India reply to China: 'No 3rd party gets veto on our military exercise'


NEW DELHI: India on Thursday hit out at China for claiming that the ongoing India-US ‘Yudh Abhyas’ military exercise in Uttarakhand violates Sino-Indian bilateral agreements for border peace and asked Beiing to reflect on its own breach of the pacts in the form of Chinese transgressions in eastern Ladakh.

China sees the exercise near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) also as an effort by US to meddle in India-China border affairs. Responding to queries on the objections raised by China, the ministry of external affairs (MEA) said India hasn’t given a “veto” to any third country on who to conduct a military exercise with. The exercise has nothing to do with the bilateral agreements, the government said.

"But since these were raised by the Chinese side, I must emphasise that the Chinese side needs to reflect and think about its own breach of the agreements of 1993 and 1996," said MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi. "India exercises with whomever it chooses to and it does not give a veto to third countries on these issues."



“但既然中方提出这一问题,我必须强调,中方也需反思自身违背1993年和1996年协议的行为,” 印度外交部发言人阿林丹·巴奇说,“印度自主决定联合演习的对象,不会在这些问题上给第三方国家否决权。”

Beiing had earlier raised the issue with New Delhi saying that the joint military exercise held by India and the US near the LAC violated the "spirit of relevant agreements" signed by China and India in 1993 and 1996 and does not help build bilateral trust.

The 1993 agreement deals with maintaining peace and tranquility along the LAC, while the 1996 pact was about confidence building measures in the military field along the LAC with China in the 'India-China Border Areas'.

 Bagchi said he would not comment on specific pandemic strategies pursued by any country. "We would hope that humanity as a whole is able to emerge fully from Covid at the earliest. "


巴格奇表示,他不会对任何国家采取的疫情防控政策发表评论。“ 我们希望人类作为一个整体能够尽快从新冠疫情中完全恢复。



Madmax•2 hours ago

Attacking the Indian military in Galwan and other areas near LAC is the biggest betrayal from  Chinese military.

India must protect its land and citizens by taking help from anybody who is willing to stand against  aggression. So military cooperation with USA is ok for India.






Godfather Senior•Mumbai•2 hours ago

Is there any bilateral agreement on/regarding the military exercises at the first place?! Maybe, they are referring the one that had signed with congress party, which is not binding on the Indian government!!




Prasen Kumar•Hyderabad•2 hours ago

Prolonged talks between India and China have not yet yielded any concrete results. Any Skirmish at this stage may have devastating consequences.




•2 hours ago

India has all rights to protect herself from the bulliesm of canning fox County China.




Subodh Maheshwari•Jaipur•3 hours ago

If India continues following such actions, it will surely be a Super Power in making.




User Vishwanath•3 hours ago

Galwan has proved to be a turning point for India's confidence opposite Chinese ag ive adventures..... China has definitely had a major setback, they will rue the error of judgement leading to unwarranted aggression and India's confidence is bound to continue to rise!!




•3 hours ago

Good response. China should be encouraged to prop up regimes in Afghanistan, Pakistan etc with such exercises.




•3 hours ago

When Chines aggression is off and on took places into LAC and crossing LAC captured our land, We can't and shall not be remained silent and neutral




Mohit Goyal•Delhi•3 hours ago

China is always png us through Pakistan/Sri Lanka, this is the best policy for India to engage US against China




•3 hours ago

Unlike the earlier spinless rule of congress who were afraid of china while replying,this Modi govt.many steps forwarding to give befitting replies.




Sanket Peri•3 hours ago

What a big joke. The biggest lan ber in the world China is complaining about this. The Chinese have been used to bullying India under the UPA rule until they got a tight slap on their face in Doklam an then finally in Galwan they were literally shocked to see the Indian army retaliate.






Tarak Singh•4 hours ago

India was always on backfoot due to soft policy. Now it seems paying a hard ball game.




Prem Thakkar•Mumbai•4 hours ago

Good Befitting Reply by Mr Arindam to the Chinese..




Vikrant L•4 hours ago

Russia has become a second keep for China, and because of Ukrain India has also lost West for supporting it




Vikrant L•4 hours ago

Like during Cuba crises, USA and USSR was busy and that today, China can not attach Taiwan, China has 200% reason and timing to attack India using the same salami slicing, it will attack for 2 days and call for a ceasefire

这就像古巴危机把美国和苏 联搞得团团转,现在中国大陆还没收复台湾省,中国有足够多的理由和时机攻打印度,但不出两天就要求停火。



•4 hours ago

Chinese are known for their foxy attitude towards neighbours.. Anyways it's now modern India under Modi...so be it. Chinese will also taste the change.




Vikrant L•4 hours ago

Very important part of land owned by India since 1947 is lost during Galwan. Loosing that 500sqkm area is equiv to loosing the entire stretch till SiaChin




Vikrant L•4 hours ago

China is finding a leverage to do joint exercise with Pak, Bangladesh and Lanka, which will be very costly for India if done daily




•4 hours ago

Fitting reply to r gue




Vikrant L•4 hours ago

But this stand will give a reason for China to join hands with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Lanka for daily exercises in the Indian Ocean and in Ladakh.




•4 hours ago

China's objections make it quite obvious they are rattled by the presence of US forces close to their borders. US forces haven't come this close to their borders in recent times either through Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan or through any of the Central Asian countries that share border with China. Hence, the jittery reaction.




Mohammed Khan•4 hours ago

Fakendra urf Jumlendra Modi sirf KADI NINDA Karega China ki. This coward doesn't have guts to take back our land from yellow SHAITAANS of China. China has taken our land under Modi n this man is so shameless he doesn't even acknowledge China has captured our territory in ladakh.




Member•4 hours ago•Follow

That's quite Important political dynamic over here and that is why this reply is very much important as it is showing the leadership skills




User Kohale•4 hours ago

India need to change stand on one China policy. Only Modi regime can do this. Jay Hind.




Pravin Manikchand Mathuria 12264

immense slap must needed to them. good job




Sam 19631

I think india should attack China




Jayarama char Archak 3711

China war planes with Russin warplanes can enter S. Korea's air space. But India make military exercise with America is obiectionable.wha! China




H 26293

A tight slap on the cheek for China!




Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla 37158

Fitting reply to habitual offender, hiding its sins in


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