Taliban controls the world’s best performing currency this quarter


Billions of dollars from humanitarian aid and rising trade with Asian neighbors has propelled Afghanistan’s currency to the top of global rankings this quarter — an unusual spot for a poverty-stricken country with one of the world’s worst human ri hts records.


The ruling Taliban, which seized power two years ago, has also unleashed a series of measures to keep the afghani in a stronghold, including banning the use of dollars and Pakistani rupees in local transactions and tightening restrictions on bringing greenbacks outside the country. It has made online trading illegal and threatened those who violate the rules with imprisonment.


The currency controls, cash inflows and other remittances have helped the afghani climb around 9% this quarter, outpacing the likes of the Colombian peso’s 3% gain, data compiled by Bloomberg show. The afghani is up about 14% for the year, putting it third on the global list, behind the currencies of Colombia and Sri Lanka.


Yet the paring of the currency’s losses seen after regime change also belies the dramatic upheaval that persists on the ground with Afghanistan largely cut off from the global financial system because of sanctions.


Unemployment is rampant, two thirds of households struggle to afford basic items and inflation has turned into deflation, according to a World Bank report. Planeloads of US dollars arrived almost weekly from the United Nations to support the poor, some of up to $40 million, for at least 18 months since the end of 2021.


“The hard currency controls are working, but the economic, social and political instability will render this rise in the currency as a short-term phenomenon,” said Kamran Bokhari, an expert in Middle Eastern, Central and South Asian affairs at the Washington—based New Lines Institute for Strategy & Policy.

“硬通货控制正在发挥作用,但经济、社会和政治的不稳定将使货币升值成为短期现象,”华盛顿新路线战略与政策研究所中东、中亚和南亚事务专家Kamran Bokhari表示。




Dumbo FM hates onions & love for kela makes her economists hahaha




Our dumbo FM onion hater must learn from them , rupya gira nahi hai $ strong ho gaya, shows het knowledge lacks in economics




Hope they are doing what is good for there country & for the people of the country, may be there rules are not for few people who wants to control the country.



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even Taliban did a better job than our economist PM ans his Harvard returned FM



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Really ? This is Aid ( begging ) money which is talking.,30 percent slide in Aid and they would go reeling.



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sure we believe as seen gun, on table in hand on shoulder on their bumbs God knows where else ?



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And India slee thru this opportunity to engage with AF. Our Viswa guru is busy in election prachar and train flag- off.



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Entire afghanistan was bharat at one point .. bloomberg is infested by left ezlamo groups, so I dont believe this deep state media. Some muzzies are rejoicing at this news as taliban is their gun wielding woman bitter idol



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Go on. Promote and abet Terrorism. Just as it was published that this was a milder Taliban after brutal takeover.




Another modi government in power.




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Taliban will soon invest in Hindu Rashtra



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There is nothing more shameful than this news to the UN, US, Western world and so called upholders of de ocracy. Giving aid to taliban is in itself the greatest failure of humanity and a slap on the face of righteousness.

对于联合国、美国、西方世界和所谓的民 主维护者来说,没有什么比这个消息更可耻的了。援助塔利班本身就是人类最大的失败,也是对正义的一记耳光。


Jagdish Chandra

A stronger currency can ease the inflationary pressure on Afghanistan's critical imports, such as oil, particularly when the price of crude oil is approaching $100 per barrel. Lithium is reported to have a $3 trillion global market value. This month, Chinese, British, and Turkish companies received contracts totaling $6.5 billion to build large-scale mines for iron, ore, and gold. The Taliban and a Chinese company also signed a contract in January for the extraction of oil. To tempt foreign investors and demonstrate that Afghanistan is on the road to recovery, a US business delegation co-hosted a conference in Kabul in September. The Afghanistan's incumbent governments if success USA sanction being reduced to ash, the USA imposed sanctions on numerous nations losing its allotted hold The end result will be that the world's only superpower may lose its aura of leadership








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Very misleading article




The world is showing its OK to business with that brutal terroists are OK



Alka Surgude

Next Month Global Hunger Index Rankings will be declared. In 2023 rankings list India (107/121) was WAY BEHIND than Pak (99) Nepal Sri Lanka Bangla Desh. LET US SEE CURRENT YEAR RATINGS



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baddies can rule for now. may be cricket is hel. tomorrow is different. India currency will be called Barat currency. will have the bjp leaders patel and Savarkar and bose on the notes.



Alka Surgude

Today US Dollar is costing Rs 84. WORST EVER. 14 years back BJP said "Jab Rupiya Girta Hai Tab Deshki Ijjat Girti Hai."is this Prideful today? In 2013 Modiji promised he will make dollar cheap. In 13 dollar was at Rs 55 today it is at Rs 84. THEREFORE OPPOSITION CALL HIM FEKU

今天,1美元兑84卢比,最差的情况。2013年,莫迪承诺要让美元贬值。2013年,1美元兑55卢比, 如今1美元兑84卢比。所以反对派称他为骗子!


User Oz

Wow! Afghanistan's Taliban is better than India's?



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Expect advertising blitz about how well the 'Bharat ' currency is doing. What is the name of our newcurrency?




Only a dumb person would publish this news as headline



Nallamuthu Naa

I thought our Vishwaguru made our Indian currency supreme in this world, is it not??



User Poonawala

Sinking every day vs the USD and no end in sight .... zero people from outside the country ever want to live in India or invest in this garbage


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