If India and Pakistan had not been partitioned, what would have been India’s position in the world?




H Tastemaster

I think this question itself presumes that geographic regions are automatically a country. Most Pakistanis like me don’t buy into the idea of the British colony of India being a country in the first place. It was a colony. If you mean do wish the Mughal Empire forged by Central Asian Turks called Mughals should return and make an Empire with Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, I think this is the past. If India joins with Bangladesh and Nepal and what it’s position will be in the world, I don’t know either. Frankly as a Pakistani, I couldn’t care less about British India - like many Pakistanis I suppose I feel hurt and a sense of discomfort when I think about how my ancestors were treated under British rule and how we allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the Europeans - to such an extent that we fought for them in two world wars.






Proud Sanathani

Terrible..the only word I can say..in all parameters

Doomed…the only word I can say for Hindus

Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh would have migrated to many interior parts of India and demographics would have already tilted by today in favour of those Muslim migrants.

Diwali aka bomb blast will be a daily affair.

Religious persecutions against Kaafirs will be a daily norm






With more than 670mn followers who are ready to vote en bloc meas number of Muslim MPs in the Parliament will much higher than Hindu MPs considering the fact that Hindus never vote en bloc. This means the cry for Sharia will grow eventually.

India will be staring at a cabinet completely dominated by MPs, government machinery occupied by staunch followers and local bodies dominated by M leaders.

Partition was a good thing that had happened to Hindus living in this part of the world. I appreciate the idea of partition by our founders.








Very bad indeed.

The current Islamic population of the Indian Subcontinent comes primarily from four countries- the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 232 million, Bangladesh (where Islam is the national religion) 170 million, two million in Sri Lanka, and India (which is mired in appeasing Muslims) 204 million for a whop 606 million. These 606 million would have choked the 1 billion Hindus to death.

What is more depressing is that the common practice of child marriage and the prevalence of four-wife policy of Islam make women produce more and do so for a long period of time. They become machines for producing children, and their population is witnessing a swinely reproduction, outpacing anything humankind has witnessed in history.




This ain’t no fairy tale, bro. Consider the story of the famed national hero of Pakistan who received royal treatment and full army protection in Abbottabad, Osama bin Laden.Eventually he had his five wives and 24 children. At the time of his death in 2011, his wives ranged in age from 28 to 62 and his children from 3 to 35.


Not to outclass the national hero, Pakistan’s current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has married five times and at present, he has two wives while he divorced the three others. He now has a couple of slots for new wives; young girls can be readily added so that he can sire more children.

If there was no partition, Hindustan or Bharat would have become a fourth-class beggar nation like Haiti or the Republic of Pakistan with squalor, disease and filth all over the nation. While Hindus decry the loss of their ancestral territories due to partition, partition was a blessing in disguise. India and the world should thank the events of 1947. India’s emergence under BJP as an economic power would have languished under the yoke of backward, uneducated mass of an undivided subcontinent.






Prasant Sharma

Ahead of China in every positive aspect.

The world would have been free of the terrorism atleast in Afghanistan and Indian subcontinent.

There would have been a strong counterbalance to China.

There would have been a reduced nuclear proliferation.

There would've been a strong chance of multipolar world.










It is impossible to know what would have happened if the two countries had not been divided. It is likely that India would have been held back by the same regional issues that plague Pakistan today, such as poverty, conflict, and political instability. India’s current position in the world is the result of its own hard work, ambition, and resilience.

To conclude, while the partition of India and Pakistan has had profound consequences for both countries, it is impossible to know what the geopolitical landscape of South Asia would look like if the two countries had not been divided. India’s current position in the world would be much different without division.






Saurabh S Patil

India would have definitely gained strategic ground since she could have possibly controlled traditional trade routes of China such as the silk route which follows the rough terrains of present Pakistan and Afghanistan and is being rejuvenated under CPEC and OBOR initiatives of China and therefore could have supervised a crucial link between China and middle East.

Also India would have saved herself the trouble of fighting cross border terrorism, infiltrations across LOC and would have better utilized her military resources.



India would have enjoyed strong support of all Muslim majority nations, namely middle East.

India would have to itself resource and mineral rich provinces of present Pakistan and also would have extended coastline with strategic naval ports such as Karachi and Gwadar which would have bolstered India's naval supremacy in the Indian Ocean.

Hindu and Muslim sects in India would have enjoyed communal harmony with a prosperous relationship.







Mudit Singh Chauhan

Largest population in the world.

Third most powerful country after USA and Russia.

Might have the largest army.

Area wise rank would be 7th only like today.

Literecy rate would be low.

Life expectancy would be low.

Muslim percentage would be more.











Rudra Akram

Not very different from today. India+Pakistan is roughly 3.9 million square kilometers. A country that big must be, sooner or later, divided into something smaller.

Even today, India is divided into 28 states, some (Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra) being over 300k square kilometers, more than twice bigger than the entire Bangladesh. USA has 50 states, each having different laws.

Pakistan and India were inevitable to break up.







Aravind Varier

QUESTION : If there was no partition between India and Pakistan, and between the other eastern states, how would India, or in particular the Indian subcontinent, be?

ANSWER : If there was NO Partition between India and Pakistan , the government of Azad Hind ( Popular term used by Subhas chandra Bose for Undivided India) could have saved lot of energy and resources for development rather than on defense.



The changes that would had taken place with an undivided India are:


1.More money at the disposal of Government would result in better education and Healthcare facilities for its citizens and this in turn increasing the economic prosperity of the Nation.

2.Undivided India would had a great chance of influencing the world politics due to its sheer size and strength and even could had become a member in the United Nations Security Council.



3.Afghanistan would be relatively peaceful due to the lack of support for terrorist organization that are presently enjoying Pakistan’s state support.

4. India would be able to access the energy sources in central Asia at a lower price that could had helped in ensuring the energy security of the Undivided India.

5. Undivided India with its economic prowess might be in a position to build highways and railway line extending all the way to Europe, thereby improving the economic and cultural relations between the countries.


4. 印度能够以较低的价格获得中亚的能源,这可能有助于确保“统一印度”的能源安全。

5. 凭借其经济实力,未分裂的印度可能有能力建造延伸到欧洲的高速公路和铁路线,改善印度和欧洲各国之间的经济和文化关系。

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