Defence ministry clears proposal to buy 'Pralay' ballistic missiles for Army: All you need to know


NEW DELH: The defense ministry has granted approval for the acquisition of a regiment of 'Pralay' ballistic missiles, which will be deployed along the Line of Actual Control and the Line of Control.


The decision to add more firepower to the Army's military capabilities was reached during a recent meeting of the Defence Acquisition Council, and it represents a pivotal development for the Army, defence officials told ANI.


Pralay will be the longest-range surface-to-surface missile in the inventory of the Army.


Pralay, along with the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, will form the crux of India’s planned Rocket Force.


Both China and Pakistan have already deployed ballistic missiles for tactical purposes, and the 'Pralay' missiles, developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), are poised for further enhancements in range as per military requirements.


The procurement follows a similar approval granted to the Indian Air Force for the acquisition of these missiles.




3 h

Whatever we are planning now, the Chinese Army must have made the same operational longtime back. Why we should expose it by making public our as on date unpreparedness ?



shaleen mathur

Pakistan is full of caves where terrorists can hide. India must develop rock piercing missiles that can penetrate and destroy terrorists hideout.




Nautanki by Feku, China already captured hundreds of kms of Indian territories but Neither fascists forces nor RSS had guts to reply them.



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The problem is that today china has the capability to easily intercept all ballistic missiles and super sonic missiles ! Today what is required is hypersonic missiles … without which it is game over ! The russian missiles hit targets in the begining of the war but after a few weeks all were intercepted quite easily by ukraine .. russia had no choice but to use hypersonic missiles if they wanted to hit targets ! These missiles we are putting at the border as nothing but a eye wash … what we need ... Read More




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Brahmos can beat all systems.... Including S400.....



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First provide bullet proof jackets to soldiers..mss



Sandeep Srikumar

India has made strides under Modi. There is no question about this!.



Joydeep Mukherjee

Making the security of our nation watertight is mission of Modiji from the day one. Our borders our now secure than it was ever. In 2024 he will be back with a very big win.



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Well done, Govt.



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Congress has ruined country and now BJP is trying best to bring at par to CHINA,Long live BJP government



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BJP will rule for another 100 years…



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it should, no second thoughts



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why do we have to show the specifications of our missles on paper? for enemies to know about it? this is anti national journalism.


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or Chinese agent chup rah ... traitor



anil kavanal

Land taken and now missiles..please protect our country's and.



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Whats the point when you already have lost land..??


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to prevent more land from getting taken away. happy?



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Piling innumerable so called “ sofisticared “ arsensl does not make any sense in modern “ Wars"!,So no war was won by USA as well as Russia from which we purchasing,” most” sofisticated arsensl! Moreover it only most sophisticated for us but not to them! Public money !



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It isshow of strength by one country to another Nothing serious will happen No country to disclose purchase details in the press



Bhupinder Pal Singh

Stop fooling people, every other day there is a news that China is grabbing our land and BJP plants a counter story of fake machoism.,One day it is red eyes next it is 56" chest and then deployment of missiles... don't take people as fools, they read read the lines.




Any new weapon has to be tested in real-time war as we do in the current Ukraine war. None of the indigenous Indian weapons have not been tested yet in a state of war just like China's. News about formidable or otherwise is just speculative and nothing much.


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Didn't you see Moon's first South pole soft landing?



What has moon's landing got to do with the formidability factor of the weapons? Look for the Ukraine war where both Russia and the US are testing their various weapons whereas Ukraine is being used as a pawn. The real test is during the war, not during the development. Both India's and China's weapons capabilities are mere speculative.



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In today's scenario the battle is not fought on the frontlines , the target is strategic assets which are located in main cities.



Kali Amma

The best defense is to prepare for an offense from our nemesis!



User Shah

Hats off to patriotism by BJP- Modi ji. By all means, Military Power and capabilities, Economy front, self reliance front OR foreign policy front, we have never seen such a dignified Bharat. Modi ji is " Yugpurush "




much needed approval




Prior to 2014 we did not have any missiles , rockets or satellites . In just 9 yrs Modi Ji has transformed Indian Army into one of the most powerful armies in the world . Modi hai to pumpkin hai !


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