What are some of the unsolved mysteries of India?





Vineel Chandra

Prahlad Jani - an Indian breatharian monk who claimed to have lived without food and water since 1940!!!


Prahlad Jani——一位印度食气高僧,自称他从1940年以来一直滴水未站,粒米未进!!

Let me ask you a simple question - “What was the last meal you consumed?”

Chances are you can remember it pretty easily but this is not the case for a man named Prahlad Jani in India. He said the last bit of food he ever ate was near the early years of World War 2 (1939–45) and he says it was such a long time ago he couldn't even remember exactly what it was but despite not eating or drinking for 70 years, this guy was 90 years old and healthy at the time of his death.


你可能很快就能想起来,但对于一个名叫Prahlad Jani的印度人来说就不是这样了。他说他最后一次进食是在第二次世界大战初期(1939-45),他说那是很久以前的事了,他已经压根记不起当时吃了什么。虽然已经70年不吃不喝,但这个人90岁高龄才去世,身体一直很健康。

Let me tell you, he was not lying either! This person had been watched out and he hadn’t eaten or drank anything for years. For normal people, if they didn’t eat or drink, within a week they would have passed on but Mr. Jani is completely different and he says he never felt better. He might think that due to his lack of food and water. He had got no energy but actually, he used to walk around 20 miles a day in the jungles.


He said he never got tired or drowsy. He never felt like slee also! He said he could meditate for a very long time. In fact, he claimed he spent his days meditating for 3, 8, or 12 hours and the longest he had gone while just meditating had been two months. At that time, he didn’t eat or drink.


Some people feel that this person was just crazy and full of nonsense. But Mr. Jani said that his Hinduism and holiness allowed him to do this. He spent 15 days at the State Hospital in Gujarat. At that time, he was monitored around the clock and nobody saw him consume any food or water whatsoever. No human should be able to survive this but Mr. Jani did and with no ill effects. Doctors ran many tests on him and they found he didn’t need food to be healthy. Instead, he used to say that he had been getting energy from the sunlight. This is much like a plant that consumes sunlight as food during photosynthesis.





Abhiram Sitamraju

Srikurmam temple, situated in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, is one of the lesser known Hindu temples in India. The main deity of the temple is SriKurmanadha - the 2nd incarnation of Vishnu’s Dasavatars.

斯里柯满寺庙,位于安得拉邦的斯里加古兰,是印度不太知名的印度教寺庙之一。寺庙的主神是SriKurmanadha -毗湿奴十大化身中的第二个化身。

There is an underground tunnel on the North-East of ‘Pradakshana Mandapam'. The tunnel directly leads to opens at Varanasi (Kasi). Currently the entrance of the tunnel is closed as there are wild animals and snakes all along the tunnel which is being depicted in the pictures shown below





It gives me chills even to think about travelling such long distances through car or rather any vehicle for that matter whereas the people who built this millions of years ago had no equipped machinery as we have today and still have managed to carve/build so.



The distance between the temple and Varanasi, just in case.








Lord Hanuman living in Underwater:

Compared with other Gods, Hanuman responses quickly. Just by reading Hanuman Chalisa. The reason is Hanuman is Chiranjeevi, Chiranjeevi means one who exsts on earth for ever.



There is sloka.

yatra yatra raghunatha keertanam

tatra tatra kruthamasthakanjalem |

Bhashpa Vari paripurna lochanam

maruthim namatha rakshasanthagam ||

Meaning: Lord Hanuman, the terror to demons is present wherever praise of Sri Rama is sung, with joyous tears in His eyes and folded hands over His head. To Him we offer our salutation.



This is mystery of ancient India. Ancient India expands half of the world.

During the time of Mahabharatha. One day Arjuna came to a sea coast and Narada came to the same place. Narada said to Arjuna that Lord Rama is more great archer than You, he built Rama Setu on water.



Arjuna said that, i too can build Setu using arrows, Arjuna shows this to narada by creating a setu using arrows over ocean.

Lord Hanuman who is meditating at that place, observes it and says that " oh Egoistic Arjuna, you are insulting my Lord Rama by building a setu with arrows".

And Hanuman breaks that Setu.




Arjuna again builts it, and again Hanuman breaks it. Arjuna felt hurt and says that " this is my last setu construction, if it is destroyed by Hanuman, i am going to do prayopavesham (death by fasting)".

Arjuna builts the setu and Hanuman tries to break it, but it wont gets broken.

Arjuna says to Narada "did you observed it, the setu is not getting broken".




Narada says to Arjuna "see it carefully". Arjuna looks at the setu and observes that Sri Krishna is used his hand to protect the setu from falling.

Hanuman comes back to the coast.Lord Krishna converts into Lord Rama, Hanuman is happy after seeing Lord Rama.

Narada says that, this is Sri Krishna leela, he made to meet two Legendary warriors for the future war (Kurushketra).




Hanuman lives at the same place underwater. It exsts in Indonesia now, which is once part of India during the time of Mahabharata.





Arsh Aryan


“The cave in foot of Mount Kailash”


There is a cave in foot of the Mount Kailash that might be hundreds of miles long. Yogis in ancient time are said to have taken samadhi there and practiced meditation. Several human bones have been found within hundred metre depth of the cave. On the entrance of the cave you can hear some faint music whose audibility rises a you go further inside. It is some sort of naad comprising of tabla, damru, war horn. The sources of the sound haven’t been found yet.


Surprisingly the oxygen level is better inside the cave than the outside and it has an alien smell. The temperature inside the cave increases like any other cave and couple of hundred metres, the temprature become unbearable thus limiting a human body to go much deeper. You feel a strange vibration in your body as you go inside. All your senses starts working abnormally. You have strange vision if you close your eyes. A sensation like weightlessness as if gravity is decreasing or have become like that of a moon.


A lot of research has been done to get explaination for the strangeness of cave but still no outcome. All the probes, robots, drone sent inside cannot go beyond some point due to heat and twisted magnetism inside the cave. The cave changes the way a human acts afterwards in life thus the entrance has been sealed with camouflage rock doors. But early pictures are available. Kailash might not be in India but still people here can connect to it. So this is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries and well kept secret.





Himangshu Baruah

As per legend it's a 3400 years old unsolved mystery of continuous stream of Water has been flowing over the natural Shiva Linga.

It’s called Sapteshwar because 7 streams of Water fall on this Ancient Shiva Linga.




Here the flowing water is crystal clear & cold regardless of season. Sapteshwar Mahadev Mandir, Located on the bank of Sabarmati River near Vijapur in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat.





Vivek Lamba

The Black Taj Mahal!

Some people say that it's a myth. But hey! If it was that simple, I wouldn't be writing this answer.





There have been some archaeological proofs stating that Shah Jahan wanted to build a black Taj Mahal on the other side of the river - the black one potraying him and the white one potraying his wife.


The white Taj Mahal would represent the most beautiful woman he had ever seen while the black one would represent a sad and depressed Shah Jahan which was his mental state after his wife passed away. He wanted to look at both the monuments at the same time. But unfortunatly, he ran out of treasure and had to stop the construction.


To even think of doing a project like this in the 17th century and the fact that he was able to build one of them is exceptional in itself. Even without the black one, it still remains one of the greatest marvels of mankind.



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