‘It’s OK to be a loser’: heartfelt chat between ‘failed’ young Chinese women brings the gift of optimism to millions online



Two young women who have led a life of failure post hopeful late-night chat which resonates with millions on Chinese social media
Despite being down at heel financially the pair say losing their ability to dream would be the worst thing of all

A heartfelt chat between two down-at-heel young women about the real meaning of life has touched the hearts of millions on Chinese social media.
Centred around the notion that “it is OK to be a loser”, in a late-night sit down, the pair discuss their optimism despite leading lives “full of failure”.





Wanwan, 28, who only has 5,000 yuan (US$735) to her name five years after graduating from a top Chinese university, and Chaochao, 29, a master’s degree graduate whose last job was cleaner at a hotpot restaurant, opened their hearts in a 17-minute-long video published on the last day of 2022.

Since then the Chinese version of “2 Broke Girls” from the country’s southwestern Sichuan province has attracted five million views.



Both pursued their dreams and failed, but instead of feeling anxous, they gained “unprecedented freedom” and “a life full of choices”.

The women both graduated from Central China Normal University in 2017.

Wanwan worked as a short video creator at a Chinese internet giant, while Chaochao became a postgraduate student in Beiing, pursuing her scriptwriting dream.

On the face of it, they had a bright future ahead of them. But then reality hit.

Wanwan said she has had more than a dozen jobs but found all of them meaningless. One job also gave her serious back problems.







The young women’s heartfelt confession and optimistic attitude to life have resonated with many.

“I’m still looking up at ‘the moon’, and I feel warm-hearted and spiritually rich. If I give up on my dream one day, that’s when I will be a real loser,” said one commenter.

“You are so positive. As someone going through a tough life at the moment, I feel encouraged,” said another.

“Thank you for sharing your failures. So many people only brag about their success,” commented a third person.






Ridzuan K.
The ladies have a wrong perception of their situation but have the right attitude. I think is wrong of them to refer their situation as failures. Their are experiencing challenges which is preparing them for greater achivement ahead. Their right attitude only strengthens that they shall not fail at the end. Brighter future ahead ladies..



Francisco A
A failure is but a learning experience. Glad they have a positive outlook on life.



Liu B.
Chinese seems to be more progressive than the West. Instagram and other social media promotes the upper 1% elite with all their supposedly fancy posts. But however 99% of the population leads a moderate and even mundane life. Indeed its okay not to be the model minority.


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