It's official: India will bid to host 2036 Olympics, confirms PM Modi




MUMBAI: A few days after India ended its campaign at the Asian Games with an unprecedented 107 medals, PM Narendra Modi on Saturday confirmed India would bid for the 2036 Olympic Games in its attempt to bring the world's biggest sporting extravaganza to the country.


Modi said India would bid to host the 2036 Olympicsand leave "no stone unturned". "Indians are very excited about hosting the Olympics Games. This is the age-old dream of 140 crore (1.4 billion) Indians, it is their aspiration," Modi said in an address to the opening ceremony of the 141st session of International Olympic Committee here.


"We want to realise this dream with your collaboration and support... I am confident that India will get the support of the IOC," he said, referring to the tradition of sports in India dating back to the Indus Valley Civilisation (Rakhi Garhi inscriptions). He said "Indians are not just sports lovers, but we also live it and the country is also eager to host the Youth Olympics in 2029".


The PM said India has the infrastructure, logistics and necessary organisational capability to host global events. He gave the example of the G20 Summit and India's presidency during which events were organised in more than 60 cities of the country and said that it is proof of India's organising capacity in every sector.




• 4 hours ago

don't bid if congress came to power they do other commonwealth scam,there is no shortage of suresh kalmadis in congress




Alka Surgude • 5 hours ago

By Showing Sweet Dreams Of Good Things To Be Happened 12 Years Later, We Have Been Compelled To Ignore Present Position, Current Crisis, Dangerous DytoDay Living etc. HATS OFF MODIJI




warrior king • 5 hours ago

I wouldn't give india to host the Olympics. It's a very dirty filthy country. Everything about india is disgusting. They dont fit the standards of IOC. Unethical people who are not hygienic. Sorry india shouldn't be given the chance. India smells so bad like a garbage bin. They hate the fact and truth spoken about them, they won't do anything to keep india clean. Third class people. They only brag.  




Alka Surgude • 6 hours ago

Modiji Have Understood Bharatiyas Have Short Memory HENCE Since 2012 Modiji Assured Irrelevant Promises like Rs 15L, 2 Cr jobs Every Year, 1 Dollar At 1 Rupees. Swiss Bank Kala Dhan Wapsi. WHAT DID HAPPEN OF THIS? Brazen Baba Realised Indians Voters Forgot All That Hence New Promises Of Swachh Bharat Beti BACHAO UJJWALA Start Up N Stand Up India Har Gharme Bijlee Pani etc. EVERYTHING IS FAKE.




Ramdas B • Bangalore • 6 hours ago

Don’t understand why the Bollywood terrorist gang was in attendance for the olympic committee conference,




• 6 hours ago

Bidding for Olympics by India is a statement which Bharat couldn't have dreamt a few years ago when it was one among the fragile five economies.




• 6 hours ago

The guy will do anything which relates to his prachar tantr.




• 7 hours ago

This guy lives in future .. that to be .. next 15 years .. and not sure or talk about current issues  




• 7 hours ago

Sorry to say that I am totally against our country attempt for holding Olympics games in 2036 because we Indians still struggle for daily necessities our pathic services towards the people are horrible such as water medical infrastructure health resources the government should concentrate on these matters rather than going for fantasies I hope many more citizens do agree with me




• 7 hours ago

In future there will be statues of Modi ji all over the world just like Agrasen Maharaj. Modi is true leader. Jai Ho...




Vishnu Truth • Location • 7 hours ago

Bangalore is good city host with good weather and less pollution




• 7 hours ago

Great thought. If we succeed in this, Indian Infrastructure investments will be quite high and will push GDP of the country to skies.




Alka Surgude • 7 hours ago

Modiji You Promised Har Ghar Bijlee By 2017. Modiji You Promised Har Parivar Ko Makaan Before 2024. Modiji You Promised $5 Trn USD Economy. Modiji You Promised Dollar Equal To Rupee.. Modiji You Started Start up India. WHAT IS STATUS OF ALL OF THIS?




• Alka Surgude • 6 hours ago

Behanji, The promise to create new resources is better than giving away the minuscule you have. It is easy to give free electricity and water than creating more generation and distribution. At least he is doing the right things, but others are doing easier things.




Alka Surgude • Guest Login • 6 hours ago

Today Poor Are Dying. Foe n Faux Modiji Is Thinking For 2036.




• 8 hours ago

Do u know that if Olympics 2036 is hosted in India, we gain at least 1 T dollar straight away. One trillion dollars ....And because of low cost of hostingin India, IOC saves huge money. It's a win win situation...Go for it




Alka Surgude • 8 hours ago

BEFIKIR FAKIR Is Become Common Man Chowkidar Chaiwala Thinking To Purchase Rolls Royce




Alka Surgude • 8 hours ago

One More Golden Plated Ring Thrown In Citizens Of India By Modi TO Be Circulated By BJP IT CELL TO Spread Via Social Media To Portray Modi Mahati. This Is Modus Operandi Of Modi TO Keep Everybody Moving Around Him To Chant For Him To Vote For BJP On His NAME




• Alka Surgude • 5 hours ago

Why dozens of comment on the same subject? Don’t you have any thing better to do?




Alka Surgude • Nirmal Chandra Banerjee • 5 hours ago

No. Thanks. Many More Are In Await




• 8 hours ago

If you are a proud Indian then as a winner, you will support Growth and Our leader Modi ji but if you r a loser, then surely, you will keep complaining.




• 8 hours ago

Government should first remove poverty from India. 33 percent of Children sleep with hunger in india. Modi should fight to remove corruption caste system and religion hatred.




Alka Surgude • 8 hours ago

Modiji Only 5 Months Are Balance To End Your Regime. Everybody Knows This Is One Of Fake Carrot Shown To Indian Voters LIKE Donkeys Who Are Presumed Fool Idiot N Mad By Moody Modi




Anuj Agarwal

I would be proud if India would get to host the Olympics. Somehow I don’t think we are ready for it. Need lot better infrastructure and arrangements.

Anyways good luck and hope they can do it.





Ulhas Kulkarni

The expenditure has to be borne ENTIRELY by the HOST city. That is how it is done in the West. But it doesn't happen that way in India.




Ulhas Kulkarni

A COUNTRY doesn't bid for the games. Individual CITIES do. The host city also has to bear the ENTIRE expenditure. Modi should be forbidden from changing this practice to favour his home state





Olympics are waste of money. Do not do it India. India will win because no one wants to host olympics anymore.




Kamal Katnaur

Unsure about Olympics but make toilets first. Do you know where the GDP is today feku ?

You can only fool the foolish.. thats why education is a must




Jani Dushman

this will be world first if we get the games, where host will not get a single gold. why waste money.




Ulhas Kulkarni

Gujarat is B]P's favourite State. Gujarat benefited immensely from the Bhuj earthquake of 2001. THIS is the secret behind the Gujarat "MODEL" of development.


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