Is India safe for a female solo traveller who wishes to explore? Considering I've heard a lot of issues pertaining to female safety there.




Noel Bastola

I think, India is 90 percent safe for a female solo traveler if you avoid night time, deserted streets and travel wisely. I have seen so many female solo travelers while travelling in India.

India is an amazing and beautiful country to explore because it is not a country but a continent. You can explore many varieties in this vast land. Mega cities to rural area, mountains to deserts, wildlife to vedantic philosophy, meditation to mysticism, different cultures to different languages and many other things.

If you take few precautions, you can easily travel India and English is spoken widely in India. If you are good traveller, you can travel in a low budget. Transportations and foods in India is very affordable.




Take few precautions which are following.

Avoid lonely and deserted places.

Don’t travel slum areas and wildlife areas without guide,

Always travel in third or second tyre in train.

Don’t eat given food by unknown person.

Be very careful in crowded places.

Just be careful with pickpocketing and harassment.

Never be panic and nervous, be firm, assertive and firm and always smile to the people with respectful greetings.

Pay before you eat the food if you eat in Dhaba or cheap restaurants.

Always bargain in the streets shop but big departmental stores have fix prices.

Avoid mostly couch surfing or free accommodation.

Always use public transport or guide tour.













When I travelled India, I am intrigued by its vastness and mysterious beauty not only that very impressed by helpful and friendly people. I fell in love with India.

Conclusion - Discover this great multilinguistic, multiethnicity and multicultural country. I am sure India will make you different person after you visit it. You can also visit Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan via overland. Thank you for reading and all I say that India is safe for solo and experienced female traveler.






Kelly Freddie

There is no blanket statement that can be made for the safety of solo female travellers in India.

It is important for every traveller to research the areas they plan to visit, become familiar with local customs and laws, and be aware of their surroundings.

Travellers should always exercise caution and use their discretion while travelling, especially in unfamiliar places.

Additionally, many cities in India offer walking tours, safe accommodations, and other services to ensure the safety of solo female travellers.








John Boyd

In India, traveling solo can bring with it a certain amount of risk, especially for women.

That being said, there are many parts of India that are safe for solo female travelers.

It is highly recommended to research the areas of India you are considering visiting so that you are cognizant of the safety risks.

It is generally advised to stay away from secluded areas and to dress modestly.

In addition, it’s wise to keep your wits about you and your budget in mind when exploring India.

So long as you are informed and aware of your surroundings, India can be an amazing destination with rich culture and wonderful experiences.










Lucia Welch

India is a beautiful and diverse country with many amazing places to explore.

As a female solo traveller, it is important to take extra precautions when travelling in India.

While there have been some issues pertaining to female safety, the majority of people are friendly and welcoming towards visitors.

It's always best to research your destination before you go so that you can be aware of any potential risks or areas where it may not be safe for women travellers.

Additionally, make sure that you stay in well-lit areas at night and avoid walking alone after dark if possible.

With these simple steps taken into consideration, India can still be an enjoyable experience for all female solo travellers!










Shakir Ahmed

I would not keep you in dark.

It is not as if rape, crime and violence against women happens only in India. What makes things worse in India is absence of law and order enforcement, our police and judiciary is under-staffed, police needs more training on many issues, they work overtime and they come from our same society which thinks women should not step out after dark and going alone means inviting crime. So almost all Indians including women, people from lower caste/dalits, people from minority, people from majority, everybody is exposed to any kind of crime anytime, it is all about how lucky one is to escape any serious crime.



If you are a foreigner, if you look like you are from western superpower country(i.e. if you are super white/gori) then you are assumed to have powerful backup and you are relatively safe because police and administration wants to avoid any controversy with such foreigners because you are considered high profile/sensitive matter and therefore you will mostly have pleasant experience. But still you need to be careful, not everybody is on same page.





Mohit Khullar

I would not say ,it is 100% safe.

But at the same time,she understands the land and people, definitely she can plan and play safe.

By and large, India is also the same as most of other countries in this world when it comes to dealing with women.







Alicia McKenzie

Yes, it’s safe but you need to be cautious.

If you trust me, then let me tell you that traveling to India is not at all a risky affair. All you need to do is have the courage and go for it. The only way to know what a solo travel in India feels like is to experience it all by yourself.






Paban Upadhyaya

I do not think if anyone could forsee future. Yet it is always advisable to be prepared while travelling in India alone both men and specifically women.

India is really a great Country with diverse culture and sceneric in all aspects. People are mostly polite. However make sure not to blindly trust anyone.

Make a detail itenary of your planning and consult with the respective hotels if they could summon you on your travelling.

Make absolutely sure to scrunitize the hotel ratings and reviews to ease your stay at my Country.





Do not be taking photographs of street people and expect them to entertain you. We are not clown and as humanly as you.

Do not wander off anywhere just for fun and adventure.

Ask to shopkeepers for any unknown location and do not share any details about youself unless necesary.

While dining out make sure not to be over drunk and create a scene.

Do not accept any food offerings from unknown people.






I have just highlighted a few points that is worth considering.

India is a country worth seeing. It would certainly be everlasting and cherishable memory.

Happy travelling.







Andrew Weller

As you can see by the answers already, everyone in India thinks it is safe but have to warn you (presumably because it is not always safe).

I am not a single woman, but I have had employees who are and who have visited India and even done so often. One did stop after some bad experiences (being felt up in the street).

Clearly, just from reading the papers almost every day in India one can see that safety for women remains an issue.




That said, my own country Australia has its own issues.

So should these issues stop women (single or not) traveling there. I don’t think so. Some of the suggested precautions probably are common sense and there is a lot to enjoy about India. If you can find trusted friends or use trusted or recommended tourist services on your first visits until you learn the local situation and know what is safe and comfortable for you it can mitigate all these concerns.

Please enjoy India and travel safe.







Akshat Gautam

I would say yes it is safe for a girl to travel solo in India but just need to take some precautions which I would like to share:


Don’t trust anyone

Never appear you’re travelling solo

Don’t look unique

Be careful when choosing your Hotel

Never Look Lost

Avoid Making New Friends

Be Prepared to Defend Yourself

THe Last THing : Sometimes it is not possible for a woman to avoid travelling alone. However, when you do have to travel alone you do need to take extra precautions to insure that you are able to stay safe.












Justin Schumakar

Every country has some good and bad face, so as india having. Answer to your question is YES, you can rome to india alone without any fear. But sometime extra alertness keep you safe from unwanted accident(suggestion)


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