How Good is China's New Type 093B Nuclear Attack Submarine?


The Type 093B is the latest of the Shang class SSN family. They feature new technology for Chinese submarines, including a VLS vertical launch system and pump-jet propulsor.





All the other flashy large surface combatants are cool and all and get the lime light. But I’m always more interested in China undersea service and it’s developments. They certainly keep it all under wraps pretty good. I’m sure they realize just how lethal a potent submarine force is and how important they will play in any actions in the region—especially against the US.






Yeah. With cbinas advancements in drones and remotely operated technology, or even autonomously operating drones(like all China's space missions including mars, far side of moon, automated docking at world record speeds), I too am left wondering just what underwater systems china already has or will come to have in the coming years..

While China might still be behind in big nuclear sub tech, is that what the future will be? Same as nuclear carrier operations. Is that what the future will be? Or will it be smaller, more decentralized and more expendable drones and ships and subs?

China is in a great position currently, since it has not put all its eggs into the nuclear carrier nuclear sub basket like USA has. Basically, USA needs to do that since they are fighting away games 24/7 vs regular and irregular forces, but China just needs to defend itself and it's few choke points vs one adversary. USA. And it's well known to China what USA's capabilities are and what their strategies are. China has been watching and learning and single mindedly focused on countering USA for the most part, as well as Taiwan and any first island chain/SCS scenario.







Much like during the Cold War, there is always a dichotomy for NATO. On the one hand, they have to talk up the threat from whichever enemy is currently around to ensure funding but on the other hand, they have to claim their technology is superior so as not to scare the populace. They also have to claim that China, with its one overseas base is more of a threat to global security than America with over 800 overseas bases.




Given the massive expansion of Huludao for some years now, it would make sense that the number of 039B about to be launched would be quite large according to a mass production schedule given the maturity and performance satisfaction of the PLAN and the urgent need to counter the enemies.



Agreed , in an earlier video he detailed the capacity at the new site, he did not claim they were building it but that the capacity for as many as 20 submarines can be under construction at a time. I would expect another 8 before the 095? Just a wild guess on my part but either way we will see quite a few.



Yes. Expanded enough to simultaneously build 10 nuke subs.   And the rest of China building many times that in non nuke subs. And then there are the undersea drones.   Satellite tracking plus long range anti-ship missiles make major surface combatants a thing of the past if push comes to shove.




Any thoughts on active (i.e. electronic) noise suppression? That would certainly be a major advantage for any submarine fleet, and the technology has been around for a while now.



Noise cancelling devices fore and aft of jet propulsor.

Vibration cancelling platform for nuclear generator.

All electric drives.






At first it was planned to be called type 095 but later cancelled and was decided to be called 093B.

It was said 095 is still waiting the mini thorium reactor matured.

The advantage of mini thorium reactor compared to uranium water reactor is their weight and size. Thorium reactor has much smaller size and more simple maintenance but with the same power generation. It's also saves more spaces inside the hull and bring more empty spaces for armament addition.






Considering how easy it is to track and sink surface ships with satellites and long range anti ship missiles, I won’t be surprised if subs are developed to transport volumes of key military equipment to bases and nations under threat of embargo (and for supporting amphibious invasion operations)




We are waiting also for SSBN Type 94B with Pump Jet , the PLAN will release version B for SSN and SSBN  before their SSN/SSBN Type 95 and Type 96,

我们也在等待94B型核潜艇,计划将在SSN/SSBN 95型和96型之前发布B型



Using USN phraseology: w/o the auxliary diesel generators, the sub will have no back up in case of its NP propulsion plant casualty. IMO, it's doubtful they'll eliminate it from the design.




Every iteration that China built, they get closer to western subs standards. It means the west will have to put in more effort to get an edge over China's technological assets. As long as China is still making progress catching up, it will eventually catch up to western standards. But the west does not have China's industrial capacity, so in a near peer playing field, China will just out build the west.

The trend is clear, China has already caught up in many areas and surpassing the west and is catching up in other areas. But it does not mean the west can catch up to China for areas that they are losing ground. Hypersonics, AI are just a couple of areas we know that the west has already been left behind by China and they are not catching up, even the US. We are seeing that every time the US manages to catch up to one aspect of hypersonic weaponry, China is already introducing a new form of hypersonic weaponry like hypersonic drones for recon and attack.

Only those still living in the western media bubble cannot see this trend. Or else, they will all be shitting their pants.









When did China surpassed america in AI.  U talk like u know everything in this world




You don't need the most advanced vehicles to win.  Something that is too advanced will be very difficult to repair and cost too much to fix. Something that is cost effective to repair can be more useful.




 they forget that China will return over 2,000 deep ocean going trawlers into the South China SeaThere sonar equipment will be reading the ocean floor against known sea bed detail from previous scans making it impossible to get submarines into the ship lanes being used by the invasion force. This will cause big problems for the US navy.




That's a nice bit of propaganda.




Whether it is ' GOOD ' enough,  it is not for them or us to say, it can only be seen when war break out.




China has come further in 20 years than the US has in 200

Bravo for this Achievement





093B has no VLS like US nuclear submarines.




I believe the Type 093B is still inferior to even an improved LA Class, let alone other more capable platforms the US has.



Maybe, but PLAN is continually improving their design by the hour.

They are sooo fast.




Who kicked the UN-FORCES out of North-Korea with the poorest army at that moment in time?




stop NS,  US can not even build  a train faster than 3 cm per day, let alone good sub,  039b will be 100  year ahead any  out dated  US sub




I think this submarine is a bit overhyped. I really doubt that it is as capable as Seawolf, Virginia (all blocks), or Sverodivinsk class. Maybe the best it can hope for is slightly better than Los Angeles Flight3 (688I). Keep in mind the first 688I was commissioned in 1988

我觉得这艘潜艇有点炒作了。我真的怀疑它的能力是否能与海狼、弗吉尼亚(全各版本)或Sverodivinsk级相比。也许它所能期待的最好结果是比洛杉矶级Flight III (688I)稍好一点。记住,第一艘688I是在1988年服役的



The US definitely has the edge in submarine tech but to be fair. Making good subs is extremely hard and only a handful of countries can make proper ones. That said, China is playing the catch up so it can use US designs and russian designs as groundwork to progress. So it won't be long before they catch the US and Russia in sub tech.




093B China Sub Very, very good better than US Sub.



In your dreams




The sub sounds like someone is beating on a DRUM loudly whenever it goes under water.  I'm here!!




Carriers are a waste of money, nuclear subs are the real deal.


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