is why Switzerland is considered developed, but India is not, despite India's GDP being larger. Per capita variables are indicators of the quality of life in a country. The size of the economy is mostly dependent on the size of the country, but doesn't tell us much about how sophisticated the economy is.

That said, many people and organizations would consider China a "middle-income" country.







Alec Cawley

The size of the Chinese economy is simply because of the huge number of people. Divided by the total population, the per capita GDP is still well down the rankings. The same is true of things like infrastructure. While parts of China are fantastically sophisticated, the poorest parts of China are still very poor, and very huge.


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