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中国 vs美国:菲律宾街头采访

We went out onto the streets of the Philippines and asked people what their views of China and the USA are, you may be suprised at some of the answers we received.


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Sam Leigh

I am from the Philippines and I commend you Lee for unearthing what's wrong with most people here. To this day, in spite of all the information about what US does abroad, in spite of American atrocities in our own history (Balangiga to name just one example) people here still think Uncle Sam is our big brother, in spite of the US constantly inciting tensions in the SCS, our mindset is, they're looking out for our best interest. Harris was just here stoking tensions. On the other hand,  China has exsted in Asia for millenniums and never has been a threat to its neighbors, in fact over the centuries many Chinese have peacefully assimilated in other Asian countries, Philippines being one of them, and they had been productive and active contributors to the region's growth. Then Obama declared they were a threat, and these guys you interviewed agreed China is a . It was the Americans who colonized us, NOT China!!!! Go figure.

我来自菲律宾,你发掘了这里大多数人的问题。直到今天,尽管有关于美国在国外干了什么坏事的消息,尽管美国在菲律宾曾犯下了暴行(巴兰吉加只是一个例子),这里的人仍然认为山姆大叔是我们的大哥,尽管美国不断在南 海煽动紧张局势,我们的心态是,他们在为我们寻求最佳利益。





nme w

Regarding the disputed Islands. This goes far beyond sovereignty issue. China is surrounded by 300 US military bases. You don't need to be a military expert to understand that China need to scatter most of its naval assets to limit damage in case of US first strike. China just can't keep all its 500 naval vessels in its 12 nautical miles. So to be able to scatter its navy, China need offshore bases



J Ponce

You should have interviewed more people and you may just stumble on a few that have a very different viewpoint than most. IF most Filipinos seem to have a largely negative view of China then blame it on America's overwhelming Soft Power (language, culture and Hollywood) which has a large influence on the Filipino psyche. This is something China must improve on. Suffice to say that a sizable number of Filipinos like myself have come to realise that America is a hypocrite  and very interventionist.




It's rare to see a host who takes an objective view of China. Thank you very much for your sincerity!




What I get from all of this is "We are a small country.  America has helped us before, and we need them on our side to give our country an advantage over larger neighbors."

It seems that as long as the Americans benefit the Philippines, the people will turn a blind eye to America's bad behavior.  It doesn't matter to them because it doesn't adversly affect their lives.






How come the US have not built any infrastructure in the Philippine or have not helped   the Philippine  to become a developed country or develo country  in the past decades, one serious question is " can  the Philippines be able to see who is the real American to them? "

The US have been used and using the Philippine as a pivot point in the pacific and south east Asia Pacific strategy, in order to make a move it's geographic military,  and economical dominant.  If you ask me that : Does the US love the Philippines?  And it really want to help the Philippines out of poverty to become an independent , rich and powerful country in the region?   , my answer is : i can assure you that 1000% big No, No.the Philippines must do more research and deep thinking to see through the US.

It have been introduced drugs, weapons,  sex life, and all the religions to brain wash the peoples 's mind . So , the Philippines only see the US as their God. It is sad.







Maxxxe Lorenzo

@Barrett Very few people bring this up but.... the Philippine Islands were an American colonial possession from 1898 to 1946, nearly the exact same time period during which Japanese's colonial rule lasted in Taiwan.

Even to this day, there are certain politicians in Taiwan that would dare claim local women in Taiwan volunteered (not forced) to become 'comfort women' during the Japanese Occupation. Just shows how far they'd go to whitewash past colonial crimes.. I won't be surprised there are many in Philippines that tried to glorify the US - the former colonial master - into a champion for de acy and human ri hts.These colonial regimes have had a fundamental impact over the local people's own perspective on history, the outside world and even how they measure their own interests as a nation









The two girls interviewed earlier said that the United States provides a lot of job opportunities, which is because the United States lacks nursing workers. As far as I know, many Filipino nurses go to the United States to work as nurses.



Nelson Liew

Knowing that the Filipinos are so willingly to bow to their colonial master, Phillipines is literally dead…




Philippines, like Europe, acts as colony of the US and serves their interest, even when that means sacrificing its citizens lives and safety for US




Gosh, they can't differentiate between imperialism master and savior. That's why Phillipines is a colony mentality state




People are just being politically correct, and I'm surprised how people think US has a positive influence in the world while they are maxmizing for their own good by igniting conflicts and wars overseas while they think China is a bully. Do people really think logically and look for facts when they appraise things?



Ben Stradling

These street interviews with regular people are great and really informative your giving us a perspective



mary lee

I’m rather surprised to got so many negative views from Philippines about China.and they’ve never been to China.



joe cool 333

Here in the US we are almost universally ignorant of the massacre of millions of Phippinos by the US military. I noticed that the Phillipinos don't mention it either.



dan goh

I find that most citizens of the Philippines are still living in the well esp. the 1st 2 girls!!



dehua liu

PH is one of the countries which love US very much, Christmas also is their important festival




Lee, you could also have influent the answers given by your interviewees. You're white and somehow, they will try not to say negatively about the US with you standing in front of them. Human nature!



l panda

And many young filipinos don't know much about the Philippines-American war where many filipinos were tortured and killed.



Fred Tan

Filipinos adore their former colonial masters - Castilians, Americans, Japanese.



John Li

These people live in apprehension, as they are circumspect about almost every question and cannot answer any of the questions straight forwardly.




it's interesting that most of Philippines have very objective thoughts about China and America.



David Chung

My first visit to Philippines was 1959 . I was surprised to find the country was very much influenced by American culturally and economically. When I watched their tv or radio, you may be forgiven to think you are in America, their accent  and style etc. Too Americanised and losing their own identity and culture, pity really!

I must add also Philippines in the 40's and 50's Philippines was much more advanced and economy was greater than most of her peers in S.E. Asia including Singapore! How fortune changed since then. Today, millions of Filippino have to work abroad in menial jobs to support their family at home! Hope the new President and his government can make his country strong and wealthy again.




Jun Gar

I hv suspicious these gentleman only picked people whom suit their Anglosaxon. narratives. U may see in Malaysia, Singapore only interviewed people who has negatives or better neutral view of China but NONE of Chinese hardliners




I think it's the history books didn't tell the Philippine people their real colonization history.



Bisaya Federation

as a Filipino, this makes me so sad... my countrymen are still colonized in the head by the Americans.



Rosie S.

Most Filipinos aspire to migrate to the USA. Still the one country they look up to.



pan zhao

good interview.Usa is the most powerful country in the word,it is very attractive to lots people. For china,you have shown some negative ,positive,neutral people toward china,that is really a good work.




So sad and disappointed with the Filipinos' answers, embarrassed even.



Jon Kino

US left their military bases in Philippines without cleaning up.

Many poor Pinoys went to live there and developed all kinds of diseases.

The babies are born deform.

So much for having a positive opinions on US.






they watch too many hollywood movies.


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