What would be the consequences for the USA and Europe if China attained independence in the semiconductor industry (beyond 7 nm) and established autonomy in phone and computer operating systems (like Harmony OS)?




John Tan

Hasn’t all the world to date made their decision based on what is available at the best price & functionality. And most of the world would continue to do so except may be for those in the West & US who have been brain washed. We would then have a dichotomy of technologies, with 12% of the folks using what comes from the West & US, & 88% using what comes from China. Which means thing swill get more expensive in the West & US, who will end up paying more & getting less





Yung Leonard Chow

I cannot predict what the consequences will be for the USA and Europe if China attains independence in the semiconductor industry. Whatever the consequence is, it will be most interesting to see.






They are all happening and the US and Europe will have to accept that. China is de-risking from the West slowly and firmly.






No consequences.

USA and Europe can rejoice in kee their innovation in semiconductor industry all to themselves.

And still have the advantage of using technology from China should they wish to.







Steven Mak

The question is not “if” but “when”, just like the The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and the Tiangong space station.

The problem is the mentality of the US politicians, believe that the Chinese are not smart enough to overcome these obstacles, and will eventually kowtow to the US hegemony.

As I have said, China’s success within a few decades is due to the hostility of the West. The US banned 5G in an attempt to hurt Huawei, now Americans don’t have 5G, while other nations have much advanced technology. Stupidity will be the cause of the US downfall.







Kanthaswamy Balasubramaniam

Like Thanos says


China could have had it's own Plaza Accords in 2006–2007 which could have led them the Japanese way and ensured their permanent umbilical cord to the United States and the West

They didn't luckily due to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 that ensured eight years of freedom from Western meddling and a Terrific leader





China became only the sixth country in the planet after US, Switzerland, France, Germany & UK to get FDA approval for a Cancer drug developed by A CHINESE ENTITY with CHINESE RESEARCH

A Superior Drug to many US equivalents because otherwise FDA wouldn't have approved it

In 2015, 100% MRI Machines and 84% Stents were imported by China

In 2023, 44% MRI Machines and 30% Stents are locally made using Chinese patents with excellent quality





China has the money, the brains and the huge population

Why can't they start making everything at home

They already took over the entire HSR ecosystem from Japan, making things better and at lower cost

They control and dominate the EV ecosystem from scratch and their charging and battery technology is superior to anything the West has. Plus in Buses, they have no equivalent competition





Plus Gas Platforms, Oil Platforms, Thorium Salt Extraction, Green Energy

China is a leader in almost every such field

Plus surging rapidly

The Latest J20s are top class and acknowledged by even the most rabid Hawks as only a notch below the F22s and easily superior to the F35




Japan had this chance

Japan could have decided to take it

Instead they amalgamated their entire industry to the West and throttled their own capabilities becoming a second rate nation selling Anime and Games and Electronics to the Western Markets




Soon the World will have a Western Origin & Chinese Origin product competition

The West can try to delay the inevitable

They can't stop it short of a major war which today they have a far greater chance of losing than wng







Andrew Low

When you are able to sell fish to someone, he sees no reason to learn how to fish. When you stopped the selling of fish to that someone because you don't like his color, his IQ or whatever idiotic reason you can come up with, naturally he will learn how to fish. That's the nature of mankind. Necessity is the mother of invention. Who ends up the losers?





Swee Chen

There is no “if” about it. Only “when”.

The USA and Europe just has to get smart and get on with develo their own competitive advantage. A “containment” or “de-risking” strategy will not work and will just divert resources away from doing smart things into doing dumb things. The West needs smarter leaders.






Joseph Loh

This question is self answered, a bit like 3 months behind, the world is big enough for more than one or few major superpowers, and it’s actually better to the stability and prosperity of the world





Peter Kaye

Obviously they already have, the consequences? LOSS OF MARKET, and billions of dollars worth of sales, that has also already happened, that’s not in the future anymore that’s the past now, and the Us have their stupid government to thank for that.





KokHin Lim

First China HAS DE-RISKED from the U.S. and the west in Chips, Software and Technology. China will never be dependent on the west ever again. It will make everything better, cheaper and faster than the west and make all the money themselves. It was happy to share a loaf of bread with the west but since the west wanted to cut China out.

Forget 7nm. Think about Chinese 0.5 nm chips! For get google or IOS thinks Harmony that can do everything faster, more efficiently and cheaper.







William Rodgers

the US market needs to stop believing all the China propaganda about how great their economy is and how they will overtake us. China is the worlds largest ponzi scheme practiced on a massive scale. Their Belt and Road plan is what Bernie Madoff faced when he came to the end of his famous Ponzi scheme. It only works for a while, then the investors get burned and they tell others. that is where China is today. They pulled the Realestate scam on millions of teir own people.. and on all the countries and coites around the pacific basin.

Millions who took homes that never got built have refused to pay for something they doid not and never will get. Sri Lanka got burnt along with many others. The China scam is massive and global. If they are not stopped, they will pull down the IMF. they already have five major banks in default. their “stock Market” is a cheap gambling Casino. China will fail because they think they can make their own rules. i predict that as Musk improves his AI Robot business, he will be able to make chips and other products the Chinese sells to the US made by slave labor faster, better and cheaper. thus China who has been running some 800 billion surplus with the US will dry up . All this will happen once we get the corrupt China Joe out. If I had the capital, I’d open an automated factory using robots and make lawn chairs and all the other plastic junk stuff China is selling US here in the USA. Walmart would be happy, and China ship and scamming the US would dry up.

















Allan Kay

To the western politicians and media, China seem to be a threat to everything, I do mean everything. They are the ones who advocated ‘open skies, free markets’ and what not when they were the producers.

The rest started to compete and now the skies are closed and the markets tariffed and embargoed, all because they’re no longer able to compete.



Their last bastion, financial services are under the threat of competition and are scared shitless. Whose fault is it? Syria, Al Qeada, Russia or China? It’s non other’s fault except theirs. They have been complacent and bullying everyone into compliance and consuming the crap they dishes out.

China bucked the trend and took the initiative to offer the same or even an improved version for less. This was when it started to hurt western achilles. That pain caused by neglect on their part has been forthcoming and their remedy was still the same; force the market to patronize them.. or else. Servility towards them is their only solution.




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