What's your take on the allegation that if the 21st century turns out to be India's (a thriving electoral autocrat) rather than China's, the West/World would find itself dealing with another superpower that is no less troublesome?  Why?




Ray Comeau

Thanks for request

As regards the speculation that India may rise to become a world power this century is very doubtful. India does not possess the tools, at this time to make that feasible. However it has the potential by the end of this century to grow a lot and perhaps by the next century it could fill that role.

The problem India faces is the US and some allies will try to stop India from getting on any launch pad that would allow it to challenge the US.

The western world is not based on equality or equity, it is based on privilege and preserving money and power. That is why the US has spent 20 years undermining the advancement of the EU.








Biresh Kumar

It seems, you people are doing free survey of opinions to pass the data to some agencies who consolidate them to analyze the world’s views towards west. Quora has become an instrument of it.





Kishor Shah

Both India and china are not well placed to be Super Power in 21st century.

Super Power status is attained with PHILOSOPHY and not with brute or economic power.

USA attained Super Power status with philosophy of capitalism and USSR with co sm.

Also, the Status of Super Power is required to be supported with globally acceptable institutional backing. Neither has any.

Lastly, China contains it's people and India is anarchic in freedom. Unless people’s strengths are channelised, it is difficult to attain Super Power status.

As I think.



美国凭借资 本主义的理念获得超级大国地位,苏联凭借共  产主义理念获得超级大国地位。







Hypocritic Westerner

This world is going on a multipolar path, that is, everyone has the right to pursue a better life. This right isn't exclusive to any country or race. Whoever thinks this century is dominated by themselves are very stupid and they won't go far.

China's rise is peaceful, inclusive, collaborative and never has a Chinese leader said the 21st century is China's century. This is why China’s rise is welcomed by nations around the world except those who are purely jealous and arrogant.






Pravinchandra G Dhameliya


Your hatred towards India and Hindu is so deep.

That you can not accept even India is a de ocracy.

So what credibility you yourself have?

And any way you are supporting fully.

To clear cut military dictotorships.

Pakistan and China.






You keep doubting world's largest free press de ocracy with full elections since last 75 years.

While is there any doubt about Pakistan and China?

I mean they are just military Junta.

Isn't it?

And mind you the idea whose time has come.

Can not be suppressed any more.







In the name of your Hindu hatred and India hatred, you can no more keep throwing allegations towards India unabated?

Just see your filthy and ugly face in the mirror.

It looks too much disgusting. Specially when you questions Indian de ocracy.








system has never been the issue. Gaining leverage over them is. West has been fine with China all these years. China is much more open now than it ever was. But the West's leverage over it is at the lowest compared to the 70s. India is a darling now but the day India starts slip away, the West will suddenly remember lots of things.

First, China needed to be separated from USSR in the 70s. Now, Russia needs to be separated from China and India needs to be separated from Russia. Who knows who should be separated from India in the future. So, your scenario is eventuality. It will have nothing to do with India's system.






Raj Siva

We Indians don't need to learn the concept of rule of law, from the West. We developed that, concept on our own, 2 millenia ago.

Indian religions, themselves criticized autocratic rulers, like Hiranyakashyapu, who wanted to be worshipped as the Supreme God.

Regarding de ocracy, European countries were ruled by kings and , not too long ago.

Especially when they were at same level of economic development as India is, currently.








Gwydion Madawc Williams

It is only ‘troublesome’ if the leaders of the West try to impose their own values on everyone else.

And scare ordinary citizens with unlikely threats - most of us are quite happy for foreign countries to have their own values.

The Iraq was was based on lies. So are current antagonisms.







Robert Mucci

China is at this very moment a very aggressive country to all and sundry around the world. This is certainly not gaining it friends or influence. Its export trade at the moment is down by 14.5% . India will gain in power by the very fact that it will be taking a way business from the Chinese due to their aggression . Knowing this it won't be egressive as the Chinese are for they will know how they built you there economy on a more friendly bases . India will know that it became economically powerful with the help of the friendly west and to keep their business thriving one has to be one good turns with the people who you trade with.

So good luck India






Muthu Kumar

Your question has a mixture of assumptions.

I categorically reject the word “allegation”. Even it were true that, the 21st century is of India rather than China, there’s no “allegation” in it.

So, let’s start from the begng :

No, 21st century doesn’t belong to India (or India alone). Yes, after the fall of USSR and the weakening of Russia and the emergence of China to take the place of Russia (whether it’ll succeed or not, requires another debate), world order has changed and hence the geo-political arithmetic.

That doesn’t weaken the position of the US. US still leads but it’s not going to be easy, as it has to deal with more than one country.






With the rise of India in the Asian continent, China started feeling bitter and hence stooped and stoo down to many obscene levels to irk India. Be it the attacks on the Indian soldiers on the border or encroaching the borer or altering the map etc. it keeps on behaving like a lowlife.

So, to contain the fast growing enemy, China, US needs India’s support. And vice versa as well. Since India and the US are de, naturally, they can form an alliance that’s mutually beneficial, which they’re.



So, India becoming another super power is going to give some orgasm for only Indians and nothing more. To become a super power, a nation should be technologically very advanced. India is NOT. India lags behind the US in advanced technology by at least 20–30 years and behind China by at least 10 years. So, India can only an economic super power - that too because of the HUGE population that got economically benefitted by the globalization efforts practiced for the past 20–30 years - and can and will NEVER be a technological super power.

So, US will have to deal with only China and India may be a 3rd soft power, as India won’t be in a position to challenge anyone nor be a threat.






Wesley Little

Both China and India are likely to remain global powers, if not super powers, during the remainder of this century. Also, both are nuclear powers, which means any conflict between the two countries can have both regional and global consequences. Regardless, the actions of any super power,  has and will have significant global impact. If India chooses to use its growing economic and military power in a more de ocratic manner, that action will be a good sign for the positive future of a world.





Krishnamurthi Menon

China burned the path to the 21st century not only for India but for all the develo world. Putting to one side its territorial ambitions which is hel to destroy its political integrity and its image as a friend to the world, its manufacturing hub, the path China has been on is an irreversible path to the future at a speed and pace only China can and will decide. It's never going to be easy and without its obstacles and problems.

So whether it is India or China or Indonesia the west will have seizures as a result which will compel them to deal with the growth of these nations the only way it knows how. Propaganda and wars.



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