The US has been at least 5 year's behind Huawei smartphone (such as Apple iPhone), especially the satellite phones call, which is the standard function of 6G. Do you think will the US be able to catch up with Huawei smart phones in 5 years?




WB Lai

US is more than 5 years behind China in terms of on-shoring manufacturing of cellphones, and having a domestic supply chain to facilitate cell phone manufacturing within the US.

Even critical rare earth metal refining the US is behind China in terms of quality of yield and quantity of yield.

China has 2 chip fabs from TMSC in the mainland, in addition to their own chip fab SMIC.

The US doesn't even have 1 TSMC chip fab yet. There's at least a 1 year delay in get that operational.








Thomas Lew






John Parr

The US has been at least 5 year's behind Huawei smartphone (such as Apple iPhone), especially the satellite phones call, which is the standard function of 6G. Do you think will the US be able to catch up with Huawei smart phones in 5 years?

We won't even try.






Alvin Lee

If US stop using its money in military expansion and use the fund in technology and hel the Americans to get out of poverty trending, then the answer is “yes”.

If US still keep increasing its military funds year after year, the answer is “No, US will neve be able to catch up with Huawei”






Joseph Loh

I don’t think iPhone is behind Huawei, The iPhone 14 series can connect to satellites to send a text message to emergency services when a call can't be placed. You can also share your location via satellite in the Find My app. However, you can't use any iPhone to make calls like a dedicated satellite phone. Apple is using its satellite connectivity to power one other feature that could come in handy even when you're not in an emergency. With the Find My app on an iPhone 14, you'll be able to share your location via satellite, so your friends and family know where you are even when you're far off the grid. SpaceX & Globalstar Partnership Enhances iPhone Emergency SOS Via Satellite Feature SpaceX collaborates with Apple's satellite partner, Globalstar, to launch a new satellite fleet aimed at improving the iPhone 14's Emergency SOS via Satellite functionality. Huawei has breakthroughs USA’s sanctions, and launched a phone with China’s self developed technology especially in chips, especially without those chips sanctioned by USA, this is not the first time China has done so, the most distinguished achievement are shown in the space program, but I don’t think they have claimed that their Huawei mate 60 pro is better than iPhone or any other smartphone, in fact the western media and tech players have been doing free marketing for Huawei,

我不认为iPhone落后于华为,iPhone 14系列就可以连接卫星,在无法拨打电话时向紧急服务部门发送短信。



有了iPhone 14上的“查找我的设备”APP,你可以通过卫星分享你的位置,这样即使你远离网络,你的朋友和家人也可以知道你在哪里。

SpaceX与苹果的卫星合作伙伴Globalstar合作,推出了一个新的卫星群,旨在通过卫星改善iPhone 14的紧急SOS功能。


这不是中国第一次取得如此进步了,最杰出的成就是在太空计划中,但我不认为他们自夸华为mate 60 pro会超越iPhone或任何其他智能手机,





Pher Kimhuat

US / iPhone can do whatever they want but Huawei is not going to stop at 6G and continue to advance with latest research & development against healthy and positive competition despite those dirty political sanctions imposed by US-led West.

Huawei / China are even more determined to advance in science and technology beyond 6G when US commerce secretary Gina Raimondo was so rude and arrogant to warn China that “US’s patience is running thin” instead of being humble and sincere to negotiate with her Chinese counterpart during her recent visit to Beiing.

美国/ iPhone想做什么只管随意,虽然美国领导的西方实施了肮脏的政治制裁,但华为不会止步于6G,华为会继续在健康和积极的竞争中推进研发。





Felix Su

There are not 6G phones on the market. China and Huawei is testing them and China even launched a satellite to test 6G tech.

But no one is selling a 6G phone.

The nitty gritty is still being discussed. But it looks like China is going to be one of the standard setters as China’s testing of 6G is way ahead of everyone else.








Yes. As CPU processors go, Apple has a small lead, but Huawei is closing in. Next, the reason Apple cannot talk via satellite is Starlink is basically a digital internet network. Apple ha no transceiver to talk to Starlink. The problem I see with the US is we have not developed 5G as rapidly as China, so our 5G applications lags. China is also introducing 5.5G and has their version of 6G in development. The US lags. The US has no equivalent of Huawei. If only our politicians had more engineers and scientists than lawyers, we could be more intelligent in what we do in technology. So far, we have bungled our efforts to destroy China’s tech rise where we should be competing. In the semiconductor sector, we have shot ourselves in the foot so to speak, causing more damage to our semiconductor companies than to the Chinese.










John Parr

The US has been at least 5 year's behind Huawei smartphone (such as Apple iPhone), especially the satellite phones call, which is the standard function of 6G. Do you think will the US be able to catch up with Huawei smart phones in 5 years?

We won't even try.






Rod Brylawski

The standard function of 6G is not satellite phone calls. 6G is the sixth generation mobile system standard currently under development for wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. It is the planned successor to 5G and will likely be significantly faster. Like its predecessors, 6G networks will probably be broadband cellular networks, in which the service area is divided into small geographical areas called cells. That has literally NOTHING to do with Satellite communications.

So no, I don’t think Huawei has surpassed the US at all. 5G is still rolling out around the world. It will be years before we see 6G service around the world. What would be the point of buying a phone which has a way to connect to networks not yet available? Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical.







That would be virtually impossible. Huawei is way ahead.

Of course, the U.S. is said to be ahead of China in chip manufacturing and artificial intelligence. However, China is catching up very rapidly. (See Huawei’s smartphone as an example.)

However, the U.S. doesn’t know how to catch up. The only thing it knows how to do is play war games and levy sanctions against countries it doesn’t like. At the same time, Team USA’s only pony in this race is Apple’s iPhone. China has several cell phone manufacturers that are riding high. Moreover, the iPhone is reportedly being pushed out of the Chinese market, I believe.




So, China has the better phone, along with a bigger market. It will soon have better chips. It has 5G, and an operating system that allows intelligent people like me to ditch Google. What’s not to like?

I love Apple, but it is way overpriced, and it may have a few other problems that are begng to surface. The Chinese, of course, are famous for their ability to undercut competitors’ prices. Or, to put it another way, they’re famous for not screwing consumers.



Right now, the biggest question regards mass production. Can Huawei make enough phones to satisfy a global market? There are claims that it is working on some fab plants that will enable it to do so. Of course, we all know the Chinese can do just about anything, right? I predict Huawei’s smartphone will be #1 in global sales by 2025.

Apple had better find a business model that allows them to sell their laptops for a more affordable price, because its iPhone business is going to crash.






Richard Bouchard

6G is not a satellite-based system.

Huawei's products are almost all based on western chips and western operating systems.



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