Eye on China, 2 Indian ships in Singapore for Asean naval drill


New Delhi: India has sent two frontline warships to take part in the maiden naval exercise with Asean countries, in kee with the overall policy to further crank up the military outreach to the 10 South East Asian nations with an eye firmly on China.

Guided-missile destroyer INS Delhi and multi-purpose stealth frigate INS Satpura, under the command of the Eastern Fleet commander Rear Admiral Gurcharan Singh, reached Singapore on Monday for the first Asean-India Maritime Exercise from May 2 to 8.


在东部舰队司令Gurcharan Singh少将的指挥下,INS Delhi号导弹驱逐舰和INS Satpura号多用途隐形护卫舰于周一抵达新加坡,参加5月2日至8日举行的首次东盟-印度海上演习。



Saugata Lahiri

Very good, these proactive steps were long required by India. The ASEAN countries would welcome it and allow India to get and play a larger role in the region. Such steps increases India’s sphere of influence which also translate into better trade relationships for India in the long term.



Aditya Sharma

Indian Govt must remember that countries like Singapore have close cultural ties with China. Singapore cleverly doesn’t show its closeness to China but it’s almost like it’s colony. People are highly sympathetic to China and see nothing wrong with China’s expansionist policies. Infact they see China as a victim.




China is doing all kind of nasty things to India. and its other neighbors. But Indians love to criticize NATO and the US. Go figure about how stupid our DNA is.



Ashish Jain

Unless you protect your friends how many friends will you be left with to work with. You need to take proactive initiatives. Work with US and Japan to form an embrace and keep arming these nations so that they can defend. Their safety ensures our safety we are interlinked against a common enemy.



Blue Tesla

good event. hold the fort.



User S

India is getting there slowly to read the dragon's move and their expansion debt plan to encircle India and eventually to grab whole of Asia to start with. For that we need a majority stable BJP govt. for sure. If opposition led coalition win - then India is doomed and will lose what ever progress has been done in global arena in last decade.



Prashant Sinha

Early we were managing hard to counter Pakistan forget about china. Now we are countering China forget Pakistan. This is the difference Modi Government brought.



Tiger Raj

Foreign minister Jaishankar has done huge damage to India's security by saying India is too weak to fight China. It demoralised Indian military. But, Modi still keeps him as FM. Because of Jaishankar, even now Bhutan doesn't respect India and Bhutan is talking with China to open new alliance. As long as BJP stays in power, India will be vulnerable to China. Vote for Rahul 2024. Control Overpopulation in India by Voting Rahul 2024!






Ivan Wolf

With 2 Indian tiny cans and a RED eye, China is trembling with fear.



Sanjoy Pandey

The aggressive attitude of the China should be suitably replied by the world.



Medini Rai

China has become more aggressive since its population converted to Christianity


paarth Medini

An absolutely meaningless comment. Don't bring your religious hatred to every discussion.



bhartiya singh

Why call it South China Sea? Why not Asean Sea.



shashikant kapoor

South China Sea is Indian Ocean like Bay of Bengal or Arabian Sea. It belongs to India from the times of Emperor Ashoka. Indian Government is complacent to lay claim on it.





Dr.Nandish Purli

Permanent Aircraft Carrier like islands in IOR


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