Indian student in Canada dies after being struck and dragged by pickup truck


TORONTO: A 20-year-old Indian student was killed after he was hit and dragged by a pickup truck while crossing a road on a cycle here, according to a media report.


Though the police have not yet identified the victim, news website cbc.ca in a report published on Friday quoted the victim's cousin Parveen Saini as saying that Kartik Saini came to Canada from India in August 2021.

虽然警方尚未确认受害者的身份,新闻网站CBC在周五发表的一份报告中援引受害者的表兄Parveen Saini的话称,Kartik Saini于2021年8月从印度来到加拿大。

Parveen Saini spoke from Karnal, Haryana, where their family is from, the report said.

报道称,Parveen Saini在哈里亚纳邦卡纳尔接受了采访,他们的家人在那里。

The family is ho that Kartik's body will be sent to India as soon as possible for proper burial, Parveen said.


Sheridan College has confirmed that Kartik was a student there, the report said.


"Our community is deeply saddened by the sudden death of Kartik. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, peers and professors," the college said in an email on Friday.


According to police the fatal collision happened at the intersection of Yonge Street and St Clair Avenue at about 4:30 pm on Wednesday evening.


Emergency services tried to free the cyclist and revive him, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.


Constable Laura Brabant, spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service, said the investigation into the collision is on.




2 ho

When, I drive in our beloved India, in each driving hour, at least one driver or person comes from wrong side, to make accident happen. If we are not careful in Bharat Mata roads while driving, we end up killing or doing one accident per driving hour. Here we and others, survive just by chance.



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very sad, investigate if this is a hate crime. A pickup truck is the size of a car & can be stopped on breaking.



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Extremely sad for family of Kartik. Here in India an average 45 people die on roads every day and every 45 Minute, one Indian suicides.



User Srivastava

Canada is a peaceful country. Its citizens are very good and caring. This should not happen and traffic rules should also be followed. Canadians must ensure that this thing is not repeated again.



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What's this stupid news? People die everyday in accidents. While it's sad news but how does it merit publication on a national news platform?



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Every life matters .. this involves a cyclist who are encouraged in the developed world for preferring a pollution free and fitness device. The investigation will also lead to safer travels in future if some issue other than a mistake resulted in this accident



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Very sad news ....



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Thousands of people die everyday in India due to lack of driving sense and bad roads and infra. First improve here. What is purpose of bringing this news as headline ?



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Why 'burial'?



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by the time we all are reading this news article, around 5-6 similar accidents would have happened in India. Why is this a front page news then??



JaiShri Rama•Planet Earth

The article says that right turn there is illegal anyway. So, what are they investigating?



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Sad, heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, Om Shanti



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Cant understand this obssesion of sending kids abroad at their age of 18-20….


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because of the very good environment for living there.



Asiya Shaikh

Deeply saddened by the loss and offer my deepest condolences to the whole family and pray to the Lord to give you strength to cope up with the loss and to able to pass through this difficult time.” Strict action must be taken against driver.



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Not newsworthy as such accidents are sadly common. Such detailed news coverage is surprising


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totally agree. there are many accidents which keep happening in India. why to make a fuzz of this news.


Natarajan AV

hope ur son dies too in an accident & we will comment the same



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Very very very sad bad what.to say.Yhe.young handsome boy died Why people are greedy in migrating Canada



S Narayanan

What is your point? A lot of people die in accidents in India as well.



S Narayanan•

S Narayan why do many South Indians are working in USA and Middle East.



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truck driver may be pakistani Punjabi or khalistani



Jagdish Vaswani•Mumbai

Why the report is silent on pick-up driver's indentity



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WHY do so many Indians MIGRATE if India is such a GREAT country?


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