Country passing through dark times: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee


KOLKATA: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday remembered a fivedecade-old popular Bengali film song to stress that the country was passing though “dark times” and “unity” was the need of the hour as she threw open the Christmas festivities at Allen Park on Park Street.

“Aami ondhokarer jatri, probhu aalor drishti daao (I am passing through darkness, Almighty lead me to light),” Banerjee quoted from the Asha Bhosle number and harped on the need for unity and peace. “Let there be peace. Peace must exst in the world. Different religions may have different gu-rus but we don’t believe in division. We don’t divide, we unite. Unity is our strength and division is dangerous,”she said.

The CM also asked tourism minister Babul Supriyo and junior information and culture minister Indranil Sen — both accomplished singers — to remember other popular Bengali film songs from the Seventies and Eighties dedicated to Jesus Christ like Mangal dweep jele and Biswapita tumi he probhu and sing them like Christmas carols and spread their message among people.

“These songs are just like Christmas carols and should be propagated among all,” she said as Supriyo could recall only the first few lines of Biswapita tumi he probhu , which he sung while kicking off the event.


“Aami ondhokarer jatri, probhu aalor drishti daao(我正在穿越黑暗,万能的主带我走向光明),”班纳吉用阿沙·波斯勒的歌曲,多次强调团结与和平的重要性。“让和平降临吧。和平肯定存在于这个世界。不同的宗教有不同的领袖,但我们不相信分裂。我们不要分裂,我们要团结。团结就是我们的力量,而分裂是非常危险的。”

首席部长还要求旅游部长巴布·苏普日亚及信息和文化部长因德尼尔·达斯——都曾是名噪一时的歌手——回忆七八十年代献给耶稣基督的其他流行孟加拉电影歌曲,如Mangal dweep jele和Biswapita tumi he probhu,像圣诞颂歌一样咏唱,并在民众中传播耶稣的思想。

“这些歌曲跟圣诞颂歌一样,应该在群众之间传播,”她说,因为苏普日亚只记得Biswapita tumi he probhu这首歌的前几句,于是他在活动开始时唱起了这首歌。

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday attended an event at St Xavier’s College, where she unveiled a replica of the outer wall of St Peters’ Basilica and offered prayers to Jesus Christ before taking the dais.

“I believe in the message of Jesus Christ to never neglect the poor, downtrodden and marginalised. Don’t deny power to poor people. I will never bow my head to insolent minds. I will always work for farmers, workers, downtrodden and students. I love all my students, they are the future of our country,” she said.

Banerjee added that once December 25 used to be a national holiday.

“But the current government at the Centre doesn’t acknowledge it as a national holiday. However, since December 25 has fallen on a Sunday, we have announced December 26 as a holiday so that you can celebrate more,” she said.

Terming St Xavier’s a unique institute with a very powerful alumni spread across the world, the CM appealed to them to spread the message of unity and love.

Addressing students present at the programme, she said, “Be cool, be positive, be constructive and keep smilingno matter what comes in your way. If you see a smiling face, your heart will also smile and will be filled with confidence. You should smile to avoid depression and avoid negativity. And we should all think, walk and work for unity. ”












User Joshi • 2 days ago

Yes; Mamta Didi must be passing from the darkest period. But for us Indians we are seeing period of stability, peace and relative prosperity during the difficult international turmoil caused by Corona and Ukraine conflict.




Devendra Sood • USA • 2 days ago

I think she is remembering her and her family's Dark Acts.




User Sundararaju • 2 days ago

I think she must look straight into a mirror and make this statement. This woman, in spite of her tarnished, tained ministers, scam after scam, and corruption trail going all the way upto no one but her, has the audacity of making a swee statement about not her state, but the country! Cant believe she is still in power. WB folks wake up!




Ram Sinha • 2 days ago

We are surely in dark times when we ban Dasserah celebrations to please Hello gang.




Ram Sinha • 2 days ago

We are in dark times. Bright times is coming on dead bodies of RSS and BJP workers.




PD • KAN • 2 days ago





Sankara Menon • Boise • 2 days ago

Lets create a super spreader so that India cannot claim superiority.




Gdas Das • 2 days ago

She is posing a direct threat to the safety, security &unity of the country due to her dirty appeasement practices, if she wins again then, WB will be gone case forever from the map of the country.




Patriot • Unknown • 2 days ago

Country is going through bright side except W.Bengal under your CM ship




Nageswara Rao • VIJAYAWADA • 2 days ago

Not country but Bengal under her rule.




Khagaraj Sommu • USA • 2 days ago

That only means she is short of stuff to shout from housetops against Modi and BJP.




Cactus • 2 days ago

Naturally when we have narrow minded leaders to support fanatics to remain in power, it is dark days.




Skug • Durgapur (WB) • 2 days ago

I would say that we are finally seeing light from the end of the tunnel..




Natarajan D • 2 days ago

vote bank politics push india into darkness




Madan Garg • 2 days ago

You are absolutely right Madam Mamta ji, your ministers are in jail and on bail, what more darkness you want in your West Bengal.




Manohar Sharma • Unknown • 2 days ago

Jihadi Mumtaj Begum is a CURSE on Bengal.




Manohar Sharma • Unknown • 2 days ago

Bengal is already in DARK.




The Nationalist • 2 days ago

Forget of rest of India , didi check what you had done to bengal . any industry any new venture , why millions of bengal people migrate to other state for livelihood , thats reflect your sucess story. and recent Partha and that heroin chapter also not cooled off .




Kp • Jammu • 2 days ago

Hindus must think hundred times before voting these selfish anti human and anti national politicians like Mamta and her courtier




Akki Bhargava • India • 2 days ago

Yes Didi, Indeed. The country if passing through dark times.




• 2 days ago

depend what colour goggles u wearing mumtaz ji




OraibiK • 2 days ago

True. WB is in wrong hands....People there are suffering.




Venkatramani kulathu • Varanasi • 3 days ago

we always said that when you came power




shivaji dey

Indeed we are in dark times where minister is caught with crores and kin make money by smuggling gold/ coal and cattle




DS Industries

You are right madam, west Bangal is passing through a dark times




User Kumar

Dont forget that you are curse for WestBengal.




User Shee

Yes, as all the Govt. job in WB was sold by TMC party cadre.




Shrinivasa Kamath

Why is there still darkness in WB when TMC has been in power since a very long time?



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