'Make in India' push: Defence ministry bans import of 928 items


NEW DELHI: The defence ministry has approved another list that progressively bans import of 928 sub-systems, components, spares and 'line replacement units' of military equipment and platforms by defence PSUs to promote self-reliance.


The new "positive indigenisation list" for the defence PSUs is in continuation of the first three such lists, which contained a total of 1,238 items, announced in December 2021, March 2022 and August 2022.


"The 928 items in the fourth list, with import substitution value of Rs 715 crore, will be procured from Indian industry after the timelines indicated in the list that range between December 2024 and December 2028. Of the 1,238 earlier items, 310 have been indigenised so far," an official said.


Over 450 of the items in the fourth list are different kinds of components of "magazine fire-fighting systems", while 260 are related to gas turbine generators and 147 to shafting. The list also includes several items connected to the HTT-40 trainer aircraft, including main and nose wheel tyres and multi-function displays.


Defence PSUs will undertake indigenisation of 928 listed items through different routes under 'Make' category and in-house development.




Tamil Selvan

I have one Humble and Kind request to all political parties. India to come to this stage in Development has been sacrifices of millions of people. Just to win votes and come to power do not Indulge in Free bees. Everyone has a different View on the political front. but we should have only one view that we need to Move forward in development and self-sustainability in every field. India has a Huge population of youth for whom Jobs has to be created. its impossible to create so many government jobs. we have to make a society with more job givers than seekers. We have come forward a long way.. out cultural values and religious belief and Democracy is vital for that to achieve. we have to modernize without westernizing the society. Do not give freebes and make people lazy and lethargic and make the states bankrupt. even if couple of states goes bankrupt it will pull the entire country down. we should not go in the Srilanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan way.. we should go in the Singapore way. The right to wealth of this country goes to the poorest of the poor no second doubt about it. instead of giving freebees lets empower them and make them part of the society.







我们的文化价值、宗教信仰和民 主对实现这一目标至关重要。









Venkat Raghvan

People also have responsibilty to vote sensibly. Look at punjab, delhi, kanataka and WB. Delhi and punjab gone to buggest criminal and of India with the help of people. India has a shaky future with these voters and above all BJP promised sky but is incabalbe of delivering something substantial.




As soon as FAKE gandi dynasty gains power, all local manufacturing of defence will be scrapped. HUGE CORRUPTION is possible only in defense equipment purchases through middlemen like Quotrachi. Supid brainwashabe people who believe lies when repeated 1000s of times deserve that kind of slavery



User Panda•20189

Who is going to go into war with the poorest of the poor country in the world? What are they going to get - other than human slaves? They can get better slaves through Infosys, TCS, HCL, Wipro, Mahindra. Why even bother to go in war with India then? Gandhis are right in outsourcing the defense of this poor country. Anybody that can attack is asked to protect. No headache for govt.



Balachandran Nair

Those who have vested interest will always go for purchase of defence equipment from foreign countries



Balachandran Nair

Brilliant, I wish we had started doing it at least 20 years back



Guest Login

If everything made in india then how gandi family survive if they come to power




what about banning all low and ultra low technology imports and providing employment opportunities to our people. We should all support it even if they are slightly costly. why our authorities are slee over it




Stop purchasing thru AMAZON - just like i did. They hire greedy guys to import from china and dump all low tech tots, vitrified tiles, battery , building accessories, spares, hand tools and million items killing local manufacturing and jobs.



Balachandran Nair

I think this government is doing everything to make the country progressive




How about you? Don't tell me you do not buy Made-in-China products, everyone does. They are cheap, look ok, and somehow work. How many people would think about so many things and pay more to buy Made in India products?


International English

For the last 10 years, I have been buying only products made in my country or nothing at all. It is hard but at least I can proudly say I do not help those who harm my country. Can you say that?



Proud Indian

What is the point of doing all these brillient things . Congress will come to power by giving freebie and will again sale India to china . Will force india to purchase everything from outside .



Ramesh Xyz

Good trend. But 700 crores is hardly 0.1% of our Defence Budget. We need to be more aggressive to minimise our dependence on Imports and USD.



rajiv bhargava

Right way , develop arms in large scale in war reliability is more important even if not latest .



Balachandran Nair

Well, India need to be prepared for any eventuality



Saju N

Do see a future for such savings only if the current government continues,Else all these will be shelfed and clarified as non competitive and imports will restart




Unfortunately people of this country want only freebies and want to live life like pests and hollow the Nation. They will try to bring Anti-National elements to power. The majority of people have no idea about policies which take at least 5- 6 years to bear fruit.. Illiterate, self-centered, anti-nationals, terror supported and corrupts are more in numbers and always try to bring corrupts to power.. India will doom if useless pests come to power

不幸的是,这个国家的人只想要免费的东西,想要像害虫一样生活,掏空国家。他们试图让反国家分子掌权。大多数人不理解至少需要5- 6年才能开花结果的政策。文盲、以自我为中心、反国家分子、支持恐 怖主义、腐败者的人数更多,总是试图把腐败者推上权力宝座。如果无用的害虫掌权,印度将会毁灭



This move will end up more exports of arms and amunation, we need more such moves for more and more job creations



Atmaprakash Khetan

A pre-election Jumla to be taken with a pinch of salt.


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