On day of Manipur mob horror, 2 gang-raped, killed 40km away


GUWAHATI: Two young tribal women from Manipur’s Kangpokpi working in an Imphal car wash were allegedly gang-raped at their workplace, dragged out and left to die by a mob rampaging through the capital city on May 4, coinciding with the strip-parade horror unfolding 40km away that very day.


The latest in a series of accounts of blood-curdling mob crimes taking place behind the smokescreen of the ethnic conflict might have remained buried under the mountain of 6,000-odd FIRs registered so far had a Meitei friend of the two victims not informed their families of what happened.


The friend, who saw from a distance a police ambulance pick up the brutalised duo, visited the hospital the next day and was informed that both died of their wounds, she told TOI on Friday.


The woman conveyed the news to a cousin of one of the victims who was hiding in a church to escape the mob frenzy. It was only after the Assam Rifles evacuated her to Kangpokpi that the families of the victims came to know of the tragedy that befell their girls.


“It was gruesome,” a male co-worker of the two victims said. “A large group of men came along with some women to the car wash around 5.30pm on May 4. Everyone in the locality knew that these two tribal women were employed there.”


The witness alleged that the women in the mob encouraged the men to take the victims inside a room and sexually assault them. “They dragged one of them inside, switched off the lights and took turns ra her. Then they did the same to my other co-worker. They gagged both with clothes to prevent them from screaming.”


The ordeal continued for about one-and-a-half hours, after which the mob dragged both women outside and dumped them next to a sawmill in the vicinity, a second co-worker who witnessed the crime said.


“Their clothes were torn, their hair chopped off, and their bodies covered in blood,” the man, also a tribal, said.




2 ho

Didn't know that fkin vultures live in Manipur. All guilty must be hung alive on a pole and left to suffer.



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The sad part is BJP will again come to power as it has done nothing against the majority population to appease them.



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There is a clear pattern in 1984 Delhi, 2002 Gujarat and 2023 Manipur.,The State, by its action or inaction, was complicit in these massacres.



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Very horrendous. RIP. Very sad for them and their families.



Ramji Srinivasan

Impotent media - playing with public sentiments, revealing gory details one by one, to get more views - sick! Wonder where this media was when this incident was buried for two whole months? Urinating in their pants, since they dare not speak against the state!




This proves it was a planned & engineered pogrom against Kukis by the double engine Govt . Even leaders of Meitei militant organizations have admitted on TV that they knew in January that something big was going to happen and they were prepared. 2 weeks ago Indian Army released 12 KYKL Meitei militants in their custody .This banned group is responsible for the 2015 Chandel ambush, in which 18 soldiers of the six Dogra Regiment were killed .What more evidence do we need ?

证明这是双引擎政府策划的针对库基人的大屠杀。就连梅泰武装组织的领导人也在电视上承认,他们在1月份就知道会发生大事,他们做好了准备。两周前,印度军方释放了12名被关押的KYKL 梅泰武装分子,这个被禁的组织对2015年的Chandel伏击负有责任,那次袭击导致18名多格拉团的士兵被杀,我们还需要更多的证据吗?



second such incident and just a statement. thats all.



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flood manipur with one lakh force seal borders, recover all arms. deport to andaman under goonda act




Godi media Ba5tards & their political masters are pretending to care & shed crocodile tears after 2 months of complicit silence & blacking out all news from Manipur .



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How do the rapists/murderers belong to Modi? Did Modi instruct them to act? Modi immediately asked to take actions against the guilty. Corrupt Police failed the women. It is a pity no lessons learned after Nirbhaya Case. Until our law gives the death penalty within a short period of two months to such culprits, nobody will be able to stop such crimes.



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Why is this state government still in power. why president rule is not imposed??




When the regime and the police abet and back such horrendous crimes, who will come to the rescue of the hapless victims? It is a real shame and blackening the faces of the rulers who will stick to their offices and commit more such crimes to anticipate their victory in the coming elections. The dumb, deaf and blind will still vote for them and bring them back to power! What a tragedy for our great country? Tolerance, balance, peaceful co-exstence and rule of law and the awe of law have all vani ... Read More



Samit Mathur

Rajasthan, Bengal crying for attention ...



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These people don't fear the law and police that's the main reason. CM, PM etc. no one can change people's mentality. If the punishment is severe, people will think 10 times before committing such a crime.



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And illiterate chaiwala still hasn't heard anything from Manipur. We deserve to be ruled by such stupid morons.



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call Taliban to hindustan,you Muslim terrorist anti national Anti Hindu just shut get lost.



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Is humanity over?. What are the politicians ruling and opposition doing ,sitting and just accusing each other . Not only state even the politicians at centre level are highly responsible for such heinous crime to allow to happen. Shame on system which still isn't equipped to prevent such shameful crimes happening in society



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Shameless spineless leader. Hiding behind radio. And comes out for posing only.



Jaise Ko Taisa

The Real Face of Modi Sarkar. The Country can burn Modi needs to visit Foreign Countries and do electioneering for BJP, Shame on all those who voted for Modi Sarkar. This is what they have voted for.




One crusade commander from kerala told me very soon indian will become a Christian country ,he told me that in the name of our great daddy, the pope we will take over each state in india using our great resources provided to us directly by yahuva God , crusade Army is invading MP ,Bihar in full phase . And congress is with us properly under our guidance . It's our common agenda.


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