Why China's military support for Russia would be a 'game changer'


BEIG: The United States has said China is "considering providing lethal support" for Russia's war in Ukraine.

Beiing quickly rebuffed the claim this week but experts say it may have some merit and, if China did give support, could be a "game changer" in the year-old conflict.





Ash Man

NATO can supply as much as it wants and also give for free but others should not do the same.



China's no match for NATO. The headline is faulty.


Pangamba Meitei

China must send it's latest weapons in Ukraine front war to test it's effectiveness against USA made weapons. They can improve their weapons systems over USA made weapons.



No need to go through such a big article. When 30 nations NATO supplies weapons and artillery to Ukraine then Russia can take anything from it's friendly country. If that is the game changer then NATO should go to hell



Priyesh Sekar

US, Europe, Japan, Australia etc are sending tanks, missiles, anti missiles, trained mercenaries for more than a year. 10% relief package like food etc and 90% arms... But it's called support. But when China sends help it is called Waging of War



sudhakar rane

That's the hypocrisy of racist coward US and it's allies. Rest of the world is subjected to such type of hypocrisy from last 500 years and are looted by these racists. Still these nations from Africa, Asia,south and Central America are not learning a lesson. Whole world should help Russia by supporting it economically and militarily in this holy war by isolating US and it's allies.




User Smile

Double standard is always there. In the name of human ri hts, they never cherish other nations culture and feelings. What they thought right is right.

双重标准总是存在的。打着人 权的幌子,他们美国从不珍惜其他国家的文化和感情。他们认为强权即是真理


Indian Shariff

In simple words it's WW 3




No matter what comes out, once the China throws its hat in Ukraine conflict, WWIII simultaneously starts for sure.



Pangamba Meitei

China should not listen to USA; they should act independently to the best interest of national security. China should help Russia at all costs because USA has already crossed all types of redlines.




Although China has rejected the US talk of overt arms support but if it does happen in the future then it is most likely be clandestine support for two reasons : 1) Although China won't listen to the US and go ahead with such support when it wants to but the West being it's bigger trade partner than Russia, Beiing may not want to burn the bridge and add to additional hostility by doing it overtly. Hence, a clandestine support is more manageable at the foreign policy level. 2) An overt Chinese military help will also convey the message that Russia is finding it difficult to manage it on it's own and Putin may not like such a message amplified. Hence, a clandestine support is more likely as and when it happens.



2) 中国军事援助也将传达一个信息,即俄罗斯发现很难独自应对这场战争了,普京可能不喜欢这种信息被放大。因此,秘密支持更有可能


Ra Kural

Tom Clancy wrote about this a long time ago. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the forthcoming Chinese attack on Taiwan was planned out by Russia and China a long time ago and I think the plan was for one country to to take a beating while the the big plan would be executed.


Pangamba Meitei

It is well work out plan of USA to contain Russia and China long time ago. Both countries should stand together to defeat USA and it's pack.



Vidyanand Shetty

good developments... chinese involvement is good for India...




India should not buy Cheap Russian Oil smelling of Ukrainian blood and Misery and finance Putin's Akhand Russia dreams.


Pangamba Meitei

Russian has liberated East Ukraine from Nazi Azov militia of Volodmyr Zelenkey. Mission accomplished for Russian. However, USA and West are not happy with the outcome of their proxy war in Ukraine front. They are ready to involve in full scale war against Russia. China should fight USA and it's pack with heart and soul for the cause of greater human dignity.



Muhad Asghar

The mighty China can be the natural arbitrator of the Ukraine conflict started by the West.



Pangamba Meitei

Now, USA is gradually turning into bunch of dropout generation of Anglo-Saxon


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