India-US drill violates spirit of pacts for border peace, says China


NEW DELHI: China has objected to the India-US military exercise near the LAC in Uttarakhand saying it violates the spirit of bilateral agreements for border peace.

The 18th edition of the India-US joint military exercise Yudh Abhyas is currently under way in Uttarakhand, about 100 km from the LAC.

Yudh Abhyas is a bilateral training exercise, held annually since 2004 and aimed at improving the interoperability of the Indian and US armies to increase partner capacity for “conventional, complex and future contingencies throughout the Indo-Pacific region”.

“The joint military exercise held by India and the US near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) violated the spirit of relevant agreements signed by China and India in 1993 and 1996, and does not help build bilateral trust. China has expressed concerns to the Indian side over the military exercise,” said a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson in Beiing, responding to a query from a Pakistani news agency.





China needs to stick to bilateral pacts: MEA

As the Chinese defence ministry had said earlier, Beiing sees the exercise, which happened against the backdrop of the ongoing eastern Ladakh military standoff, as an effort by “third party” to meddle in India-China border affairs.

The MEA, however, had responded by saying that it did not understand the reference to "third party" and it's China that needed to stick to bilateral agreements in the context of the standoff in eastern Ladakh.

“The India-US exercises are something completely different, and I don’t know what colour has been given that it is targeting there or violating exsting pacts. I have no such information that I would be able to substantially agree to that,” the spokesperson had said.







Soumen Maity•Bangalore, India•2 hours ago

Diplomacy has limit




Soumen Maity•Bangalore, India•2 hours ago

has almost ....india can't balance more as supporting Russia, opposing China and whispering USA strategy won't work further as Ukraine war naked the whole world......but this drill will push the blood in young Indian and help to spread wave of pseudo nationalism to win election .....nn

黔驴技穷了.... 乌克兰战争扯下了世界政局最后一块遮羞布,印度已无力在支持俄罗斯、反对中国和腹诽美国战略等事上勉力维持平衡......但这次演习将燃烧年轻印度人的热血,鼓动伪民族主义的浪潮,而目的就是为了赢得选举.....



Kundan Powar

Ha, Ha, Ha &hellip;.has unashamedly violated every border pact with India and wants India to honour them which by the way India has been adhering to anyways.<br/>Joint exercises are no violation. These are being conducted within undisputed Indian territories.




Atmaprakash Khetan

China needs to be taught a sound lesson in that all its products should be boycotted by Indians and put its trade power to nullity.




Roshanraj Anand•4 hours ago

 Afghanistan is abetter example tried to establish de ocracy through puppets and handed over to the worst drs Taliban.




Sanjiv Mathur•4 hours ago

You get as you give




Ahsan Zahir•4 hours ago

US does not want regional peace..want to use these exercises to sell more equipment to India..dollar is comfortably sitting at 82 plus.. MEA guy should build bridges, resolve issues amicably instead of praising the lord...




Srinivas•5 hours ago

India-US joint military exercise Yudh Abhyas is India's internal matter , China allways trying to show it is a super power and to show this they making such big statement, eventhough it has no impact or people of either side US and India thinking China's statement about the military excercise is non sense.




Srinivas•5 hours ago

Soon there will be permanet solution for border dispute.




Mahesh Hegde•Unknown•5 hours ago

What is 's problem?




Balaji Krishna•Bangalore•5 hours ago

This is a hilarious statement from China. Time and again they prove to be of the world. As if the border was peaceful.. Mindless ranters




•6 hours ago

China: Untrustworthy to the core.




•6 hours ago

India should sign a defence pact of peace and cooperation with US to ward off threats from the Chinese side both on land and water




•6 hours ago

Rogue China has always violated bilateral agreements.,To keep peace with rogues, such exercises must continue and never bother of rogues.




•6 hours ago

India should also raise objection to infra built on the Chinese side of line of control.




Sudhir Burde•6 hours ago

China has the temerity to tell this.




•6 hours ago

They should know by now India is a peace loving country but when provoked it will not keep quiet. They shoyld stip thsu expansionist agenda completely and sign a border agreement that is mutually beneficial for both and focus on building strong trading ties, which again will be beneficial for both. Stop this war garbage talks!




AnAn•6 hours ago

cracking.... backing terrorists.... it's over for them....

慢慢崩溃,支持恐 怖分子,不行了。



•6 hours ago

Who cares about China..we should be ready and vigilant and its good to have allies like US against China. e




Priya Saxena

 India will do what it thinks is in its best interests. Such cowards can only bark, when it comes to actually biting they hide in their rat holes.




Shekar Natesh

The drills are happening in Uttarakhand which is in India. Who the hell is China to object to it? Is China playing big brother?




Nutz Nutz

Pakistan will soon be known as Chinkistan




MV Rao

Good going by MEA of Bharsth. Let i and his team handle their internal crisi properly, before it overflows the pot.




Giftson Jacob

Our MEA gives the best answers..





Who the hell are U to say anything about Independent India's matter? It is up to India, she will decide where, when, and with whom to conduct joint military drill, just shut ur pigmouth.  Jai Hind.


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