What are the worst things about Indian hospitals?





Rupinder Singh

On 11 July 2022, Soon-to-be-married Rekha (20) went to Mahaveer Health Institute for an ear treatment in Patna, Bihar. After the treatment, a nurse gave Rekha an injection in her left arm. She injected the medicine into an artery when it was meant for a vein.


Soon after, Rekha started feeling pain in the arm. She informed the doctor and the nurse. Not only they ignored her requests, but they also threatened to throw her out. Rekha’s forearm got seriously infected, turned blue, and lost function. When her parents visited the Kankarbagh Police Station to report against the hospital, they refused to file the FIR. (allegedly due to political pressure)


Rekha’s forearm had to be amputated.

The wedding to be held in November was called off. The hospital started pressuring Rekha's family to settle outside the court. After much criticism, they finally admitted to the mistake, offered to apply an artificial arm to Rekha at their own expense, and promised to help her get a job. The responsible doctor and nurse have been suspended.




The ‘About Us’ page of Mahavir Arogya Sansthan's website[3]mentions what they believe in — exactly 180 degrees opposite to what they did to Rekha.


Mahavir Arogya Sansthan上“关于我们”的页面提到了他们的信仰——但和他们对瑞卡所做的完全相反。




Kushagra Mittal

Not once, but several times:

My aunt was given plasma (not sure why, but usually used for resistence buildup against viral), while she was already diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. Also, she had cardiac arrest within minutes of procedure. I think staff of sir gangaram hospital first mixed patients, and she was given something else or infected plasma.



There is a hospital in my town, which is known (or hyped) as the best in the entire district. It rented some ventilators during COVID to provide treatment to critical stage patients, but almost no one survived. If you require a ventilator, you don't even have one in a million chance of surviving over 3–4 days without it. However, I know at least 3 people who refused ventilator against medical advice given by that hospital, and none of them died. It is either a miracle which repeated thrice, or the greed of hospital which forced it to move healthy people to killing machines. Also, God knows what the quality of ventilators was, but the hospital significantly enhanced its buildings after peak covid phase.





SriTeja Jeedigunta

I haven't seen other hospitals in India. I've only been in Hyderabad and I can safely say, we have world class treatment with the best doctors in the country.

The hospitals here are clean, the emergency services are quick, the price of treatment is not so expensive compared to other parts of the world, sometimes doctors do try and give discount.



If you have insurance, then, the cost of treatment magically shoots up, causing no loss to you though. A patient is always in a comfortable place.

Doctors are very polite, except one or two sturdy ones.

There is nothing in world that is not there in India w.r.t medical advances. We have everything and so far we have been doing great.




Only problems are with high population and low number of doctors. That will be fixed in next 5 years.

People from all over the world come to Hyderabad for treatment.

I've personally experienced some tourists making racist comments against the doctor, but walking out with a smile and remorse after the treatment.

India is the best when it comes to health care. Atleast - Hyderabad..








Syed Zirgham Raza

Before I put forward my point, here my credentials to be eligible to answer this.

MBA in Healthcare Management.

Research Assistant (ICMR funded on Public Healthcare infrastructure Systems)

Answer- Even though your question was about Indian hospitals, I am going to speak about the Indian Healthcare System in general.





Worst thing about Indian Healthcare System is that in India health is a social right but quality healthcare is a commodity that is accessible only to a selected few.

Healthcare industry is PERHAPS the darkest industry out there in the market and medicos are not to be blamed for that because they are just a pawn in the game.



The private players won't treat patients unless they have paying capacity while the public institutes are already overburdened- poor doctor: patient, patient : bed ratio, much thanks to the government's ignorance in allocation of resources.

Ultimately, patient is the one who has to pay heavily either by means of leaking high fees for his/her treatment or through his/her life by dying unattended in a public institute.



But who cares though? We as civilians are more thoughtful of increasing petrol prices, vegetables , fruits, and mosque and temples but exsiting healthcare system seems to be too trivial as an issue to us against which voice needs to collectively raised.





ゆうき 翔太

It is hard to believe that even today, India's most advanced medical services Institute and several hospitals in the capital have lost power due to cyber attacks, causing long queues of waiting patients and chaos in hospitals. Doctors are unable to send blood surveys, perform imaging studies or access previous case reports. Many operations are done manually, which is inefficient and error-prone. We in India preach the advanced world all day, but Modi govt never cares about the life of the old hundred, only knows how to curry favor with USA and Russia. Property developers build lots of empty factories to cheat subsidies, the country is dead and there is no sign of technology, and now even the medical system is easily hacked, there is no hope.





Naval Asija

Some of the worst things are that hospitals generally do not allow home cooked food for patients, they are noisy places even in the middle of night, the lights inside are too bright, they have car parking troubles, there are much more employees than patients who wear variety of uniforms to confuse a patient.





Parrasu Parrasu

There is no male nurses to treat male patients and male patient have no choice to choose male nurses are doctors for simple allergic reaction on his private part instead he is asked to go nude in front of female nurses..

Female patient have every choice to choose female nurses and docors and they give them first preference.but men don't have choice..



Moreover female nurses will touch and see male chest without his permission even penis can be touched in some cases but female breasts cannot be stared even when it is fully covered.

Does greece civilization gave permission to touch and see chest of all men to unknown women? Don't we have the choice?



If men cannot touch a part he don't have how can a women touch a part she don't have?

Sorry for grammatical and spelling error..






Abhay Gandhi

As I am pharmacist and I knew what are the indication of jaundice. So I got indication that I had jaundice so I had go to government hospital at jamnagar..

So for that blood check up is necessary so I permit for it.

One intern ( doctor) is their and literally she tried to remove my blood from vein for more than 20 times.

After 20 times I had suffering from headache and started hang on their. And then dushummmm....

Can't imagine.

From next time I decided to go anywhere but not goes at government hospitals.










Deepthi Veeresh

It seems we were in for surprise or shock in a place called the hospital. Patients come in with complaints of their own.


While traveling to the workplace, it was a bad day than ever. Near the traffic light, it was not even orange and not many were passing through, and then from the left pushed in a bike and braked and unnoticed slowed down and what was observed was a collide soft enough to slightly lose balance and 9 yards flying in the air and landing on earth with self-injuries and intact driving instrument with a minimal tear.


Later, self-assessment seemed few injuries for which I entered a hospital for treatment. A tetanus shot was administered by a nurse. Immediately, a swelling developed on the site of the shot. It was very painful and staying on for nearly 2 months and then resolved.



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