How China Became a World Superpower in 40 Years


40 years ago China was a poor agrarian economy, today it is the second largest economy in the world and a world leader in many of the most advanced technologies in the world. How did China make this transformation?





Chinese are hard working, smart, and peaceful people who built their country without cololizing or invading other countries, which is very different from the west.



F Liu

As a Chinese, I have never been more proud of my country. The Chinese leadership together with my fellow compatriots deserve all the credit due for the amazing achievements and transformations taken place over the past 40 years, in fact the past 200 years since the Western colonialists aggression, China has fought hard, worked hard for everything they have today. And I have no doubt we will continue our efforts to make China an even better place.


在过去40年里,中国取得了令人惊叹的成就和变化,这一切都应归功于中国领 导人和同胞们。

事实上,自西方殖民 主义侵略以来的200年里,中国经历了艰苦卓绝的斗争和奋斗,才有了今天的一切。



Zeis Siez

I witnessed the last 25 years of the 40 years of reform in China. I saw changes taking place in the country on a daily basis.




Sadly many Americans will never get a chance to experience these architectural and infrastructural marvels in China…



rightright right

China is a peaceful country and we have never invaded any one throughout history so Americans have a lot of reckoning to do with the coming election 2024.




The more u know, the more u respect the China's effort to improve their country




Many in the west fear a powerful China but I feel like it adds some much needed balance in the world. China prefers a win-win relationship with other countries whereas the U.S always prefers a win-lose.



Polly Wang

China not only develop it's own country and improve it's own people living standard but also hel other countries' infrastructure through  belt and road.



Bruce Lee

Thanks to the wisdom of the chinese and the hard working merit of the people, the country finally emerged into a powerful country again delivering decent life for everyone in the society.



Tio Min hui

China has a future and is currently heading towards a developed country with advanced technology and a culture characteristic of China, China will be successful in the future.



James W

Look back into history, China used to be superpower of the world for thousand of years. The biggest difference between ancient China Dynasties and modern superpowers like British Empire and USA is China never wanted to rule the world in the past. Now, China is on the way back to its past glory, but still, it will become a superpower like no others, which is, in a peaceful way.





Squidus Giganticus

China has always been a global superpower for the last 2000 years. Only thing is that the last 200 years is an anomaly. In particular the last century of humiliation. This has been ingrained in the collective minds of the Chinese diaspora. Every single Chinese remembers this and strives to become the best that he can be wherever he is. It's only natural that China regains it's apex position as a global superpower within the world order.



Perfect Storm

The most amazing of all, China did all these without conquering others for resources or forcing others to accept its currency. They did it through hard work and good planning. Peaceful rise of China



Barry Wong

Just imagine if my government in the US would ditch its destructive and self-serving impulses and take a page from China, this planet would be a much happier place for all!

想象一下,如果美国政 府放弃搞破坏和自私自利的冲动,向中国学习,这个星球对所有人来说将是一个更快乐的地方!


RAZORSHARP - TRIZ Innovation Leadership Complexty

Government in China works for its people and country. In India, it works for the personal desires of its PM, not even the ruling party.



john jun

China has unlimited positive potential, and will be the world peaceful superpower and leader, go China!! the world needs you!!




China was once a dirt-poor, starving country in the past, but fast forward till today and China has since transformed into the world's 2nd largest economy (the largest if you go by PPP), the factory of the world, having the world's 2nd largest research spending, protected by the world's largest land army, the People's Liberation Army. And it's all been achieved under the leadership of the .



Yueh Chen

go-go-go-China and the world to build a prosperous future together, you can do it.!!!



Raf IQ

Thank you so much for this "China Intro" that still shocks and moves someone who thought he knew China enough.  Those infrastructure marvels, expansive public works that help improve every respect of people's life, let's hope we see something similar in the United States.



David Richards

Simple. Elon Musk who has EV and battery gigafactory plants in both the US and China says, "China rocks. They're smarter, they work harder, and they don't complain. American workers are lazy and they feel entitled."  THAT is how China became a superpower and the world's biggest economy PPP by far.




nhon lai

It’s crazy to see all these developments.




Boils down to:

Chinese DO a lot, while SOME Others TALK a lot.




Colin Spencer

Western powers recognised the future vitality of the Chinese market as soon as the Bamboo Curtain fell.  VW quickly established production of Volkswagen cars, soon with plants in five provinces.  GM and others quickly followed.   Low cost of production is a small part of the success, but huge quantities of scale contributes a great deal of efficiency.   China's commitment to providing energy for industry and domestic uses is a reason for the shift of industrial manufacturing from western economies to China.




China's rise kind of reminds me of Japan's rise to power over 100 years ago. Japan was a poor country, but rised to power in only 40 years. China is also a similar story. China was poor and undeveloped, but now, China is a superpower and on track to overtake the US economically by 2035 or earlier. We, as Americans, need to stop listening to American politicians and western news media and respect China and consider China as a friend, not a enemy




Even before building roads and factories, there is one important development that is necessary for highspeed growth, and that is investment in human resources... that is what really seperate China and India... the early investment in Health and Education.



Eugene C

Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will wake the world.      -  Napolean Bonaparte    19th Century

Let the United States of America sleep, for while she sleeps, the world will be absolutely peaceful.    -  Me      21st Century




Frank Lay

That is amazing achievement through hard work and determination and will show the world in a peaceful way


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