Is the full hellenization of the West the last hope for defeating the old Asian civilizations (China, India, Iran etc.) in the Age of Aquarius?





Bruce Newman

Just when I think I've seen the craziest Quora question somebody dips deep into the well of solipsism and comes up with a real winner. It actually makes some kind of historical sense (up until the age of Aquarius) but has no probability and even less of an answer to why defeat is the goal.





Charles Jameson


What is the significance of the age of Aquarius?

The Age of Aquarius is about 504 years away.

It is denoted by the sidereal constellation at the annual Vernal Equinox. Which is about 7 degrees Pisces. And it goes backward 1 degree every 72 years, due to precession.

So it not going into (The Age of) Aquarius for a while yet.

When we get there though, we will be living in a much more structured (for better or worse) life, as ruler of Aquarius is Saturn - the planet of order, discipline and structure.









Zane B Stein


What if The Age of Aquarius really happened, but we weren't paying attention?

Interesting question.

First, each astrological age last around 2160 years, and things don't begin to change dramatically the moment the equinoxes precess into another sign. Rather, there is a shading in of the new age, and a shading out of the old age, that lasts from about 216 years before the age begins through 216 years after the start of the age, so as the influence of Aquarius begins to manifest in the world, the influence of Pisces begins to fade. (You could call that 512 year period the 'cusp' between the ages.)






Second, there is a lot of difference in opinion as to exactly when the Age of Aquarius begins. I won't go into the technical side of this, but I have seen some propose variously that the age of Aquarius began to be felt back in 1781, 1844, 1890, 1957, and 1969....and perhaps the most extreme date, Rudolf Steiner wrote that the Aquarian Age would arrive in the year 3573.


With that being said....

If the age began in 1781, it has only been develo for 238 years, and so would have still been in the shading-in phase until 1997. In that case, the age is now in full-Aquarius mode and you should see its influence everywhere, with no more Pisces-age influences other than as historical relics. I cannot see that as what is happening, since there is still a good bit of the Piscean influence everywhere.



If it began in 1844, 1890 or 1957, we are still in the shading in phase, and you should see some influence of Aquarius all around you, growing more prominent year by year, while the Piscean influence should be weakening. This is the way it appears to me, as I look around me, talk to people, read the news, and explore the internet. I don't know which date is closest to correct, but it appears to me that Aquarius is a growing influence and the world.


So I don't believe the Age of Aquarius 'happened' (past tense), but rather, we are experiencing the early days of this age now. And if you pay attention, I think you too will see signs of the future-oriented, scientific-exploring, shattering of illusions Aquarius changing the world wherever you turn.





Victoria Sol


What does the age of Aquarius bring for twin flames?

This is the time for women to rise! We are equal but different to men. This is our time to own that and enjoy that.

No more feeling sorry for ourselves. No more taking a back seat in business or politics. We will understand our strengths and gifts and use them for the betterment of the world.

It means loving ourselves completely and truly. It means healing the traumas of the world. It means a better world. One where there is peace and freedom.

The world will no longer go round for money, it will go round for love.









Charles Jameson


Is there any legitimate source that proves we are in the Age of Aquarius?

We are not in the Age of Aquarius.

It isn’t for about another 500 years.

The constellation the Sun rises in at the Vernal Equinox defines the Ages. Currently it is about 7 degrees Pisces, or 23 degrees behind the 0 degrees Aries that Tropical (seasonal) western astrology uses.

Precession moves the sidereal (precessed) zodiac about 1 degree every 72 years. So 7 degrees x 72 years = 504 years.

So despite the high hopes of 60s hippies we’re not there yet. :-)





岁差每72年使黄道带移动1度左右。7度x 72年= 504年。





A.A. Miles


If Western civilisation is thought to have started with the Greeks, why is it that Greece is not typically included in lists of Western nations?

Greece's status as the cradle of Western civilization and an integral part of the Western world in the political, cultural, and economic spheres has led to it being nearly always classified as belonging not to Eastern, but Southern or Western Europe.

Show us where Greece is not included in lists of Western nations.

Since the fall of the iron curtain the following countries are generally accepted as the Western world: the United States, Canada; the countries of the European Union plus the UK, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland; Australia and New Zealand.








Alexander Duncan


When does the Age of Aquarius start?

The “age of Aquarius” is the result of axal precession, defined as the gradual shift in the orientation of the earth’s axs of rotation, similar to the wobble in a spng top. This is conventionally referred to as the precession of the equinoxes. The equinoxes move westward continuously against the apparent direction of the sun along the ecliptic, relative to the stars. Hipparchus is credited with the discovery of precession in 127 BCE, although the Indian text, Vedanga Jyotisha, may refer to precession as early as 700 BCE. The rate of precession varies slightly (it is currently increasing), but the currently accepted average is 50.287 arc seconds per year (one degree per 71.589 years). One degree per 71.589 years gives a precession of 30 degrees per 2,147.672 years. Often this is represented “symbolically” as one degree per 72 years, and defines the duration of an “astrological age” of 2,160 years.








Je Kaire


Since it is quite obvious that world power is going to shift in Asia (India and China), does this mean that history will be shedding its imperialistic biases and narratives? Will ancient civilizations get their due credit, which has been denied by the dominant Western races for so long?

Individual human beings, regardless of cultural heritage, tend to be motivated by identical emotions and lusts for success, fame, power, riches and greed. They also tend to distrust and fear other people remote from them in familial relationship, tribal relationship, appearance, behavior and language; considering their own group to be superior and others inferior.



This is unlikely to change in any major way absent eons of slow development.

Histories of all human societies suggest that although some developed in ways which countered these individual traits with social recognition and prestige for humility, generosity and altruism, the roots of all societies reveal the identical individual traits as others.

None of this will change simply because people in different geographical regions or cultures acquire more or less power in world affairs.




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