Why are most Indian wives abandoned by their husbands soon after marriage?




Pari Bora

May be because they are forced to marry and not ready for it. In India marriage is treated like a one solution for all issues… If the guy is depressed, or the girl.. people think marriage will solve it. If a guy stays out of house late often .. or a woman parties a lot.. our outlook on Marriage is extremely poor and redundant. We look for beauty and wealth instead of compassion and compatibility. If she makes you happy, marry her. If he makes you happy marry him. Not for other things like dowry and status n family and age and grandchildren.





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Most women past affairs gets exposed after marriage. So if such past affairs comes to light after marriage, such women are thrown out of the house.

Most women are not interested in doing household chores. They want to be treated as VVIP. In practical life this is not possible. Therefore such doodle lazy women are send back to home



Most women are disrespectful towards her in-laws and husband too. Such arrogant, rude wife are not tolerated for long in her husband house

Most women provoke her husband against MIL. Later when her MIL gets to know about this conspiracy, rift develops between DIL-MIL and ultimately DIL is thrown from the house

Most women are characterless. If they are working they frame extra marital affairs. So when they are caught they are kicked out







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Why are most Indian wives nowadays divorced by their husbands immediately after marriage?


Most women are divorced for hiding her past affairs. At the time of marriage most women don’t confess her past affairs with a fear of getting rejected by groom. After marriage if her affairs comes into light then she is made to pack her bag to her house for ever.

There are many women who marry successful men but they don’t bring enough dowry. Though they are accepted for marriage but later they are tortured to bring more dowry. If she fails to bring or denies then she is send back to her house for ever.



DIL-MIL relations are always bitter from ancient times. There is hardly a house where the relationship between DIL-MIL are healthy. In most cases if DIL is not respectful towards her MIL then such women is considered bad DIL as per Indian marriage. Therefore such DIL are mentally tortured to such a extent where she herself back out from the marriage

Working wives are never interested in doing household chores. This kind of behavior of esca household chores and responsibilities is hated by in-laws. Therefore a rift of hate develops between DIL and MIL and at last DIL has to suffer.



There are many women who are like lazy. They don’t want to do anything neither Job nor interested in doing household chores. Therefore such DIL are send back to home because no husband or his family wants a useless DIL

Most modern DIL don’t want to follow the norms and customs of her husband house. Due to not following of house rules there is lot of arguments between DIL and family members and in some case DIL is made to quit the marriage



Some working women develop extra marital affairs with her office colleague. If such affairs come to light then she is send back to her house.

There are many women who are gold digger by nature. Always spreading hands before her husband and her family to receive something or the other. Gold diggers are never entertained in any family.



There are many women who are extrovert by nature. So they love to waste most of their time in friends and all. They totally neglect household responsibilities and chores or expect her MIL to do everything on her behalf. Also these women comes under the influence of those people who provoke against MIL to break the family. These type of DIL don’t last long in marriage.

If a women has hided any illness before marriage which comes to light after then such DIL are thrown out of marriage on ground of cheating.






Angela Birch


Why are some husbands abandoning their wives and children nowadays?

Nothing new, a certain percentage of husbands have always done that. There was no golden time in the past when all husbands stayed with and loved their spouse and children. We human being do not change.

We love to fool ourselves that if we just got back to some mysterious golden time in the past all would be great, there was no such time. The past was in many ways far worse than the present. Vastly increased domestic violence, vastly increased crime. As historians say life was short, violent and brutish.







Ann Patrick


Why do married men disconnect from their wives after many years of a good marriage?


Usually they just get bored. And boredom happens when we are not happy inside, so we use outside pleasure or excitement to distract us from our inner discontent.

So it’s not YOU he’s leaving .. he’s TRYING to leave his discontent behind and unfortunately assumes you are the cause of it.

95% of how we feel arises from whatever kind of emotional subconscious patterns we have created in our brain .. but we persist in trying to find external solutions to internal unhappiness.




In the case of “after many years”, often there is more than just the marriage involved here. The mid-life crisis is rather common .. it comes when we start to realize that we are NOT going to achieve many of our dreams, that our current situation isn’t going to give us the rewards we hoped for, when our career is stalled and there are no more rungs to climb on our particular ladder. Also, as our body starts to age, we might start to panic and think we MUST act NOW or our dreams will never be actualized.


It happens more for men than for women, because women tend to put their dreams into the basket of relationships, and men tend to put it into the basket of external/worldly situations.

Sadly, as the wife, there is not a thing you can do about it. Taking time to assess how content they were inside BEFORE deciding IF they were content enough to make a marriage last.



We all tend to marry because of chemistry, despite the fact that chemistry is only 11% of what makes marriage work, and that most of it is internal wholeness and emotional maturity.

I am truly sorry for you .. not pity, but personal empathy. It is difficult to see a dream and a life sift through your fingers like sand, unable to stop the process. You will recover, for whatever small relief that knowledge might provide at this time. As a matter of fact, you might go on and become happier than before .. I know I did. So I have that hope for you as well.






Garima Verma


Why do husbands lose interest from wives after marriage?

Because wives undergo a lifestyle overhaul after their marriage — and men don't feel the difference too much. Hence she becomes a person with different habits than what had attracted him to her originally.

Imagine a “cool" girlfriend - and what happens to her when she becomes a wife.




What she wants is this —

she wants to go to office and kick ass at work without worry of arranging three meals a day at home

she doesn't want to cordinate schedules with her maid as per “sahab's” convenience

she doesn't want to give up on her outings and drinking and partying with her girlfriends

she doesn't want to to keep a shop list, a budget for household expenses

she wants the freedom to plan spontaneous trips

she wants to continue to wear her party dresses even outside and not just in the bedroom for her husband

she doesn't want to entertain in laws and society and meet their expectations of a good “Bahu"/daughter in law/ wife etc.

she doesn't want to talk about planning a child because that's an additional responsibility that she's not currently ready for










Is all of this possible for her??

I don't think so.

So she adapts. For the sake of her marriage. For the sake of her love. She becomes a wife. Her lifestyle changes. She calls it maturity. She take the role of being a primary homemaker with some contribution and support from her husband.

She tries to be true to herself. But it's not exactly the same as before. It's a compromise. Husband starts thinking she's become so boring, so different, such a nag, …aaaand he loses interest!!





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