What are the chances of Vietnam becoming a mini China in the future?





Hạnh Thần Chết

Mani people seeing CN is big and the similarity between VN and CN then said VN “learned from CN” like guerrila warfare, like stopped the planed eco, replaced it with the market eco, or like, in another answer of this question, Covid fight lockdown.

The fact is VN already use guerrila warfare against CNese occupation for thousands years. Especially, in 13th century, with this type of warfare, VN has successfully kept the independence against 3 invasions from mongolian - the most powerful empire of the world back then. VN did not learn guerrila warfare from CN.



The fact is VNese co unist designed in 1941 its flag, still in use, with a start of 5 branches, represent 5 groups of people in VNese society, included business group. That was 8 years far before the creation of the current CN. VN knew about market eco very early. Unfortunately, with the return of France then the US occupation, VN had to turn down market eco and replaced it by war planed eco. In 1972, Phu Tho province of VN tried to return to market eco but the war against the US was still on going then this attempt stopped. In 1980, even still in war with CN which lasted until 1989, VN started its first step to return to market eco, and many more steps. The biggest step was the announcement of the official program of Renovation in 1986, still before the normalization with CN in 1989. VN then did not learn market eco from CN.


In 2002, VN had a small version of Covid, SARS2002. It was like a rehearsal of Covid 19. At that time, VN applied exactly what was used in Covid 19 fight, even with a much smaller scale. That was why when VN heard of unknown disaster in Wuhan, VN closed right away the border to CN and CN govt warmed VN for that. VN knew what would like such a disaster. When VN received enough vacine, VN chose to reduce the lockdown. Why do we need more lockdown if we have a cheaper way to keep people safe with vacine? Kee lockdown back then was stupid with VN. VN did not learn the lockdown from CN.


VN cannot become a mini CN.





Khoa Nguyễn

Don't associate Vietnam with China, the management style itself is different, Vietnam follows the direction of Vietnam and has nothing to do with each other with two independent and sovereign countries.





俊桐 簡J T

Very much to be a mini+ China!

It's said, before the raising/settings of Tang dynasty, Prince Lee SM李世民 had some competitors, one of them was虯髯客a guy with beard. A wise guy talked to him, trying to persuade him to step down for Lee, (not necessarily asked by Lee) as the guy regarded that Lee should be the chosen One天選者. He introduced these 2 heroes to meet each other.

There were not much talking. These 2heros just being ask to watch a chese ( not as player, as audience)!

Having seen the body language of Lee during the chess game; 虯髯客was convinced. So he left. Then he stepped down, going further south to look for another chance of his career.

That's how Vietnam was set.









Goodi Shang

Vietnam is always learning from China, but Vietnam has only learned the surface and not the bone marrow.

For example, after the outbreak began, Vietnam learned from China to adopt a blockade policy, but in just a few months, Vietnam stopped the blockade. Many people believe that the Vietnamese government lacks money to stop the blockade, but in reality, the Vietnamese government is unable to implement the blockade policy. Of course, many countries are unable to implement lockdown policies and can only surrender in the face of the virus.



If Vietnam wants to become a small China, the Vietnamese people must learn from the ideas of the Chinese people. Confucianism had some influence on Vietnam, which also resulted in Vietnamese people having some Chinese characteristics. Therefore, Vietnam's economy has achieved a certain degree of development. In the ongoing Sino US trade war, the United States implemented a policy of decoupling from China, which gave Vietnam an opportunity for development. But recently Vietnam has experienced a trade deficit. If China and the United States reconcile, Vietnam's economy will immediately stagnate.


I suggest Vietnam learn from South Korea, search for advantageous industries, and focus on develo advantageous industries. In this way, Vietnam should be able to successfully develop its economy. China is a country with a full industrial chain, and its economic industry is fully developed. Vietnam cannot fully learn from China.





Steven Haddock


What's the future of Vietnam like?

Can you say “traffic hellhole”?

Cars are extremely expensive in Vietnam. The tariff is around100%. Countries that already have traffic problems, like Mongolia, get cheap second-hand cars from South Korea and Japan, which is fun because Korean cars are left-hand drive (like Americans) and Japanese cars are right hand drive (like England).

Anyway, to build its export economy (Vietnam grows a lot of food) it agreed to lift its tariffs, which means cars will become very affordable.

And that poses a massive problem







Ho Chi Minh city (formerly Saigon) has a metropolitan population of about 10 million. However, most of the population rides scooters. Even then, the scooters clog the roads. In a very short period of time, Vietnam will have a lot more cars, and there just isn’t room for them. Other world cities, like Lima, went through the same problem - the number of cars roughly doubled in a decade and traffic slowed to a stop.

The current estimate to ease congestion is about $4 billion.

And scooters already are used for just about everything you could possibly think of in Vietnam.







Zayne Chu


Will Vietnam become a developed country before China?


If you want you to appear smart, the most important thing to do is not to try to predict the future.

If a person today went back to the United States in 1982, what would you see?

High double-digit inflation

8 million people out of work

A national debt of over $1 trillion

A steep recession that broke the records of the Great Depression

The mighty Soviet army was unstoppable in Afghanistan

The super-rich Japanese are buying up America

Meanwhile, your U.S. president is an actor?

What would you think? Is America "about to collapse"?











If this person had told Americans at the time that in 10 years the Soviet Union would collapse, Japan would be in an inexorable recession and stagnation, and America would bounce back to the top in just one year under that actor president... This man would probably be committed to a mental institution.

Yes, our world is such a wonderful place. It's amazing that these things do happen.



Vietnam did not lack the conditions for economic success. Plenty of labor, good basic education, good government organization, the possibility of building a lot of good ports due to the narrow coastal country, a lot of basic manufacturing and investment transferred from China, the hard work and desire for wealth characteristic of Confucian cultural circles...

And Vietnam is not as big as China. This means that there are not as many conflicts and problems accumulated during Vietnam's rapid growth. At the same time, Vietnam has enough people to cultivate a solid manufacturing base.



We might also want to consider that the US-led group of developed countries might invest more resources in a strategy to suppress China. This would also be beneficial to Vietnam.

The process of becoming a developed country is not linear. The higher the level of economic development, the less room there will be for exploiting opportunities, and the economic growth rate will naturally slow down. China does have a great advantage of scale and potential, but the resistance and difficulties it faces will also rise exponentially. It is far easier for the world market to accommodate a developed country with a 100 million level population than a developed country with more than a billion people.



So, the possibility certainly exsts. I prefer to think that getting the whole of China to the level of a developed country is much more difficult than growing a medium-sized country like Vietnam into a developed country.



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