Rajnath launches Army's Project Udbhav to integrate ancient strategic acumen with contemporary military practices




NEW DELHI: The Army’s new project called `Udbhav’ to integrate India’s ancient strategic acumen with contemporary military practices to address modern security challenges and prepare for the battles of the future was formally launched by defence minister Rajnath Singh here on Saturday.


The Army’s drive to reclaim “profound Indic heritage” in statecraft, strategy, diplomacy and warfare derived from ancient treatises like Arthashastra (Kautilya), Nitisara (Kamandaka) and The Kural (Thiruvalluvar) as well as centuries-old military campaigns is in tune with the government’s directive to “Indianise” the armed forces and junk “vestiges of the colonial era”, as was reported by TOI last month.


Project Udbhav has already triggered some criticism by certain sections of serving military officers and veterans, who question its utility in modern-day digitized battlefields of drones and smart bombs, space and cyber warfare, ballistic missiles and supersonic/hypersonic weapons. “With China posing a clear and present strategic danger, the Army’s entire unwavering focus should be on modernization and training,” a senior officer said, on the condition of anonymity.


But the defence ministry and the Army were all gung-ho about Project Udbhav, which translates into “origin” or “genesis”, during the inauguration of the Military Heritage Festival by Singh, along with General Manoj Pande, on Saturday. “It embodies the Indian Army's sincere endeavour to revisit the roots of India's military thoughts,” deputy chief (strategy) Lt-General Tarun Kumar Aich said.




• 4 hours ago

Moving backwards ?,Losing future ecstasies and be prepared to bear the onslaughts of enemies? Fairly tales and sceintific preparedness which has to be preferred ?,Wastling time money and scientific Human Resources!!!




Myth Buster • Unknown • 6 hours ago

Pray for the safety of the Indian soldiers.




User • 6 hours ago

Gobarbhakts will say Masterstroke




Myth Buster • Unknown • 7 hours ago

Wars must be conducted like a cricket match . Two sides would meet at Mahabalipuram with a handshake and toast of coconut water. The toss winner would bombard first. The other side would fight with Artha shastra formula and strategies, thank u Kautilya. Then the side beaten black and blue can site Thirukkural to claim even in war it followed ethics. Wish you best luck bhakts..



Dave Mumick • Unknown • 8 hours ago

Let the armed forces alone make their decisions, they are the experts not the politicians with big words and small brains.




Afterlife • Jallandhar • 8 hours ago

There were some really brave and clever warriors in our history, some real, some mythical. We are kidding ourselves if we believe that our past history is a beacon for the future endeavours. At least for the last 1000 years we have been colonized. Instead of fighting back we collaborated with the invaders.




• afterlife • 8 hours ago

What do you want to say AL? Be clear




Sundararaman Srinivasan • Unknown • 8 hours ago

major vast difference between ancient war theories & practices and present day warfare..... is Kings were trained from tender age into the war systems -- took spot decisions led from the front by direct participation in the wars ----- today multiple layers hierarchy in the military -- makes them difficult to be cohesive in sync




• 8 hours ago

A strong leader like Indira Gandhi is the need of the hour who defeated and separated Bangladesh otherwise Modi will loose Indian territory to Chinese agression. just like how it happened 2 years back in Galwan and still continuing in Ladhak.




Tensorflow Makecomment • OnAir • 9 hours ago

Remember none of that could save us from invaders because selfish us were not united. Every change in regime happened due to someone letting down someone else for selfish interests.




• 9 hours ago

Like quickly surrender Galwan, Pangong Lake, Goghra Hot Springs, Demchok, Depsang?




• A • 7 hours ago

Like give half of Kashmir to Pakiatan, Aksai chin to China, like loosing half of Arunachal to China.... Modern Chacha... The biggest looser of century...




• 9 hours ago

Use art of war.




• 9 hours ago

Going back to horses and war elephants?




• 9 hours ago

Like two are arrows strike each other and one disappear?




Prab Monty • USA • 9 hours ago

China Korea and Japan have long incorporated- our pseudo seculars have denied us that




• 9 hours ago

i am scared and reminded of the surrender of the Army Leadership of 1962 to the whims and fancies of the then rulers that led to the defeat of India at the hands of the Chinese. The present Army Leadership is worse than the 1962 leadership.   




User • 9 hours ago

Now it proves to be more spineless and has already surrendered its National Duty of safeguarding the security of the nation at the doors of the present political leadership of the fanatical Sanathanic B J P government of Mr Modi.




• 9 hours ago

India needs to continuously elect a nationalist government to save this country from China, Napak, Jihadi, Cross, Khalistani and naxal terrorism.




• 9 hours ago

Either there is khangressi sr official in army or author’ imagination flooding




Gursharan Singh • 9 hours ago

Soon BJP will deploy pujaris at border to recite Bassam Mantras. Bassam Mantras were recited at the time of Gaznavi invasion of Somnath Temple.




• 9 hours ago

in such issues at most confidentiality need to be maintained please. a lot of defence info is out in news these days. the world is importantly commercial. no one is is seen to be interested in truth and justice. example Ukrian and Israel issues besides India's own problems with its neighbors and now Canada.




Thinker • Unknown • 10 hours ago

Who is criticizing this? Rajat Pandit?!!

是谁提出了批评?拉雅潘迪特吗? ! !



User • 10 hours ago

Wow! Modern India! Progress, indeed and now for the PRC to use their modern techniques to take over more territory from India.




Myth Buster • Unknown • 10 hours ago

Can't he see what is happening in the Middle East today? Is he blind?




• 10 hours ago

we must learn the great value and ethics from our great grand parents and their family values to be Bhartiya and rejuvenate again after 1000 years of cruelty by foreign invaders like Gajni, Gaji, taimur, Alexander and British.Our ancestors knew to sacrifice for mother land and survive to refight and regain our own land and culture and our own Nation for Hindus The greater Bharat.




Ajit Vadakayil • 10 hours ago

Go0gle for the bl0gpost below ---- …. -----<br/>EVERY PALESTINIAN IS GAZA IS RICHER THAN THE OIL SHEIKHS OF KUWAIT , GAZA SITS ON TRILLIONS OF TONNES OF OIL/ GAS. Mystery of why evil Israel drove away every single Jewish settler in Gaza by force in 2005 solved .. Psychopath Zionist rulers now wants to drive away every Palestinian from Gaza to the desert of Egyptian Sinai desert by flattening Gaza with bombs &mdash




K Sridhar • 10 hours ago

Wonder which idiot in the defense ministry thought up this ridiculous idea!!!! This idea is certainly not from the military hierarchy who are forced to follow what the ministry dictates. Todays enemies don't have any ethics, morals or principles. The defense minister is fooling himself, the military and the people of this country.




Nutz Nutz 15 hours ago

soon B]P will give army bow and arrow as well




Anchit Bhatnagar - 14 hours ago

This project is about learning the art of war and not about abandoning or researching new technologies. It's sad to see so many ignorant fools ranting about bow and arrow without understanding the gist of the article


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