Since it’s inevitable that India or China will become the global superpower of the future, does that mean the west will do whatever it takes to stop China and allow India to get there instead of China since they prefer India and fellow de ocracies?




Alex Radu

It’s not India or China, it’s India *and* China. And the idea of superpower will better be put to rest. It really makes very little sense to envision a future of about 3, perhaps even 5 superpowers.

By the way, the idea of superpower seems more of a post colonial conclusion. After the era of the European “Great Powers”, what could possibly replace them, just as they were decaying, although not becoming completely irrelevant? Well, 2 superpowers, of course! Why were they superpowers? Because they were playing a global game, moving pieces on a map, thinking in terms of access to resources, ideological affinities and military balance.



Now? The digital world is increasingly relevant and having a technically innovative environment might be just as important as access to oil and nuclear rockets. The global competition/confrontation might take place in a very different way, more likely in conceiving networks and synergies of technological systems trying to gain a decisive edge over the adversaries. From this perspective, the so called projection of power, traditionally achieved with aircraft carriers and battle groups, will happen through electrical waves.





Stephen Phillips

It's not inevitable.

It will be a long time before either of them is clearly superior to the US and allies.

And they may both develop so we may have three superpowers.

Or the EU may decide to grow up and take a place in the world.








Fred Chuatiuco

Thanks for the request.

What makes you think the West prefers “India and fellow de ocracies”?

If history is any indication, the West tends to support auth rian regimes than . They consider the former less messy. Easier to deal and manipulate the few on top, and replace them if need be, than handling the unpredictability of an country’s populace.







David J Wong

Does anyone remember the late 1980s / early 1990s? Back then, Japan was the bogeyman of the US because its manufacturing prowess seemed unstoppable and it was buying up all sorts of American assets. Which resulted in Japan-bashing in American media and high anti-Japanese sentiment in the US.

Japan’s leaders are de ocratically elected. And Japan was (and is) an American ally.

The west favors India now. From a geopolitical perspective, the United States sees India as a counterbalance to China — much in the way Kissinger courted China in the 1970s as a counterbalance to the Soviet Union.

有人记得20世纪80年代末/ 90年代初吗?当时,日本曾是美国人眼中的恶魔,因为日本的制造业实力似乎已经势不可挡,开始收购美国的各种资产。美国媒体因此对日本大肆抨击,美国国内出现了强烈的反日情绪。



Sure, it helps that India is de ocratic and its official language is English.

But if India ever gets to the point where it challenges American economic might and starts competing hard with American companies, there are enough precedents in history to suggest this favored position will evaporate, much like Japan in the 1980s and 1990s and China today. Whether India is de ocratic or not is irrelevant.






Richard Kenneth Eng

The West is, in fact, doing everything it can to contain China.


It’s demonizing and vilifying China in order to turn world opinion against China.

It’s trying to decouple from China (unsuccessfully).

It’s sanctioning the shit out of China.

It’s militarily antagonizing China (selling arms to Taiwan; conducting naval exercises near Chinese waters; forming military pacts like Quad and AUKUS).

It even abducted Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in the same fashion as Alstom executive Frederic Pierucci in 2011.






The West pretends it’s about China’s politics but really it’s about preserving the West’s global hegemony.





Alvin Lee

If India can really get there to become global superpower, India would have been there ahead of China today since India had the better position and much richer than China 30years ago and with UK and US help all these while !

Why need to wait to become superpower in future ? Do you really see any chance better for India in future than missing the chance 30 years ago ?

If de ocracy is the reason for become superpower, then US would be in much better position to continue to be the global superpower, why India ?







Dan-Wee Loh

Andrew, the west in particular the USA had been taking all forms of sanctions, blockage of high technology transfer and Tariffs since the cold war started more than 6 decades ago. In recent years, since Obama’s time, with the formation of TPP, toTrump’s MAGA and tariffs sanctions and now Biden ban on 5G and high tech microchips, all these decades failed miserably. As of today, China has nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs, bew generation jet fighters, USS aircraft carrier, Hypersonic ICBM, Beidou Satellite system, Chiba’s own space station, 5G, to latest EV and Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro…. all these show no matter how desperate tried to block, prevent China, all the strategies ended up in failures. Worst, they are backfiring onw their own self intereat as many MNCs are suffering the effect of the sanctions…



截至今天,中国拥有核弹、氢弹、喷气式战斗机、航空母舰、高超音速洲际弹道导弹、北斗卫星系统、空间站、5G、最新的电动汽车和华为Mate 60 Pro....所有这些成就都表明,无论西方多么拼命地试图阻止、妨碍中国,所有的战略都将以失败告终。


It is game over for the USA. The USA will eventually have to settle with either work with China or they risks increasingly isolating themselves…





Swee Chen

We have to distinguish between a superpower, and a challenge to the US hegemony. The world can accomodate several superpowers in a multi-polar international order. But there can only be one hegemony. The US hegemony is about maintaining the unipolar world order (the so-called rules based international order where the US, only the US, makes the rules).


The premise of the question assumes that the US may be prepared to tolerate the rise of another superpower (India, in addition to Russia and China). There is absolutely no evidence for this. History shows that there were other potential superpowers on the rise that were supposed allies of the US including Europe, the Uk and Japan, that could have rivalled the US. All of them have been knee-capped. India should not expect anything less.





iaoda iao

The US and the West had been compromised with the china until, 

By comparison, India, as a de ocratic country, is far better, although, India had been close to Russia and that had estranged itself from the US until Russia invaded Ukraine. I would say this, G20 and other international conferences allowed the world to realize that the china is the worst enemy






Micky Moist

India will not become a global superpower at all, at most they'll become a moderately huge market for western products, that's what their value is to the west.





Danny Dev


How will India overcome China and become the next superpower in the world?

Why superpower?

Why project power ?

China is China , India is India. They are neighbours whether they love to hate each other or hate to love each other

Can’t both progress for the sake of humanity ?






This Macho superpower thinking is the cause of innocents losing their lives

Dive alone and you die alone

Climb alone and you fall alone

Hold hands and walk on, India and China are ancient cultures , skirmishes at border isn’t war. Even family fight ( sometimes worse )

Both have progressed beyond war , now is a time for economic stability and personal maturity

Enough with this power mentality.

Grow in peace or die at war.

Your choice












iaoke Hu


Can India stop China from becoming a superpower?

As a Chinese, I would never raise similar question, e.g. “How do we stop India from becoming a superpower?” or “How do we stop India from becoming stronger?” I believe most Chinese will not raise this question. I do think you should not carry a blinkered vision which will definitely do harm to your own country. It is much harder for India to hurt China than China hurt India since China is much stronger now. Think about the Soviet Union and US, vicious competition destroyed the weaker one in the end.

To be honest, we Chinese think that India could hardly cause great threaten to us, although border conflicts may make Chinese feel uncomfortable. The gap between China and India has become larger and larger indeed.





三泰虎原创译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 印度看中国 » 中国和印度将势不可挡地崛起为超级大国,西方会不惜一切代价阻止中国,但会允许印度成为超级大国吗