With eye on China,India, US ink pact on semiconductors


NEW DELHI: Following talks between US commerce secretary Gina Raimondo and commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal on Friday, there are also indications that the US may act as the testbed for homegrown 5G connectivity programme.


Further, external affairs minister S Jaishankar and Raimondo launched “strategic trade dialogue” to address export controls, explore ways of enhancing high technology commerce, and facilitate technology transfer between the two countries.


Significantly, Raimondo had an unscheduled meeting with PM Modi. The talks cover the concern, heightened by Chinese expansionism and Russia's war on Ukraine, over the need to cut dependence on self-aggrandising players by diversifying supply chains and restrict the supply of dual use technologies to unfriendly powers.

值得注意的是,雷蒙多与莫迪总理进行了临时会晤。会谈提及中国的扩 张主义和俄罗斯对乌克兰的战争加剧的担忧,即有必要通过多元化供应链,减少对自我扩张者的依赖,并限制向不友好国家供应军民两用技术。

While semiconductors seemed to be the immediate focus, the US commerce secretary also said there was scope for the supply chain to expand to other electronic goods. Besides, she disclosed that her discussions with NSA Ajit Doval focused on working with a “trusted vendor base” in what was seen to be a reference to the realisation to move away from Chinese equipment manufacturers like telecom majors Huawei and ZTE, which have been seen a security risk.


The MoU on semiconductors is seen to be crucial given that the US is trying secure supply chains in the post-Covid period and enacting the CHIPS and Science Act to channelise investments of over $50 billion, the statement is seen to be an attempt to develop a supply chain that feeds into each other.




Dadhiya Palki

Eye on China



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Rahul Barnwal•Delhi

"eye on china" have been hearing this phrase from the pliant media since years now. when will the next step take place please :)



Suvle Seeker•Haitio

Overall positive.,But China did the smart thing by not just acquiring technology but using that as a base to improvise it, expand it, and more crucially build on it and branch it out to other things.,Indians should do the same. Don't remain static the way BaPa companies did the past 65 years ruining India.,Acronym alert: BaPa means BaniaParsi.



Rakesh Kumar Sinha

Soon you will see that all anti-Bharat forces led by pappu & co. will started all hue and cry. They will be funded by China, christian missionaries & jehadis.



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's growing assertiveness, not following rule based international order, debt trap of weaker countries & territorial dispute with all its neighbours is a matter of grave concern for all, and US is well within its right to impose ban on Cof Transfer of High Technology of Dual Use.... It's advantage India and must be exploited to the best extent possible...



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Collaboration with US on semiconductor or other important technologies is desirable. But our own research should be directed to find suitable alternatives. China has stolen most emerging technologies from the US and West and has become a super power due to its cheap and assured production. Democratic countries have to strive to make their decision process quick and production cheaper despite competitive populist call by the political opposition and continuous threat of policy change.



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Useless for US to spend on semiconductors it it does not have underpaid labour in India making the electronic goods. Even poor African and Asian countries have better per capita income then India. China with it fair wages today is no use to the US.



User Panda

India will have to start innovating and contributing technology .Never Trust US, they never do anything without their vested interest .



User Panda

I hope Modi is more knowledgeable in that,He had enormous experience,He is doing excellently in kee balance with all international powers


Rakesh Kumar Sinha• User Panda

But keep trusting China as Chicha Lehru did.



Gaana User

Finally found path



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Who destroyed semiconductor manufacturing factory at Mohali in 80s? Peòple suggest it was the handiwork of USA.



Harry• Pradeep Mehta•USA

But do you know who prvented INTEL from setting up manufacturing plant in India ? Nehru dynasty government under advise of Aziz Premji.



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America could do a lot in defense related matters with it's sophisticated weapons which will be useful for India to face w China.



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This could be a historic moment in the international trade and commerce. for Indian commercial world, it will open an entirely new and unexplored area of manufacturing and production.



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Bottom Line -Whatever agreements Signed Should be equally good for India and US.



Bala Srinivasan

The two giant are enhancing their strategic relationship with hegemonic CHINA in MIND



Munish Anand•Unknown

We must be very vigilant when working with US. it is no less than China. US knows how to trap the ally and gain undue benefit.



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collaborate to create a win win situation for stake holders US must move out of it's dependency on Chinese at any cost



User alishetti

China has developed with the help of China, whether it is education through American universities, technology transfer, US companies branching to China. With Chinese hard work, and co unist drs rule with no labor right, China progressed in 4 decades. India should work with US for its own benefit to accelerate growth. Indian can catch with China due to chaotic governance and indisciplined labor force.




Good. Finally India is learning from China to get technology to become future super power. Previously Monkey like behavior of Nehru, Krishnja Menon etc. had prevented India from taking advantage of Western fear of China in 1950s. when there was no need for India to recognize PRC when Bulk of the world had not recognized PRC.




Vijay Desikan• Harry•USA

India can't become a superpower just by taking technology from USA. At some point, when it becomes a middle income country, it will have to start innovating and contributing technology to the world. Otherwise it will never be considered a superpower.



Ivan Wolf

India has no semiconductors or chips, so what's the use of eye on China?



Sanjoy Pandey•Kolkata

All said and done, India needs to improve it's exports and balance of trade.


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