If the United States freezes China's assets, how do you think China will react?




Mosa Alimo

If the United States freezes China's assets then China will release US assets!! and the next day the USD value will hit the ground. China holds about USD3T and if this massive amounts of Dollars are put out for sale then you will say 2008 was a good year for US economy.. cheers!





Swee Chen

If the US wants to point the shotgun at their feet and let off both barrels, why would China stop them?

The US has more to lose than China from such stupid actions.







US had already done all possible scenario to attack China at all angles. The answer is that it will accelerate doom days for America itself.

Look at America super hugh $33 trillions debts and growing. Homeless, lawlessness is now the name of the game in America.

Instead of spending all these trillions to help in its economy, they prefer to send billions to Ukraine to fuel the war even further. Had America not learn its lessons from its invasion of vietnam, iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc




What have America achieve so far from all these wars. More hatred, more innocent lives lost, more homeless created, more enemies, more terrorist created, etc

Have America leaders ever ask themselves if all these wars that they have started or created done with the blessings from God. If not then America will have to face tribulations and pay the price for it.






Fred Chuatiuco

It would be the most stupid thing for our politicians to do because there’s a world of difference between what we have in China than what the Chinese have here.

How U.S. companies do business: It’s hard to accurately quantify how much business assets they have in China. However, considering that between 1982 and 2021, US direct investments abroad grew from $580 billion to more than $6.4 trillion dollars, it would not be too farfetch to assume that they have at least $2 trillion invested in China. China is their supply chain as well as their major market.



How Chinese compaies do business: They stay home to manufacture and profit on their trade with the world. China does have investments in the U.S. but they’re simply “investments” and not core to their operating businesses. It would be hard put to assume that China’s investment is more than $1 trillion in the U.S.

So who would hurt more if these two countries start freezing each other’s assets?



How about China starting off by just freezing Tesla’s and GM’s Chinese assets? Tesla’s mega factories are worth billions but the loss of sales revenue would be exponentially larger.

And how much would Chinese companies lose if the U.S. froze their investments in farmland in the Mid West?






Raymond Yang

Don’t even care who ever or any both Demo and Republican won the election,are the same boat going to dump out. Better put a dumpy syndicate to rule the US ,then the world be peace ever.

不管民 主党和共和党谁赢得了选举,都不会是同一艘船。最好让一个矮胖的辛迪加来统治美国,这样世界就永远和平了。




Mike Twofeathers

It would cause the end of SWIFT and most likely many nations going to CIPS which would cause the US dollar to lose its value globally. And they no longer would take US currency as payment.





Ridzwan Abdul Rahman

Tit for tat

There are many American assets in China, estimated to be worth 2.2 trillion.

The US companies that own these assets are not going to be happy with the US government if China were to freeze these assets.

Do you think that the US companies owners and employees will vote for Biden next year if China freezes their assets in response to the US freezing Chinese assets?








Eddie Kwong


If the US suddenly freezes China's foreign assets what would happen?


That would force countries who are dependent on China’s supply chains (i.e. emerging economies) to switch to alternative payment systems. Such countries would need to hold less dollars and more of whatever currency China will accept. They may push to broaden the use of their own cross-border interbank payment system (CIPS) which is a competitor the US controlled SWIFT.


The US dollar is already weakened from high demand around the world for covering repayment of US denominated debt. When the dollar is in high demand, it makes all other currencies weaker, essentially exporting inflation to those countries. Nobody likes inflation but everyone had to deal with it for decades because the US dollar was the most stable currency. That narrative has been hugely advantageous to the US. However, Covid-19 is now challenging that narrative, destroying US businesses by entire industries, putting indebted companies at tremendous risk of defaulting on bonds, putting millions out of work, exposing the incompetence of the US federal government, and forcing the Fed to print money forever (QE infinity) to buy all the crap debt and non-performing assets on banks and companies’ books. This is not a good time for the US take any punitive actions against China, much to the disappointment of all the hawks in the senate, white house, and the general population. note that only China and India (EDIT: also African, Central Asian, and Southeast Asian nations) are still going to be positive for growth this year.




Also note that China hoards a lot more gold than they let on. They have 20,000 - 30,000 tons in country owned publicly by the government and privately by its citizens. The US reports 8,000 tons of but in reality they probably far less because a lot of it has been “loaned out” during the previous 2008 crash. So if the US were to do something stupid like “freeze China’s assets” China will announce to the world that they are willing to settle accounts in digital RMB and they will back said currency with their massive holdings of gold (and commodities) which would be instantly stabilizing to the RMB. They will push for support of a new global currency through organizations that they control like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and through economic pacts like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. They will reprice gold in RMB to be very very expensive which will encourage everyone holding USD to dump them and buy RMB. This would also force the US to revalue gold in dollar terms to prevent capital flight. This would severely devalue the USD and collapse the US-based financial world order. What are the US leadership going to do? Launch nuclear weapons at China and end the world? Or are they going to mobilize their carrier battle groups towards China only to have them wiped out by hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missiles? No our leaders are cowards and they aren’t willing to die for stupid causes.







Don Hank

If the US suddenly freezes China's foreign assets what would happen?


The fact is, there is already a very powerful movement to de-dollarize world trade settlements and it is well on its way.

Europe has devised a system called INSTEX, which can be used to by-pass SWIFT. The reason INSTEX was developed was to enable European countries to trade with Iran, and the first transaction has already been made. There is a similar system for transfers between Russia and China.



Slowly but surely, the dollar system is being replaced. The irony here is that the US is the mover behind these systems, with its oppressive sanctions. If the US had been wise, it would have used sanctions sparingly or not at all. But it was like the monkey who put its hand in the cookie jar. Greed made it clench its fist after it grabbed the cookies, and consequently, it could no longer withdraw its hand. It preferred to die of hunger rather than release its grip on the cookies.


All this boils down to the fact that if the US freezes Chinese assets, this will be another step toward a loss of credibility for the dollar. The Treasury bond is a contract between the buyer, such as China, and the US. There is no clause in this contract that allows for the contract to be broken. If the US refuses to comply with its end of the contract, using whatever excuse it may come up with — COVID-19 or whatever — then the US is the defaulting party and will suffer a loss of credibility among perspective investors. Already, the Fed is forced to buy its own bonds for lack of investments. This would be another nail in the coffin of the US economy.


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