Amid row with China, India moves to boost conventional missile arsenal


NEW DELHI: India is now step on the gas to produce both short-range and long-range conventional missiles for major non-nuclear strikes against enemy targets, even as it also separately consolidates the nuclear-triad for strategic deterrence, amid the continuing military confrontation with China.


Development of the Pralay ballistic missiles with a strike range from 150 to 500-km has been completed by the DRDO, while the long-range land-attack cruise missiles (LR-LACMs) and submarine-launched cruise missiles (SLCMs), with a 1,000-km range, will also be ready for production within a couple of years, top defence sources told TOI.


The surface-to-surface Pralay tactical missiles and the subsonic LR-LACMs will join the BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, Pinaka multi-launch rocket systems and other stand-off weapons in the new integrated rocket force (IRF) to be set up in the run-up to the tri-service theatre commands.



The Rajnath Singh-led defence acquisitions council has already given the initial nod or “acceptance of necessity (AoN)” for the IAF to induct 120 Pralay missiles, which will be followed by another 250 such missiles for the Army.

拉杰纳特·辛格领导的国防采购委员会已经 “初步同意”或“接受必要性”,印度空军未来将引入120枚“普拉雷”导弹,陆军随后也会引入250枚“普拉雷”导弹。

 “All such missiles and rocket systems of the Army, Navy and IAF will be integrated under the IRF for better command and control. This is required especially along the northern borders with China,” a source said.


With the induction of Pralay, India will jettison its policy of having ballistic missiles only with nuclear payloads. “For India, ballistic meant nuclear till now. But both China and Pakistan have conventional as well as nuclear ballistic missiles,” the source said.






User Sankara

As predictions of reliable astrologers there are possibly a world war after2028 between China&other Western countries especially USA.war between lndia and Pak possible and also china India's number one enemy.So lndia has to match Chinese missiles,other modern warfares at the earliest.lndia must seek Israel help a country reliable to lndia.





Hopefully under the strong leadership of PM Modi ji, India will soon match up with the Chinese & give them a befitting response in case they try any mischief at border.




Rao Rao

Time now for KALI / DURGA / BRAHMOS 2 / Under Water Drones. With China what matters is - MIGHT IS RIGHT. Hence we just need to be Mighter

现在我们得上马迦梨 /、杜尔迦 、布拉莫斯2 、水下无人机了。对付中国,强权即公理。所以我们只要变得更强大就不用担心。



Bakula Patel

India must convince US and Russia on china-Pak intension to engage India on border issues,since terror mixed war game is played by both globaly,can hurt more.jh




• 10 hours ago

Indian army is battle ready as it is continuing fight against terrorists  countries who sponsor terrorist like pakistan. On the other hand PLA just got numbers but hardly they have any battle experience.

印度军队已经做好战斗准备,继续打击支持恐 怖分子的国家,比如巴基斯坦。另一方面,解放军只是人多,几乎没有战斗经验。




CN have an electronic grid over IND run from unknown locations on Earth & Space. Take off of any fighter jet or surveillance aircraft & navigation strength are already known & can be tampered with fatal consequences.




• 11 hours ago

India must be ready for a offensive role! China cannot be trusted!




Sandeep Srikumar

Please test and develop ICBMs like Agni 6.





India ought to be ready at all time with or without the double threat from China and Pakistan




• 13 hours ago

Be ready for both China and Napak. Also target the roots of anti national forces.




• 13 hours ago

India is doing great work to become Atamnirbhar! For our pessimistic friends, let me tell them that only technology can't win the wars. Courageous, patriotic, highly motivated and skilled soldiers are needed to win the war. Men behind the machines are very important. We should have faith in our brave heart soldiers in order to keep them highly motivated! Jai Hind





YEa really just check the level of corruption in the armed forces before talking about nationalism!




• 13 hours ago

how many missiles and what sort of missiles China has?




• Venkata Chavali • 11 hours ago

China's missile tech is No 1 in the world. US is very clear of that.




Sandeep Srikumar

Lots. Much more than India. They have developed with US in mind.




• 14 hours ago

Wish this war preparedness should continue even if freebies and appeasement parties combination takeover Central government for a short period.




• 14 hours ago

Suppose China unload all their nukes on India -- how many will they kill? 100 million? That much population will be produced by this fertile country in 10 years or less.,Is desh ka dharti hi aisa hai.,Meanwhile China will be finished in the Karma blowback. Karma will be Indian nukes and the worlds total boycott. PLA suck in actual fighting, so they make up for it with NUMBERS and INFRASTRUCTURE INTIMIDATION.





C S Maurya

We can observe from the Russia Ukraine war Russia is able to keep USA NATO EU under control, because it's own Arms Industries are supplying arms what the Army needs




Leon Fernandes

Why waste precious resources on develo armaments. The so called nationalists and patriots can do the job. Send them to the border.





Hope they are better than Putin's 'invincible' dagger missiles, at least they won;t have to face the mighty patriot system.




• 14 hours ago

Same news with different wordings every quarter as paid article on behalf of MoYo ji.




• 14 hours ago

What this news with common middle class ppl.. just fetch our tax left and right by giving everything to so called minority.. just shame.. no further words..




• 14 hours ago

NATO, no need to publish so much . Do it and show it . No action talk only




• 14 hours ago

Having Missiles, Nuclear Arsenal for External Enemies fine . But much more important important is having Armed Drones to Locate & Hunt Internal Enemies, Traitors, Anti nationals




Chetan Vyas

Vote wisely to take care of traitors




Umesh Kumar

No one will believe on China .




• 14 hours ago

I am proud Indian and but not Modi Bhakt,sorry to say and feels sad. but we r 50 years behind China




• Akashwani • 14 hours ago

and for that, all thanks to your party con-gress for kee us 50 yrs behind china .




• Akashwani • 14 hours ago

By ground it takes another 300 yrs to get ourselves reformed… even 100 Modi can’t do it because colonialism in our blood.. sad but true..




• Akashwani • 14 hours ago

who's fault was it ? If Congress would have done their job we should have seen More powerful India





No actually 100 years. We are only busy building toilets, useless statues and politicians inflaming hatred aginst our own countrymen to gain votes! With such leadership, we can never dream of competing with China ever!




Pashupati Sahai

Why are we fifty years behind china when once we were ahead. Who is to blame?


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