As China becomes increasingly powerful, will China change the "current international order"?





The so called “International order” translate to “the US order”.

The US sets rules for its benefits, and the dollar is relied on wars, include the ongoing Ukraine war.

I do not think China would directly challenge the US soon, but Russia is.







John Wong

The US’s dominance will go but it’s not about “China changing anything”. The ‘little brothers” would be so aligned with the US’s wishes, (except for perhaps Japan and S Korea etc), and the smaller countries have already been turning down meetings/events organized by the US, like what’s going on with the UN resolutions on such issues as connected with the Israeli-Palestinian war.

( I’d assumed the “current international order” is “US ruling the whole world” (some’d said that’s “Pax Americana” or “America First”.)






Jere Lull

IF they increase in real power, not do like the USSR and disintegrate from subsisting solely upon debt for too long. That’s assuming that. they don’t starve too much of their population in the coming crises (energy, food, economic bust).

 America is no longer maintaining the freedom of navigation for ALL countries and the globalization which benefitted China so thoroughly.



Though the US and UK are dealing with the terrorists in the Red Sea, it could affect China most directly, and China has no capability to maintain their own trade routes. China’s energy supplies coming through the Suez Canal are at risk, and the Persian Gulf routes are too easily blocked by the Iranians, should they choose to do so. Again, China can’t do a thing about securing their so-needed supply routes. It’ll be up to kindly countries with real navies to keep China from running out of energy, it seems.





Rupendra Rakshit

Definitely. If de ocratic countries like US, UK, Europe, India, even Russia and some good Arab kingdoms do not grow with the same pace, China will, most certainly change the world order.





Elizabeth Anne Liddell

There is NO ‘International Order’.

It is all Man made gobbledygook promoted by the Media Moguls and Doctors of Spin.






Sheldon Fish

You mean “increasingly weak” and more and more irrelevant

Maybe they will gain the spotlight by starting a war. It will be their final end!






Richard Kenneth Eng

China is changing the current international order as we speak. The BRICS alliance is a powerful example of this.

The world is de-dollarizing. This will undermine US Dollar supremacy and remove the main pillar of American power around the world.






He Haolin(何昊霖)

Widely accepted technical international treaties are not easily disturbed

The "international order" that is often considered to be under challenge is really no order at all, just the habit of a few countries






Freddie Chen

Depends on which current international order you are talking about.

If that is the UN chapter, WTO, globalization system with free trade initiated and set up by the West.

No. China is the strongest defender of the international order.

If that refers to UN told rule based order which is US talk with you from the position of strength.

Yes. China is the biggest threat though all it did and doing is to focus on its own development.










Contrary to what you might see on Western media, China doesn’t actually want to challenge the international order since it has benefitted itself under the current framework. What China doesn’t want is to take orders from the international order dr, someone who dictates what is international order and whatnot. Such as calling Russia an invader while legitimizing Israel’s genocide against Palestinians.

But if the dict tor pushes too hard we don’t know if China will stand out to challenge the order destroyer.






Bharat Nadhani

The pure and pristine, unbiased answer is :


The China is standing on its ultimate capacity as on today and downslide road is in front of them,

Their present Customers like, USA, India … are either manufacturing the imported goods hitherto imported or they are changing the repository.





So Export surplus will go down,

They indulged in reverse engineering of the western technologies and also failed to manufacture resilient, endurable products, Their Laptops, Whitegoods, Mobiles starts malfunctioning after 2/3 years, whereas pristine american IBM laptops functioning over the decades.

So, They will remain in the world on unsound platform, but cant bent the other powers. Quantity production is not the last word, Quality is the prime factor. Cheaper product is not cheap in every angle!

That’s all.








Kamlesh Pd

China as an economic power did not emerge suddenly.Capatilism and not the is the engine of China’ascent.The golden handshake between Richard Nixon and Chairman Mao in presence of Henry Kissinger on 21st Feb 1972, propelled China’s rise to world power translated into excellent GDP.China’s ascent was not predictable.But China cannot change or even modify the current international order which emerged from previous innternational order shaped by Cold war.Economic progress seen in different countries of the world after the last WW prepared the fertile ground for the rise of a new political structure.Possession of Nukes by starving countries escalated the nuclear tension and the only Super power started losing it's hegemony.





China cannot dictate the new global order.Its shaky economic growth supported by the American capatilists cannot disturb the balance of power.It is a part of the Chinese myth that commands the future. China’s future would depend upon their relations with their great neighbors across the Pacific.Given ,prevailing pattern of economic growth all over the world and the underlying distribution of population, a relative power shift towards Asia is already happening.


The question is how China will adjust and whether it can innovatively reconfigure the organisation of its power.

Rest assured an overambitious China cannot adjust.

American dominance cannot be disturb by China in the present global politics.

Thanks for patience.








Bill Chen

The bigger story isn’t China becoming more powerful, but America losing its hegemony.

China isn’t another US, and cannot become another US, for the simple reason it shares a 23,000km border—the world’s longest—with 14 neighbors. These 14 neighbors have a combined population that outnumber the Chinese, with at least 4 of them nuclear armed.

In other words, China has the most geopolitically fraught border diplomacy to manage. It is a status quo that will not change.




The US, on the other hand, really has only one neighbor, Mexco. Canada is an offshoot, and tied to the umbilical with its anglophone big brother.

Two hundred years of the Monroe doctrine has baked in absolute dominance of the Americas by the US, Most members of the Americas (there are 35) remain firmly entrenched in the global south, while the USN sees fit to deploy most of its bluewater fleet beyond American waters.

China will never enjoy the natural safety built into the geographical isolation of the United States and the rich resources of the Americas.




The current international order is one where America can do what it wants and not only suffer little blowback, but also maintain goodwill among the global public. America does not just exert financial and military dominance, but also controls the narrative of “good” versus evil, and how America always represents “values” and the righteous light that will guide mankind through the coming darkness.

That needs to change, unless the world wants to continue paying for American excesses that can unleash destructive forces capable of destroying entire economies and if war breaks out, property and life too.



China isn’t out to fix America. It merely wants to have its voice heard, and the right to say no.

The ebbing of American hegemony isn’t caused by China. Rather it is America turning increasingly anti-american, with China’s rise accelerating the decline.

Hegemony, applied on the self, is equally deleterious, and there appears no way out of the prisoner’s dilemma where power—or rather, the scourge of power—is the ultimate game.




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