So, Is This The Rural China They Wanted To Hide?


China.  You often hear that the big cities are great, but the countryside is still extremely poor.  Having lived in China for almost 7 years, but mostly in Shanghai, I wasn't really sure how true that was.  There was only one way to find out: it was time to go island hop.








After having lived in Shanghai for 6 years, and travelling to various parts of China, I loved watching this video. The people are very friendly especially if you make the effort to speak Chinese. The older people seem more wary of westerners. Funny how the guy in the restaurant just snatched your phone out of your hand to type something. Typical of Chinese forwardness and no nonsense. Love it.




I saw the tail end of the poverty that China claims to have eliminated; and my in-laws lived it.  And I've been back and seen how things have changed.  The rural areas are still rural, and they still have many of the problems that rural areas in most of the developed world have (young people leaving, chiefly).  But extreme poverty is no longer one of them.  People are housed, clothed, and fed.  People have the most basic health care, and kids get the most basic education.  Beyond that they're still on their own.  But how many countries can even claim what China has achieved?




One of the most marvelous aspects of Chinese culture that you showcase here so well is their frankness:  Just a raw look at everything.  It's such a wonderfully honest way to think and communicate.  We should learn from this and stop with the fake politeness in our western world.  It also amply demonstrates their sense of humor, so unique in our world.  It's unvarnished because the world is unvarnished and its wonderfully appropriate.  This is one invaluable culture that we would be so wise to visit.  

I find your attitude of carefree acceptance so appropriate for long term travel.  It seems little fazes you, again so necessary for travel without a designated end.  It allows you to weather the bumps so much better than others that get distraught and anxous.  





It was never hidden, in fact rural China has progressed much. It's just that the rate of development is the fastest in the world. They're just an innovative people. And I like your thorough explanations when you narrate.




As a Brazilian who is well travelled within and without Brazil, these rural areas are excelent, they remind me a bit of some japanese rural areas.

Now for the demografic problem, small towns disapear in every country that goes through recent industrialization and urbanization, it happens here in Brazil too.





It's not surprising that this rural part is not in bad shape. Zhejiang Province has the most equalized income between rural and city populations in the entire country. Zhoushan is also one of the largest ports on Earth so the government has plenty of money to invest in infrastructure.




I've lived here for six years, going into my seventh. Will be here for a long time, as I have a wife, kid, and another on the way. I live in a Tier 1 city, Guangzhou, and it's high-tech beyond most cities I've ever visited. My wife is from Guangdong and comes from a 'village'(population around 200,000) that resembles many of the places visited in this video. My Chinese, and Cantonese, suck, because I have relied on my wife who I've been with for five years, to translate almost everything for me. My bad. But people here are damn friendly and helpful, even with a language barrier, once you show them some common decency. We're all people at the end of the day. I feel a lot safer here than back home. It's a strange place at times, with unique customs people from outside struggle to understand at times, but it's home for me now, and I enjoy it for most of the time.





I came across your videos just a few weeks ago. I cant stop watching your clips especially the ones on China. Your natural ability to connect with strangers and find interesting characters even in places you describe as boring is really commendable and also very entertaining to watch. As far as your cultural intelligence goes …respect.. the world would be much more peaceful place with people like you around. Looking forward to watch more videos...




Glad you took the time to visit the off-the-map places which in a way showed the side not your regular tourist might end up seeing.  What was even more surprising, you, and of course yours truly - me  not disappointed at all.  I will be visiting China next month and see for myself all the terrible and dark secrets of the rural cities and back alleys that I have had been spoonfed ever since I could remember by my elders and the mass media whenever the US wanted demonize a certain country or their governments.  Thank you and looking forward to your more in-depth video, hopefully before I leave.  Good luck and enjoy your stay.




Amazing to see you speak such fluent Chinese to the people around you in the places you visit startling the Chinese people who then interact with you in such a friendly way. This proves that language connects people and linguistic bonding is a social reality. Thanks a lot for your informative videos that helps us know about people and places that most of us cannot visit. Keep up the excellent work.




I've lived in China for many years, having married a Chinese woman and gaining a Chinese stepson. I deliberately decided to avoid all the international tourist places, and so I've spent a lot of time living in non-touristy places in Beiing and my wife's hometown of Zhangjiajie, in Hunan Province, though in a small village in the countryside there. Although it's not possoble to understand China as a foreigner, i think it's a much more interesting place to live with many new experiences one could never hope to have if one mainly lived in the big metropolitan areas and kept company with many foreigners there. I think I have known less than 5 foreigners during my years of living here, and the vast majority of friends I have are Chinese. Many of them I taught at various universities I held courses at.





If this is the Chinese countryside, I love it. It's quiet! You can think and not have overstimulation. That is how I like things. I always love the little things in life. The people are friendly and respectful.




How fun was this video?!     Thanks for taking the adventure, introducing us to that smaller village, and discovering the openness of the people (albeit apprehensive toward meiguoren).  Loved the folks at the gym!




My wife's family is in the middle west of China, used to be a very remote and poor village in the Big mountains (秦岭). In the 90s, they needed to take a bus for over a night to go to i An. And even from 10 years ago, the local government helped local farmers to build modernized houses for each family. Each family needs to spend around 5000 Euros, and the rest was covered by the governments. The houses are better the ones on this islands in this video. And may be someone think it's not a big deal. Well, it is for the local farmers, some of them even lived in small rooms built with soil. And most important thing is the Education for the kids, government spent really a lot of money and efforts to make all the kid to have a proper education, including the infrastructures and better systems for the teachers.




I had the opportunity to live/work in China a few years ago but passed on the offer. I love your videos because I get to see what it would have been like being there.

That village looks very pleasant.

几年前我有机会去中国生活/工作,但我放弃了这个机会。我喜欢你的内容,让我看到了在那里会是什么样子。 那个村庄看起来令人心旷神怡。



WOW that temple was unbelievable! It was a cool timing that you stumbled across the temple when they were decorating for Sakyamuni Buddha's birthday! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly!  Even on a small island like that homes some pretty stunning architecture!  Also those Chinese grandmas were so sweet. It lowkey worried me though when they told you not to go back to America. I'm sure you gave them a funny story for a life time saying you were looking to marry a Chinese grandma.. LOL "Let me tell you the time I met an American who was looking for a Chinese grandma to marry!"




Just discovered your videos! I was born and raised in Beiing and whenever I go back to China I will visit the rural areas. There are so many undiscovered beauties in China but due to the vast territory it’s hard for the transportation to reach those places and be known to the world. If you happen to be in Zhejiang I suggest visiting the villages in 丽水 - absolutely stunning.




Thank you for sharing with us your journey across China.  It really nice to see the quality and peaceful village life.




Your interactions with local people are very natural and flowing. I like that you go to places where there is "nothing to see". And how is your chinese so good?




It's a shame that the tension between the US, China, and within their populations makes the atmosphere so weird right now. I lived in China for 1 year many years ago and had a crazy time exploring, working, and meeting people. I don't think I'd be able to do that now.




What an awesome video, a complete eye-opener!

I have been watching Joe & Nic's roadtrip around the US, and the differences between rural USA and rural China are, to this NZ'er, absolutely stunning.

Tommy didn't even seem to see any policemen in is trip, even when walking around with a toy gun in his hand.


我一直在看Joe & Nic在美国的公路旅行,对这个新西兰人来说,美国农村和中国农村之间的差异绝对是惊人的。




I love your unscripted, friendly, and honest approach to your interactions and commentary.




NingBo is actually a very well-developed city, a major industrial, commercial and financial center for Zhejiang Province.  All adjacent area is also pretty well governed and developed.  And despite what media may portray, most Chinese are decent friendly and docile people.




It will be interesting to see if China starts to experience the exodus from larger metropolitan areas to smaller areas. I'm getting to retirement age and I can't wait to ext the problems of the large metro I live in. I prefer to get back to the rural area I grew up in or something similar. Its a trade off, depends on what you want out of life.




its amazing even in very rural areas of china, they have efficient transport links and fast internet. just goes to show how much they focus on their people and on improving their quality of life




Wow such a beautiful countryside town. And the people over there seem very friendly! There seems to be something to see and learn about everywhere. It seems so peaceful.




Welcome everyone to personally visit rural areas in China, which will change some of your views. As a Chinese, I personally feel the significant changes that have taken place in the country over the past decade. First, it was cities, then it was rural areas, which can be said to be a groundbreaking change. Since 2005




I’ve never been to China before, but really looking forward to visiting there one day. I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube, and China absolutely looks very beautiful, diverse and peaceful.




What a great video. it genuinely showed the China we don't see. As someone who has lived in India, I see the difference between the two systems of development and if I was poor, I won't prefer the Chinese way. Amazing that even in rural  & poorer areas it is so clean. Something which is rare in India.


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