After protests, BJP neta calls off daughter's interfaith marriage in Uttarakhand


DEHRADUN: After the wedding invitation card of a Hindu BJP leader's daughter with a Muslim man went viral, triggering a controversy, Pauri municipal chairman and former MLA from the district Yashpal Benam cancelled the marriage of his daughter.

德拉敦:一位印度人民党领导人的女儿与一名MSL男子的婚礼请柬在网上疯传,引发争议后,保里市主席、前选区议员Yashpal Benam取消了女儿的婚礼。

"The wedding functions scheduled on May 26, 27 and 28 have been cancelled as the 'present environment is not suitable'. Also, the groom's father does not want the marriage to be solemnised under police protection," Benam added.


"My daughter's marriage was fixed with her friend, a Muslim from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, with the consent of both the families. We had taken the decision kee in view the happiness and future of the children. Today, adults are free to decide about their personal lives." said Benam.


After the wedding card went viral, right-wing organisations like the VHP and the Bajrang Dal held a series of protests against Yashpal Benam on the issue on Friday. Deepak Gaur, VHP's working president of Pauri Garhwal district, called the marriage 'inappropriate'.

婚礼请柬在网上疯传后,右翼组织如VHP和Bajrang Dal在周五举行了一系列针对Yashpal Benam的抗议活动。保里加尔瓦尔地区的VHP工作主席迪帕克·戈尔称这桩婚姻“不合适”。

"As a public representative and municipal chairman, I am answerable towards the public, and have to respect their sentiments," added Benam.





let boy convert to Hinduism, rather converting girl, letz see how much of love it is.



Jagdish Madan

This fool just saved his daughter from a horrific fate.



Rajeev Kumar

Love Jihad is more sinister and deep rooted than initially thought..Why Hindu girls are so stupid



Rithu Sankar

Love jihad is a cancer beyond our imagination I am from kerala of 14 District in kerala last 30 years what is the ratio of registered marriage if you analyse carefully it's 99% Muslim men marriage to Hindu women even now it's same now they are talking Christians girls also



Naveen Dsa

New love jihad now they target ministers family direct to the heart of our country



Amrit Bindra

It is good to see that even when parents don’t guide their children for their ling term well-being general public plays that role. People sem to be waking up to thr peril of live jihad!



Prem Singh

Wake up Hindu girls, please do not get trapped.



Venkatesan Anantharaman

 It's our society's fault, the family elders fault, that we don't imbibe Hindu values in our girls from young age.



Bonny Moraes

Don’t you feel sorry for this couple in love?



Natarajan D

nothing but love jihad. the youth will enter politics using hindu connection and damage hindu in future. hindu parents of girl child should be more careful. can anyone see muslim girls marry hindu, very very rare



Dev S

The situation in uttarkhand especially dehradun and adjoining areas is grave .. god save dev bhumi from these predatorrs.. the bjpee govt should have a strong leader like yogi else it will be disaster.. dhami mami wont work



Sanjoy Pandey

Protest is against the love jihad as shown in the Kerala Story.



User Narayanan

Why should a non muslim woman marrying a muslim always convert? Can the wedding not take place where both the man and woman continue to practice their own faith?




Why are only Hindu girls marrying Muslim?



Prince India

Now Karnataka is liberated from the hands of danga party.



Renuka Chendke

What! who are these organizations to have any say in consenting couples and families lives?



Jeev Singh

Whats it got to do with anyone? Two adults marrying voluntarily.




Sad state of affairs. Why interfere if both parties are ok - and no force etc?



Sandeep Bhatia

In this country people are not unhappy because of their poverty and social status but because of others riches and happy life. They think it to be their birthright to poke their nose in others' personal matters.




Who the hell is VHP and Bajrang dal to intervene in the matters of two lovers.

VHP和Bajrang dal到底是什么组织,竟敢干涉两个恋人的婚事。


Manish Kumar

The father sacrificing his daughter for politics.




Many people who commented on my earlier comment asked me why there are no Muslim girls falling in love with Hindu boys. There is no love or respect in the hearts of Hindu boys anymore. Their hearts are filled with hate and vengeance. That is not what Hinduism stands for. As a Hindu, I feel sorry for that boy and girl.



Rajesh Mani

If it can happen to a BJP leader, then common man state is pathetic. VHP and Bajrang Dal should be banned.

如果这种事会发生在一个人民党领导人身上,那么普通人的情况更是可悲的。VHP和Bajrang Dal这样的组织应该被取缔。


Go West

Religious conflict is increasing in India and it is now becoming like Pakistan. Best to try and move to US, Canada or Australia to enjoy peaceful life free from religious fighting.



Mohan Chellani

Find a nice Hindu boy




Today, adults are free to decide about their personal lives — haha then who are you as father to cancel the wedding. The adult couple have every right to move forward.


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